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[story] meant to be episode 51


The continuous ringing of Angela’s phone woke

her up from slumber,. She was enjoying her nap,

…she lazily grabbed her phone and checked her

caller.. On seeing the caller id, she smiled and

picked it….

“Hello Tope,.. Longest time,…. You forgot me


“How can i forget you,….. My phone was stolen

and i lost most of my contacts, it took me long

before i found where i wrote your number down

in my diary,.. I’m sorry you didn’t hear from me

for this long ,….. “ she lied.

”Na wa oooo,…… And you couldn’t visit me to

know how i’ve been faring,…… ”

”My dear, i’ve been away for a while,.. So tell

me how’re you doing?,…..

“I’m fine, i was calling to tell you about my

marriage,…i got married last month,… ”

Tope could not believe what she just heard,…

”To who? “ she threw back at her.

”Haba,.. Easy na,…. Guess who? ”

Tope’s heart was beating faster,…. She was

overwhelmed with anxiety.

”who na,……. Ok cut the suspense,…. I’ll come to

your village tomorrow to visit you, just text the

direction to your husband’s house to me,. ”

”Village? ”

”Yeah, i mean,….. A good hearted guy in your

village pitied your condition and saved you from

the shame of giving birth to a b—–d,… I really

need to meet this brave guy and show my

appreciation ”.

Angela felt bad at her friend’s choice of words

but she gladdened up remembering those were in

the past, at least she’s now married to her heart

throb and her child is not a bastard after all. She

decided to ignore what her friend said,……. She


”Richard is my husband,…. “ she blunted at her


”what!,…….? Is this a prank or what? “ Tope


“A prank?,… We’ve had our traditional marriage,

….. As i’m talking to you, i’m in his house, we

now leave as husband and wife,…..”

“How come?,….. I thought you never wanted him

around you,… Dont allow that boy to take

advantage of your memory loss,…. And now he

has succeeded in tying you in a marriage,.. “

Tope blunted at her friend.

”Why are you taking this personal,.. “ Angela

asked her.

”Anyway i’m on my way to your house, i want to

confirm what you just told me,….. ”

”Ok, i’ll be waiting for you,…. ”

Angela cut the call and la!d on her back,. She

wondered why her friend is acting funny because

she got married to Richard,….. She noticed Tope

was screaming over the phone like a jealous

lover,…. She was still wondering, when her

husband returned,… He has been returning home

earlier than before since the doctor told them

that she would put to bed any moment,…she was

in her ninth month,…. He walked to her and

pecked her.

“Baby i’m famished,…… “ he told his wife who

was helping him remove his suit,..

”I prepared your favourite,……. Baby ever since

Vanessa and her family moved to Lagos, this

house is now lonely for me,… Daddy is not

around and grandma spends most of her day in

the church,.. I dont have anyone to talk to you,.

“ she lamented.

”Dont worry, soon our baby will arrive and you

wont be bored anymore,….. Motherhood can

never be boring,…. To lighten your mood, we

shall go shopping for more baby things,.. ”

Haven’t we bought enough,.? .. We already have

more than enough for the baby,…. Let’s save the

money” she advised him.

“This is my first child and i won’t mind spending

my last penny,.. So get ready,….. ”

He had a cold shower and went down to eat,……..

The cook helped Angela serve the food,…. They

were about eating when the doorbell rang,…. The

cook answered the door,… Tope walked in to see

Angela and Richard eating together,…..

”Oooooh, Tope, how’re you? “ Angela asked her.

”I’m fine,.. So it’s true,… You didn’t even bother

telling me about your marriage,…. It’s unfair

oooo, ”

Tope greeted Richard who ignored her,.. He

begged his wife to allow him feed her,…. Angela

called her to join them but she declined,…. She

watched them in anger as they continued with

their lovey dovey game,..

She was served juice and snacks in the sitting

room,…. She peeped from time to time to check

on what the couples are doing,….. When they

finished eating, they joined her in the sitting

room,.. Richie excused himself and went upstairs

“So Tope how’s your family? “ Angela broke the


”They’re fine,… My dear i’m still baffled at the

way you rushed your marriage,…… You didnt

invite anybody,…. You know fully well that i’m the

only trusted person you have,. You should ‘ve

confided in me before rushing into this marriage

“ she said bitterly,……


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