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[story] meant to be episode 52


”But i love him,… I dont know why you suddenly

hate Richie this much,.. I know i had a memory

loss, but i’m OK now,… I remember everything

him and i shared before my accident, the baby

i’m carrying belongs to him,….. Just start to

accept the fact that i’m married to him,…. ”

”Memory loss?,… Whoever told you that,… Who

told you that you had a memory loss”

“I dont want to remember those horrible days i

treated Richie badly,… ”

Tope was not comfortable with what Angela told

her,…. She became restless,.. She suddenly

announced her exit,….

Angela stood up and walked her to the door,……

Richard wants to put a stop to Tope and his

wife’s friendship,….



The next morning was bright and Angela was

getting ready for their shopping,… Richie chose a

short sexy gown for her to wear with a matching

flat sandals,…. They were looking good in their

simple outfit,… Their grandma had gone to the

church as usual to pray,….



Mrs Johnson had a warm bath, she has a

meeting with a buyer who was interested in one

of her properties,…… She was selling off her

properties to make ends meet,….. She doesn’t

want people to notice her bankruptcy,….. She has

sold almost all she had in order to clear the

bank’s debt,….. She’s now left with almost

nothing,…. She has sold all her cars except the

one she’s using,… Her meeting with mother

supreme supreme had brightened her up,.. At

least there’s still hope,.. She was determined to

be successful in her last strike,…. She has

already started making arrangements based on

her agreement with Mother Supreme supreme,……

She dressed up and left immediately as she was

already late for the appointment,….



Nancy called Angela as they were making their

entrance into the shopping mall,.. They spoke for

some minutes on the phone before the call

ended,…. Nancy have been busy with her

wedding arrangements,…. She promised to visit

her friend the next day to know how she’s faring

and also give her what they got for the baby,…..



They shopped for hours before Angela started

showing signs of tiredness,…. Her hubby took her

to an eatery in the shopping mall,.. And they had

a good meal … When they were done with eating,

…..They headed back to complete their shopping,

Angela was exhausted when they finished

shopping,….. The waiters helped them pack all

they bought into the car, as they were heading

out of the mall,..they ran into his step mother

who had just finished having a meeting with her

prospect buyer….. .

“Good to see you again, Richard and Angela,… “

she said sarcastically.

”Good day ma” Angela greeted her.

“So it’s true,.. You’re pregnant,…

Hahahhahahahahahaha,…….. “ she mocked


Angela was frightened at her display of madness,


”You shall not live to see the face of this thing

you’re carrying,…… “ she threatened Angela.

”Back to sender,.. He that is in me is bigger than

he that is in you,….!!!! “ Angela screamed at her.

”If anything happens to my baby, i swear i wont

spare you ” Richard warned her.

He dragged his wife out of the mall to the car




Angela has been scared after the incident at the

mall, she even refused to eat,… Richie told

grandma what transpired at the mall,….

“Dont mind Benny,….. If she tries me, i’ll make

sure she rots in jail, “ grandma said.

”I’m ready for her, we’re waiting for her next

action,…. I’m now at alert,….. Baby you dont

need to be scared,….. I’m here for you,…. “ he

assured her.

She felt a bit relieved after listening to her

husband,. She later ate her food……… She was in

the room gisitng with Richard, when he told her

of his intentions,….

”Baby remember i told you about us moving

out,.. I paid four year rent for the house,…. Since

the house have been empty for a while,…. I

furnished it and i want your family to move into

it,…….. ”

Angela, was short words, she never expected

this,. She was overjoyed,….. She kissed him all

over his face,….. She was thankful, she called her

mother to break the news to her,… She told them

to pack as her husband will pick them in three

days time,…………..


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