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[story] meant to be episode 8

” That’s ok,.i still have some work to do,.. Once

you leave, i’ll get back to work”

They toasted to their friendship, and enjoyed their




Angela’s ringing tone disrupted her discussion

with the bike man she stopped to take her to

Tope’s house,…… Richie was calling her……

“why is he calling me?, “she asked rhetorically.

She picked the call reluctantly,……

” Hello,.. ”

” Hello, Angel,…… “she didn’t allow him finish

before cutting him short…

” Pls go straight to the point,… ”

there was silence,…….

“Angel, i want you to know that i’m leaving for

South Africa today for a business trip,…… And… ”

” Safe trip! “she cut the phone on him and

continued with her discussion with the bikeman,


” Sorry for wasting your time,… So how much

did you say again? “she asked the bikeman.

“fifty naira” he replied.

Her phone rang repeatedly, and she was forced

to pick it.

“What is your problem?, you said you’re

travelling,…. Then let me be,…… ”

” Angel please calm down,…. Oook where’re you,

…. I’ll meet you wherever you are,… Are you at

home? ”

” Nope, i’m on my way to Tope’s house,….”

“I’ll be there in thirty minutes,.. Pls wait for me,

love you, ”

She cut the phone and hissed,…. She climbed the

bike and left for Tope’s house,…. Thank God

Tope doesn’t live with her parents,.

They rented a self-contained apartment for her,

…… To enable her read books.



Immediately Richie dropped the call, he checked

the time and was happy he has enough time to

spend with his girlfriend before travelling,… He

changed his clothes, picked his car key and left

his room…………

He came downstairs and met his mother in the

sitting room,…..

“Where’re you rushing off to? She asked him.

“I’m going to see a friend, i’ll soon be back ”.

She stood up and came close to him,…. I’m sorry

son, i was about coming to your room to inform

you of the change in plan”

Richie looked at her in surprise, praying inwardly

that the trip had been cancelled

“You’re supposed to be at the airport in thirty

minutes time,… You’re already late,…. ”

”What do you mean? “he asked in an angry tone

” what i meant is that, you have to cancel any

other plan you have now,.. You’re leaving for the

airport,…. ”

” But….. You told me my flight is for 3pm,….it’s

just 11am,……”

“I’m sorry,.. “she muttered.

“Dont tell me you’re sorry, you are inconsiderate

and self-centered,…. You only care about your

happiness,….” he threw at her.

“You don’t have enough time to waste,…. They’re

waiting for you,… ”

” They?,….. Who are they? “he asked anxiously.

” Sorry i didn’t inform you earlier,… You’re going

with Dan and Pedro,…….. They will take care of

you over there”

“Suit yourself,…… Waste your money on

irrelevant things,.. Excuse me! “he angrily

smashed the glass on the table close to him.

He went upstairs to change into something else,

…. He tried calling his girlfriend but her phone is

switched off,…..

” I need to tell her i cant make it,…… S–t…… “he

hit his fist hard on the wall.



” I really dont know where your relationship with

Richard is heading to,…..”Tope responded after

listening to her.

“I’m just confused,….. He’s just playing with my


“So he’s travelling today?,…. When will he be


” i didnt ask him that,……….. he’s supposed to be

here by now”,….

She searched her handbag for her phone

“God, my phone is switched off,…. “she switched

it on and received a text, she opened it instantly.

” Angel pls i’m sorry i couldn’t make it to your

friend’s house due to some circumstances

beyond my control, i’m already on my way to

Lagos…… I’ll see you when i return,….. Take care

of yourself, luv u”

“Go to helllll!!!!!!! “She screamed after reading the


” What is it?, “Tope asked in confusion. She

handed the phone to Tope, after going through

the text, she hissed.

” So you want to kill yourself because of Richard,

…. Someone that doesn’t care about your feelings

towards him,….. Keep on crying like a baby,…… ”

” Tope, you’re not helping me at all,…. I don’t

know why you hate Richard so much, ”

” Pls dont get me wrong, i dont hate Richard, i

only hate his mother,…. And i hate men that can’t

stand up to their responsibilities,……. Richard is

just a coward,…. His mother remotes him like a


“It’s enough pls,…. I dont need this right now,…..

I have to get going, i want to check on my dad

at his work place,…. “ she said standing up.

“I’m sorry if i hurt you with my words, .. I was

just feeling your pains” Tope begged her.

“It’s alright, i understand, take care”she hugged

her friend and left…….


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