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[story] meant to be episode 9

********Angela was relaxing in her friend’s well

furnished one bedroom apartment,……..She

enjoys staying there anytime she’s free,…….. She

was in the room relaxing when her phone rang,

…… It was a strange number calling her She

picked the call and refused to talk first,…….

“Hello, pls am i speaking to Angela? The voice

from the other end of the phone asked.

“Yes, and who’s this?, “she asked.

.” I’m Desmond, Richie’s friend, ”

She rolled her eyes to check if she has met him


” Ooooh, i met you some weeks ago,.. How’re

you doing? ”

” I’m fine,….. I’m driving around your area, so i

decided to pay you a visit “.

” That’s very nice of you, but i’m not at home,…..

” Just send me the address to where you are,…

And i’ll be there”

She sent her friend’s address to him and awaited

his visit.

He called her to come outside the gate and meet

him some minutes later….. She rushed out

wondering why the sudden visit,… She saw him

alighting from his car along with a girl,….

“Angela, how’re you doing dear,.” he greeted her

“Fine,……. I’m sorry for stressing you”

“it’s nothing,… Meet my fiancee,.. Nancy.. “he

introduced the pretty lady with him to her

” Nice meeting you,.. I’m Angela,… . “she

stretched out her hand for a handshake but got a

hug instead.

” Yea, she’s Angela, Richie’s heartthrob, ” She


” We’re free today so we decided to hang out

with you if you dont mind”

“i’m free too, i’ll quickly lock up my friend’s

apartment,.. ”

She made sure she securely locked Tope’s door

before giving the key to her neighbour,……

They went to a good restaurant and had their

lunch,… From there, they went shopping,….

Nancy was really nice to her,…. She treated her

like a queen,…….. Desmond dropped her off in

the evening in front of her house,…….

“Thank you so much for the wonderful time you

spent with me, ”

” I’ll do anything for my friend,.. He begged me

to take care of you,…… And i’m keeping my

promise, ”

” oooooh, he did,…… Anyway thank you all the

same” she turned to enter her compound when

Desmond called her back.

“Eeemmm, Angela,…. Richie gave me something

to give to you,….. “he said handing her a brown


” What’s this for? “she asked with a stern look.

” He said you should take care of yourself with

the money”

“Thank you for your kind gestures, but i’m sorry i

wont take that money,….. Tell him i dont need

him or his money, i’m happy the way i am,…. ”

” But…… He said i should give it to you “..

” Pls i dont need it,… I dont want to sound harsh,

.. “she said with tears in her eyes,. She ran into

her compound



The drive home was quiet,…. Desmond was

humming the song playing in his car,…… His

fiancee broke the silence.

“Bae, Angela is a nice girl and doesnt deserve

what your friend is doing to her,….. She’s really

hurt,… . ”

” Who says she deserves it,…. Desmond is doing

all these for her protection,….. Dont judge him

yet,….. ”

” I’m only concerned because i’m a woman, and i

know how hurt she is,……. Did you notice she

was avoiding any discussion that would bring up

Richard’s name,.. She’s angry with him”

“yeah, i noticed,…… Richie will sort out everything

once he returns ”

” i pray he does”



Richie had returned home from his trip,.. And

he’s so eager to see his girlfriend and make up

with her,….. He bought alot of presents for her,

…. He had earlier called his friend Desmond and

informed him of his arrival,….. He was already

on his way to his house,……

“my guy what’s up?” Desmond greeted him as he

flung the door to his room open,…… They hugged

each other…

“God, wetin you chop?, you’re looking fresh ”

Desmond asked him.

” You’re looking good too,.. How’s your family

doing? ”

” Good, so tell me how was your trip,…… He

asked helping himself with a can of beer from

Richie’s fridge and setting on his bed.

“Remember i told you that the trip wasn’t a

business trip,…. I was wrong, i

..i was moving from one meeting to the other,…

It was really hectic for me,. I’m surprised she

wasn’t planning something afterall,…… Guess

she’s paying more attention to her politics…. .

Thank God i’m home”..

“Thank God, i was scared of her next action”.

They both laughed.

“So how’s Angel, hope you gave her the money?

” which money,…. That girl is hurt,…… She

refused to take the money,…… She’s angry with

you,…… That girl needs you and not your money


” I pity her too, but i cant help it,…. That woman

will kill Angela if she finds out she’s my girl,……

Dont underestimate that woman oooo,… . Dont

worry, my plan is going accordingly,…. The storm

will soon be over ”.

” I hope so,.. Anyway i trust you ,… Not all guys

will take such bullshit from their mother,….. You

know i can’t take such from my mother,…….

” I’m being a fool for the good of this family,…. I

cant stand and fold my arms watching my family

destroy,…… You know……… , i used to remember

how happy we used to be as a small happy

family, daddy was still in control of his empire,

all of a sudden mum became a villain,….. She

became domineering,.. … ”

As he was still speaking, a loud scream was

heard from his mother’s room,.. He and his

friend ran out to know what happened…….


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