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[story] meant to be episode 48


Everyone was tired when they got home,… A

spare room was cleaned arranged for their

grandma,…… At dinner, There was enough to eat

and drink,…. Everyone was present at the dinning

except grandma, she requested her food to be

brought to her room,…. Angela and Vanessa

decided to serve her,….. They quietly opened her

door to see her sitting with her hands on her

jaws,……. They dropped her food on the table and

sat beside her,…. Vanessa put her hands across

shoulders and pecked her on the cheek,…

“Maama, maama,…. “ Vanessa teased her.

The old woman looked up and smiled wiping

away her tears,…..

”Where’re my great grand children,… “ she asked


”They’re asleep, you have enough time to play

with them,….. Dont tell me you’re still brooding? ”

”My daughter, do you know how many years i

spent away from my family,…just look at you and

your brother,… I didn’t watch you two grow,… I

promised your late mother that i will take care of

you and your brother,…… If only your father had

listened to me,…. I saw this coming but he was

too stubborn,…. That evil woman will know no

peace,.. She’ll die a shameful death,…. As for

your father, i can forgive him but i dont think the

wound will heal that easily,……. “ she lamented.

”Mama, it’s ok, it’s well,….. At least we’re here

together today,…. We should be celebrating our

happy re union” Vanessa told her.

“Mama, pls try and eat something,…… “ Angela

spoke for the first time since they Entered the


“My daughter i’m not hungry,…. ”

”mama, if you don’t eat, i’ll starve myself,.. “

Angela said feigning seriousness.

”Ok, i’ll eat just a little. ”

They cheered her up with the story of how they

defeated their step mother.

Everyone retired to their rooms exhausted,…..

Richard was excited to have his Angel sleep in his

arms,….. He wouldn’t let her go,…. He pampered

her like a baby,…. For the first time since she

was pregnant, he saw her bare baby bump,…… He

insisted in helping her with a warm bath,…. They

bathed together,. They spent time in the

bathroom kissing and cuddling each other, at last

they came out of the bathroom in their robes…

Angela wore a sexy nightie that revealed her baby

bump,… She was looking hot in that, Richard

couldn’t take his eyes off her,…. He wore his

pyjamas and they la!d down on the bed…. They

chatted long into the night,…. She was already

dozing off in his arms,… He covered her with a

blanket and they slept off,……..



Mrs Johnson has returned from Ghana, after all

efforts to find Vanessa proved abortive,…. She

was devastated,…. She returned home a sad

woman,…. The bank she borrowed money from

to execute her contract is on her neck,……. She

received a distressing call from her secretary

early the next morning and She rushed off to the


She entered her office to meet everywhere quiet,

….this was unusual as work starts by7. 30


Everyone was supposed to be busy on their

desk,.. But everywhere was quiet and unkept,…..

She was furious,…… The secretary walked in and

saw the look on her boss’s face,……

“Errmmmm, madam, this was exactly what i was

trying to explain to you,….. ”

”What do you mean? ”

”Madam, you’ve been owing the workers for four

months now,…. I dont know how they managed

to find out that you’re going bankrupt,…. They all

resigned,…. I tried my best to stop them but they

had already made up their minds,… ”

”You’re an incompetent fool!!!!!!!! “ she thundered

at her secretary.

”But madam, you should be blaming the Board of

directors, ma, i’m only a secretary to you, they

all planned to quit ”

”Shut your mouth, you sat down and watched my

workers leave and you said nothing,… ”

”but i tried ma, i called you several times to

explain to you but you always shut me up,…… ”

Mrs Johnsonh angrily stormed out and drove




Richard and his grandmother spent the morning

playing with the twins in her room ,…..the door

slide open,.. His dad and Vanessa strolled into the

room,…. They sat on the couch,…… There was

silence in the room,.. The maid was called in to

take the twins to the nursery,……. Mr Johnson

broke the silence.

“Mama,…… I’m now born again and i want your

forgiveness and that of my children,… I want to

have peace of mind,…. My heart is filled with


“Daddy pls whatever it is, we’ve forgiven you,….

“ Richard told him.

”please allow him to talk,….! “ his grandmother

ordered him………


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