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[story] meant to be episode 53


Richie had just left the restaurant he went to buy

his wife’s favourite, chicken pepper soup,.. As he

was about entering his car, he sighted Tope

alighting from a bike from the other side of the

road,… He stood still to know where she was

heading to…. She crossed the road and headed

towards the restaurant,……… on sighting Richard,

…. She turned her face to the other side,… He

called out her name,…. She pretended not to have

seen him,.. He then screamed her name,……

“Oooooh Richie it’s you,…. ”

”Yeah, it’s me, how’re you doing? “ he asked her.

”i’m fine,….. How’s your wife? “ she asked him

with guilt written all over her face.

”Ooooooh, she’s perfect,.. And do you really care

about how she’s faring ”

”Richard pls stop, whatever that happened was in

the past, i’m so ashamed of myself,… I cant even

face your wife” she said in a low tone.

“Oooooh really?,…… Is this your new tactics?,….

Oh stop, it doesnt suit you,… ”

”I’m sorry,…. I’ll apologize to your wife,… ”

He gave her a surprising look.

”I’ll gladly be waiting for that day, because if you

don’t tell her all your stupid acts, i’ll do that,… He

said entering his car.

She watched him drive out, she regretted all her

actions, now she cant face her friend anymore



Angela called her husband to inform him that she

was tired of waiting for him at her mother’s new

home, she needs to go home and prepare meal

for grandma,….. He dropped her in the morning

on his way to the office,…..her mother was

adjusting to life Again, her inlaw has changed her

life for good,.. He planned to open a grocery

shop for her but that will be after 4 months of

apprenticeship, to enable her know how to run

the business effectively ,…. She has stopped

being the lazy mother she was,…Angela’s siblings

are still at home as they are awaiting their results

for the entrance exam they wrote for admission

into their new school…



On getting home,…. Angela noticed she was

having slight sharp pains,…. She cooked the food

fast with the help of the cook,…. After that, she

warmed her food and ate before retiring to their

room,…. Her husband noticed the way she was

behaving,….. He asked her and she said she was

ok,…….. She la!d down later with the pains still

coming and going …. When the pains couldn’t

stop coming, she decided to call her mother

since grandma had already slept,…. She called her

mother four times but she wasn’t picking,….



Remember to always keep an eye on them,….

That baby is your last hope,…. Dont allow your

husband to see the baby,….!!!!!!!!,…. Or else you’re

doomed!!!!!!! ” supreme supreme‘s mother’s

warning kept ringing a bell in mrs Johnson’s ears,

….. She was restless throughout the night,….. She

called her boys to be sure they’re doing their job


”Hope you’re still following them”

“Yes ma,…. She visited her mother today and her

husband picked her up in the evening,… “ he

informed her.

”Good, so have you found out which hospital she

attends her antenatal? ”

“Yes ma,.. St Luke’s Hospital,….. And i know

she’ll definitely put to bed there,… I’ve arranged

with a friend of mine that works there,…. She

promised to call me anytime she’s ready to


“This is good news, i’m so happy, when i’m done

with my plans, i’ll surprise you and your boys “

she said excitedly.

She relaxed on her bed,…..



Mama who slept early woke up sweating

profusely,… She had a bad dream,….

“Thank God i saved my grandchild,…… But who is

the person with a mask that was fighting for the

baby with me,…. “ she thought to herself.

She carried her Bible and started praying,…



Richie was busy on the phone with his bestie,

Desmond,.. They were talking about the women

in their lives,… Angela who couldn’t bear the

pains anymore,.. Went downstairs for a walk

round the house,….. Her husband was engrossed

in his discussion that he didn’t ask where she

was heading to,……

“Richie,… Pls after your wife’s delivery, you need

to make plans for her to further her education,…..

Don’t give her another belle yet oooo” he said


“we’ve discussed that already,… She’ll write jamb

next year,…Eric will also write his too….”

“That’s good,…, Guy to plan wedding no be moi

moi ooo”

“At least i’m learning from you,…. All i’m thinking

about now is my baby,…. I cant wait to be a

father,….. ”

”I’m happy for you bro,….. ”

They ended the call and he noticed his wife’s

absence in the room,….

He called her severally but she didnt answer, he

checked her in the toilet but she wasnt there, he

went down to check on her,……



grandma who heard footsteps in the sitting room

came out and saw Angela sweating,…. She

understood what was happening to her,… Richie

came into the sitting room to see them,…..

“Richard we need to take her to the hospital, the

baby is coming,…” grandma told him.

He hurried upstairs to get the baby bag and his

car key,..

“Mama let me change to something better,.. I

cant wear this to the hospital “ Angela told her.

She tried to climb the stairs but her legs were so

heavy,…. She tried again,.. Then her water broke,

…. Her night wear was soaked,….

”OMG, Richie get her a simple gown to change

to, “ Grandma screamed.

They helped her change into a gown and took her

to the car, she was already crying as she was

driven to the hospital,………

She was quickly attended to,…the nurses took

turns in massaging her back,.. Richie called

Desmond,…. He then called his mother inlaw,…

Grandma was busy praying without stopping as

the dream she had kept on flashing before her,….



Mrs Johnson had slept off immediately after

talking to her boy,…

The sound of her phone woke her up,…… She

picked it without checking her caller id,…..

“Madam rush to the hospital now,… She’s in

Labour, be fast with your plans,….. ”

On recognizing the voice, she rushed to the

bathroom and washed her Face, she wore a black

trouser and a black top with a face cap that was

covering her face, she took her car d key and left,



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