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[story] meant-to-be episode 6

******** The next morning, Angela woke up late,

….. She checked her phone to know if her

boyfriend called, but she was disappointed,… She

dropped the phone angrily on the bed and knelt

down to pray,……. Her phone rang immediately

she concluded her prayers,…… Richie was calling

her,…….. She intentionally didn’t pick the phone at

the first ring,…… The phone rang again, then she

picked it….

“Angel, luvly morning to you,… How was your

night?, did you dream of us?”

“Nope, my night was horrible, all thanks to you, ”

”I know you’re still angry with me,… I’m sorry for

what happened at the restaurant,… ”

”Are you sorry for your mother’s insult, or sorry

for denying me in public,…. Which one are you

sorry for? ”

”Angel pls calm down,… I’ll explain the reasons

for my actions,….. Just give me little time”

“There’s nothing to explain,… We’re not in the

same class,…. The only son of Benny Johnson

cant date a pauper like me,…. That is why you

are ashamed to introduce me to anyone,…. ”

”Pls, i’m doing this for your safety”.. He begged


“Dont tell me i’m dating a coward,… Is it because

you know how much i love you?, that is why

you’re treating me like a trash,… You’ve denied

me thrice in public and you expect me to move

on with this relationship,….. “she took a deep

breath there was silence, she then continued..

”I think we need a break,. Think of what you

actually want, check if you can date me and i’ll

also do the same,….. ”

”Are you breaking up with me?, Angel pls you’re

building mountain out of a mole,… Calm down

and listen to me”

“I’m not breaking up with you yet, just give me

time to decide on this relationship while you do

the same,…. ”

“Oook, i’ll pick you up infront of the Junction

before your house in two hour time,… Just wait

for me”

“God forbid, i’m not going anywhere with you,….

I’m not ready to face another shame today,…. Pls

forget it” there was silence again, then he spoke


“Ok, what do you want? ”

”I need a break”

“Will that make you happy?, “he replied taking a

deep breath


“Ok, anything you’re planning to do, just

remember that i love you so much “he said

wiping away the tear that fell from his eyes.

”Ok, bye”she cut the phone.

Richie held the phone staring at it for sometime

before dropping it on the bed.

“God,…… Why did i say those things i just told

him,… I don’t want a break,…. I went too far,.

What am i going to do now,? .. I dont want to

loose my boyfriend,…but i took the right

decision,… I cant continue like this. …he needs to

take a decision,….. How i wish he’s not from

such a wealthy family , we would just be happy

in our small world,….. “ she thought to herself.

She went to her parent’s room to check on her

dad,…. He returns in the early hours of the

morning,… He takes his bathe and sleep,….. She

saw her father sleeping peacefully on the bed,…

And her lazy mother was still sleeping too,…….

She quietly closed the door and went to clean the

house,…. Her siblings had already gone to fetch




Richard dropped his phone on the bed and

heaved a long sign.

“I dont blame her for taking such decision, i

caused everything,…… I didn’t act like a man,…. I’ll

give her sometime, but i’ll keep texting her and i’ll

call her at the end of the week to check on her”

he muttered to himself.

He quickly left his bed to the bathroom, to bathe

and hurry to the office,…

In fourty-five minutes he was already dressed

looking handsome in his suit,…. He wore a

sunglass to cover his wound,… He took his

suitcase and left,… On his way downstairs, he

met his mother eating breakfast,….

“Good morning” he greeted her forcefully

“Morning son, “ she smiled, exposing her white

set of teeth.

”You skipped dinner and now you’re skipping

your breakfast “ she asked looking concerned.

”is it not better you join Nollywood, you can be a

good actress,…….. Acting like a caring mother,

when you don’t care ” She smiled.

”I forgive you son,… But next time, choose your

words when talking to me,,….. ” she handed him

some files,….

”What are these for? ”

”You ‘ll leave for South Africa tomorrow morning,

…….. There’s an emergency meeting you must

attend,….. ”

”What?!, And your just telling me? ”

”So i should’ ve gjven you one month prior

notice,……. ”

”Not that,…. Mrs Johnson, i’ll be thirty years next

month ,… Why do you treat me like a toddler,…….

”So you now address me as Mrs Johnson?, it’s

ok,… Your flight would be tomorrow evening,..i’

ve booked your flight from Asaba to Lagos,

…..”he ignored her and turned to leave…..

”Your friend Desmond checked on you last night,

… But you were fast asleep,……. ”

He quietly opened the front door and left for the


On his way, he called Desmond,……. Desmond

was his only friend his mother approves of,…..his

father was the deputy governor of the state,…..

He has his freedom unlike Richard, he has always

been his backbone,…guess his mother accepted

Desmond because he’s from a rich and powerful

family too,………


TO BE CONTINUED…… All The Ghost Readers

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