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Re[story] When I fell in love episode 3&4

When I fell in love episode 3&4


I looked across and i saw a sign post which

read “A room to let

N2000 Per month” i quickly went to inquire

about the house.I met

the owner and paid for it sharp sharp.I moved

in,though the

room was empty but i didn’t mind.I had N8000

left,if i purchase

my jamb form,i would be left with N500 but i

have to find a way

to take my text books away from the house.I

checked my wrist

watch and it was alread 7:18pm and no one

would be at home by

that time.I quickly went home and took the key

on the nail beside

the door.I packed all my books,clothes and

shoes.I locked the

door and quickly boost my self before they

found me there.Now i

have a room of my own and nobody to dictate

to me on what to

do.I decided that i’ll go in search for a job

tomorrow with my

SSCE certificate.I had good grades and i pray

with God by my

side,i get a good job with good salary to help

me to pursue my

studies.I checked my wrist watch and i was

already 8:30pm.I

quickly ate the chips that remained with

me.When i was done,i

bolted my room door at the back and spread a

wrapper on the

floor.I lay down and kept using my eyes to

inspect the room.I

would say that i am indeed lucky to get the

room,it was really in

good shape.The windows and door was in

good condition.The

window even had a net to prevent mosquitoes

from coming in.I

kept on inspecting the room that i didn’t know

when i fell asleep.

The rays from the sun shone on me.I rolled

over my wrapper to

check the time on my wristwatch.It was

already 9am. Jezz! i over

slept as a young guy.I quickly got up and

rushed to the tap

outside.I begged a neighbor to borrow me her

bucket in which

she did.I quickly had my bath,brushed my

teeth.I quickly wore

my shirt,a pair of trousers and my palm.I

brought out the comb

in my back pocket and combed my hair.I

unzipped my bag and

brought out a piece of paper,a pen and a

brown envelop.I

construsted my letter and left spaces for the


name,address and the post i am applying for.I

quickly wrapped

the letter up in the envelope.I looked at my

wristwatch and it was

already 9:45am.I left my room and locked the

door with a piece of

paper.I embarked on my job search journey.I

fixed my eyes on

every sign post i could see but i kept seeing

sales girl wanted.I

decided to leave my vicinity and lo and behold,i

finally saw a sign

post on a complex.I quickly crossed the road

and located the


Donald: (entered) good morning ma!

Secretary: Good morning and how may i help


Donald: i saw a sign post outside saying you

are in need of a


Secretary: oh that’s true! take your sit (While

she was busy

making a phone call,i quickly filled in the

remaining details in my

cv soon after a man came out of an office)

Man: So you are the one who wants to apply

as a typist?

Donald: yes sir

Man: Can i have your Cv?

I handed it over to him and he scanned through


Man: hmmm what a brilliant result you’ve got.

Donald: Thank you sir

Man: But you haven’t worked as a typist


Donald: yes sir,this is my first attempt.

Man: i hope you are very fast at typing?

Donald: Doing my best sir

Man: that’s good,you are hired.

Donald: (happy) thank you sir.When are the

opening and closing


Man: We open 8am and closes 7pm on monday

through friday

but we open 9am and closes 6pm on


Donald: okay sir but what is the salary like?

Man: for a start,it’s N15,000 per month and it’s

because you are an

SSCE holder with no experience.

Donald: So when do i resume?

Man: (laughs) you’ve resumed already.You have

s lot of typing to

do (looks at the secretary) give him those

paper to type and show

him his office.

Secretary: okay sir.

She led me to a desk that has a computer and

a comfortable

sit.She handed to documents over to me and i

started typing.I

know you would be wondering how i became a

typist,well a

school friend thought me.


At long last,it was already 7pm my closing time

and i was already through with all the typing i

had to do day.I saved them on the system and

got up to leave,then the man walked up to me.

Mr Bankole: Already going?

Donald: yes sir.

Mr Bankole: you’ve saved the documents on

the system?

