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Warning to ladies


I will never ask you not to havesex for money,clothes,cosmetics and cars. Keep fuckingand sucking every dick you see, continuejumping from one man to the other.keep the names of all the hotels you’ve slept inyour memory, protea hotel,sheraton hotel e.t.c.When the total number of men you have had sex with is more than your age,i.e youare 25yrs,andyou have had sex with 30 different men. you can go ahead doing all those sucking of dick because you want to be latest and happening babe in town, you want to use the latest mobile phones or you want to wear the lastest clothes in vogue. It’s none of my business and I have no issue with hat you are doing.But the only issue I will be having with you is when you dear open your mouth and say a man should love you for who you are (probably when you are moving close to your expired period).I.e when you have shared all yourbody to different men and you have notin leta gain I believe any man who will marry you must have done something crazy or terrible in the past to have get hooked with you.You might even start warming yourself up by going to church now because you have lost your womb in the process after you must have aborted so many babies, and you are obviously looking for a miracle to happen…Until you look into your future,you will never realize the consequences of your presence actions..Am expecting some ladies to hate me now because the TRUTH is bitter

Posted by on January 30, 2019.


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