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What you should know as a lady

🔥 learn to be courteous at all the time

🔥 Always dress well when you are going out and not half naked because the way you dress will determine the way you will be addressed

🔥 Don’t ever sit with your leg apart. Always sit with your legs crossed at the knees or at the ankle

🔥As a girl never rush your food, take each mouthful slowly and nicely

🔥 Never bite your finger nails

🔥 Don’t ever walk and rise dust behind you

✨ And lastly don’t allow any boy or guy to take advantage of you cause female are like provision store. When you sell and receive money you will be proud of yourslf that is marriage ⚭ while if u sell on credit with out receiving money that is lost.

So mind the way you relate with guys

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Posted by on January 19, 2019.


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There is love in sharing

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  1. Nice write up

    by amuda on Jan 19, 2019 at 11:25 pm

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