Donald: yes sir

Mr Bankole: (brought out N1,000 note from his

pocket) take this for your dinner

Donald: (happy) thank you sir (collected the

money) goodnight sir.

I said goodnight to the secretary and left the

complex.I crosses to the other side to get

something to eat.That money was really God

sent.I bought Akara and bread with a bag of

pure water.I was so hungry that i couldn’t wait

to get home to tear the food apart.While

working home,i saw my sisters at a car

junction wearing skipping clothes.I’m sure they

were waiting for a customer.I just walked pass

them and acted like i don’t know them.Atlast,i

got home.I quickly dropped the pure water on

the floor and opened the bread and started

eating like a scarvenger.When i was done

eating,Nepa brought the light and luckily for

me,they haven’t disconnected the light in my

room.I quickly located the bulb switch and

switched it on.I scanned through the room and

realized that i needed to buy

fan,pot,bucket,stove,bed,Television etc but i’m

so glad that i’ve started working and i’ll buy

those things little by little.I checked my bag to

check if my N7,500 for jamb registration is still

intact.Then something crossed my mind which

was,if i apply for jamb and i passed,i would

have to quit my job and how would i sponsor

myself to school? i think i’ll have to get a part

time form so i can be working to pay my

school fees and still be going to school but that

means i have to wait for a whole year to

acquire the money.There is nothing i can do

than to wait for a whole year to get the money

together.I kept on thinking about my education

until i fell asleep. I woke up i checked my

wristwatch,it was alread 7am.As usually i

borrowed a neighbors bucket to have my bath.I

got myself ready for work and i ate the

remaining three slices of bread i didn’t finish

eating last night.I looked at my wristwatch and

it was already 7:25am.The walking distance to

my place of work is 30minutes.I quickly tidyed

up my room and stepped out as i locked the

door behind me.As i was about to leave the

compound,a woman approached me and asked

for my own share of the nepa bill which was

N370.I quickly gave her the money and headed

to work.

Donald: (saw the secretary) Good morning ma

Secretary: Good morning oo what’s your name


Donald: it’s Donald

Secretary: That’s good,you can call me miss


Donald: Alright ma (walked over to my desk)

Secretary: Mr Bankole said you should print out

those documents for him.

Donald: (operating the,system) i’ll do that right


While busy battling with the printing

machine,Mr Bankole walked in with some

visitors.I heard a voice and i recognized that

voice,i looked up and saw her standing next to

a man i think is her father.Joy! i waved at

her.She walked up to me.

Joy: Nice to see you again.

Donald: (laughs) you can say that again.

Joy: you work here?

Donald: yes ooo and why are you here?

Joy: Oh Mr Bankole is my uncle so my dad

dropped by to say hi before we head over to


Donald: Church?

Joy: yes! today is tuesday which is Digging

deep according to Redeem.

Donald: oh when does it start?

Joy: 6:30pm to 7:30pm.I wish to see you


Donald: i wish to come too but i can’t

Joy: And why is that?

Donald: i close here by 7pm and the walking

distance to your church is 30minutes and the

service would have been over.

Joy: (frowns her face) that’s true but would i

still see you on sunday.

Donald: (smiles) sure!

Joy: Make sure you come with my chips oo

Donald: (laughs) you bet i would.

Joy: So how do you find this place?

Donald: (Bringing out the printed A4 papers out

of the printer) it’s okay

Joy: hope uncle Bankole isn’t stressing you?

Donald: (smiles) not really.

Joy: (stares at me) you look more handsome

when you smile or laugh.

Donald: (blushing) oh thank you.

Joy: Are you sitting for jamb?

Donald: No,what about you?

Joy: i just purchased the form yesterday but

why aren’t you sitting for it?

Donald: Monetary issue.

Joy: What about your parents?

Donald: they don’t feel i exist and i don’t live

with them either.I am responsible for myself.

Joy: That’s bad


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