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[story] meant to be episode 50


Richard ‘s family traveled to their village to

reunite with their family members two days after

their Thanksgiving service ….. They had a small

get together where Richard and Vanessa got to

meet their extended family….

They spent some days in the village before

travelling to Lagos to their grandparent’s house,.it

was stressful for Angela but she enjoying the

tour,… She doesn’t want to tell mama about her

new relationship with her best friend mama

Johnson, she wanted to surprise her when she

returns, ……. . She was filled with joy,…. She

thanked God for bringing her new family together


It was agreed that their grandmother will relocate

to Asaba,…. They wanted her to be around

them,.. Richard and his daddy will be handling

their family businesses in Asaba while their

grandparent’s business in Lagos will be handled

by Vanessa and her husband, …… It was not easy

convincing her husband to return to Lagos and

run the business,.. He wanted to be Independent,

… He doesn’t want to appear like a golddigger

before his inlaws,….. After much persuasions, he

agreed to return home,…

Richard made plans for him to move out of the

house since it has been occupied by his family,

but his father begged him to keep them company

since Vanessa and her husband will be relocating

to Lagos with the twins,…

“But dad, i need some privacy with my wife,… “

Richard told his father.

”I understand, but we’re used to the kids being

around us,… This house is big to accommodate

all of us,.. I want to watch your wife put to bed,

“ his grandmother begged him.

”Richie, mama is right,….if you leave with your

wife, the house will be boring for us,…

Remember how much she adores your wife,… “

his father cut in.

”I’ll talk to my wife about this,… I need to discuss

it with her,… ”

After they all retired to bed,… Richie decided to

talk to his wife about his decision of them

leaving the house,….

“My Angel “ he called her pecking her on the

cheek as they la!d on their bed under the warmth

of the blanket watching television in their room …

”I’m thinking of us getting our own apartment,…

since you’ll soon put to bed,,….. “ he continued.

”Aaaah, i cant go anywhere without grandma,….

Baby pls, i want to stay here,.. “ she smirked at


”But we need our privacy baby ,.. I feel the

house is over crowded for us,…. ”

”But i’m not complaining,…. I need grandma

around me, i cant stay away from her…. ”

After much argument,…… He agreed they wont

move out again.

”Since you’re ok here,…. We’re staying,…. “ he

told her.

”Thanks so much baby,… “ she said kissing him.

When she tried to disengage herself from him,….

He held her tight,.

”Angel i’ve missed you so much,…… I’ve not

touched you for months,….. I need you baby “ he

whispered into her ears.

”I missed you too baby,…. “ she said gulping his

lips into her mouth,.

They kissed for some minutes before he went for

her clothes,….. He gently removed her nightie

before removing his,…… Angela was h—y already,

…. It was then she realized how much she had

missed him.

”Baby, i’ll take it slowly,…. I don’t want to hurt

our baby,…. “ he said trying to enter her.

It was a bit tight but due to the discharge from

her inner body, it made it easier for him to

penetrate her from behind,….

He was moving in and out of her slowly and

Angela was enjoying every bit of it,… He was

gentle with her,….

When they were done with their rendezvous, they

la!d down on the bed exhausted.

“Baby i love you so much and i missed you,

…..Now tell me,…. Do you want a boy or a girl?,”

he asked her.

“Baby, both are important,.. I’ll be happy with

anyone,….. “ she replied.

”Hmmmm,…… Are you sure?,…. ”

”This one you’re asking me,… Seems you’re

choosy,… Ok tell me, which one do you prefer,…?

”Anyone” he said laughing.

“Ok,…. which name would you love him to bear

if it’s a boy,..? . “ he asked her.

”I’ll name him Chidera,…… “ she answered.

”what if it’s a girl? “,

”Munachimso,……. “ she answered.

”that’s quite interesting, they’re lovely names,… “

he said.

They chit chatted into the night before they slept





Mrs Johnson has fully recovered from her illness,

the doctors managed to save her life,…. It was a

miracle how she recovered,… A man of God on

hospital visitation told her that God gave her a

second chance to correct all her past mistakes

and to stay away from evil,… She was warned

against plotting evil against an innocent soul

because that will bring her doom…. .. She was

finally discharged from the hospital,… She sat

down in her sitting room thinking deeply …..

“So these children played with my intelligence,….

Richard and his sister have ended up destroying

me,.. I dont even know how they managed to

meet their grandmother,..just look at that man,

Johnson, looking happy and fulfilled and i’m here

suffering…. .. I need to act fast,…. I cant just

surrender so easily,… I cant allow these kids to

win,…… I must bring back my lost glory either by

force or by war,…. The war have just began,……

They should be ready for my strike,…… “ she

thought to herself……….

She quickly picked her car key and drove out,…….


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