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[story] meant to be episode 47


”Uncle pls i’m sorry for cutting you short, are

you talking about my grandma that died when i

was baby or what? “ he asked.

His daddy stood up,……

”I’m sorry son, i lied to you about her death,

she’s alive,… “ his dad apologized.

It then dawned on Vanessa that she hadnt told

Richard the truth about their grand ma, she hit

her hand on her forehead.

”A lot of issues on my head,…. Thank God it’s

finally coming to an end” she calmly muttered to


Richard gave her a stern look,.. And she looked

at him with guilt in her eyes,….

“Son pls, we’ll talk about this later,….. “ his daddy

begged him and he sat down.

”Johnny, if you’re ready to go to your house, i

have the spare keys here,… “ he said going into

his room to get the keys ,……



Richard was really impressed with what his

grandmother did to the house,…. But he wished

he would see her,… His uncle couldn’t get them

her number because his phone was stolen few

days ago,… He gave them her new address in

Lagos and they promised to go there immediately

they leave the village,….. He searched the house

for a family photograph but he didnt see any,….

There were no family pictures in the house,.

After making acquaintance with his kindreds, it

was agreed they will visit Angela’s people in five

days time, Richard called Angela and told her to

inform their people of their proposed visit for the

traditional marriage rite, he wanted it to be a low

key wedding,… He would have a talk of the town

wedding after his wife puts to bed,…



Angela and her mother have been busy preparing

for the D day,.. Her mother has completed her

six months mourning one month ago,….. She can

now go out,…

Aunty Beatrice was a handful of help to them,….

She tried calling Tope to inform her of her

marriage but her number isn’t connecting.



Mama called her from London and she was

happy for her, she wished she was there to

witness the marriage but she promised to be

around for her white wedding,….. Angela dropped

the call and went out to check on the firewood

that was supplied for cooking only for her to see

Mama Johnson coming out of her jeep,…..

Though she’s old, she still looks younger than her

age,….. Angela not minding her condition ran to


She came into the house with all she bought for

the baby,….

“i just spoke to Mama now,… She didn’t tell me

about your visit”.

“we wanted to surprise you my Angel,…. ”

”you will stay in this house with me, no more

hotels,…. I need you around me,….. ”

”As you wish my daughter, ”

Her mother returned to see the old woman,……

She was excited.



Richard and his daddy returned from Lagos

disappointed, they were told the old woman

travelled,.. They would’ve loved to stay longer

but they need to go home and prepare for his

marriage ceremony,….



On the D day,…… Angela was dressed in a

traditional outfit, she looked more like a princess

as she was glistening in her new look,… Richard

too couldn’t take his eyes off her,…….. She smiled

throughout the event,..

Mr Johnson later arrived with his people,….. As

the occasion was about to begin,… Mama

Johnson came out of the room where she has

been resting to watch the event,… Mr Johnson

saw her from afar, he tapped Vanessa who was

busy ordering everyone up and down, she

followed his gaze and saw her grandmother,.

They both ran to her,.. On getting there, Vanessa

knelt down in front of her and hugged her,…

Mama Johnson was shedding tears of joy,…mr

Johnson knelt down too, Richard just looked on,

…. His father spoke amidst tears,…..

“She’s your grandmother,….. “ he said calmly.

“Mama, i’m sorry for not listening to you,….. I’m

sorry for neglecting you,.. I’m sorrrrrry

mmamamamamama,………… Mama biko oooo,

forgive me,….. I caused all these,… I invited the

lizard to my home,. By harvesting an ant infested

firewood,…… Nne mmmmm oma,……. Sweet

mother,……. “ Mr Johnson cried.

His kinsmen joined him in begging her,… She was

surprised to see her husband’s people.

She looked at Angela who was about soiling Her

face with tears,..

“Angel you never told me Richard was from Abia

state, the first day i saw him, i knew there was

something strange about him,. I saw my lost son

in him,….. As for you” she said turning to Mr


“I wont say anything until the ceremony is over,

….. I dont want to ruin my grandson‘s day,…. ”

She lifted Vanessa up and hugged her.

”My baby, “ she said touching her face.

Vanessa couldn’t let her go, she has missed her


The ceremony ended peacefully, the villagers left

early since they had a long way to go,….. They

begged their grandmother to follow them to

Asaba, after much persuasion, she accepted with

the promise that they will confess to them the

true cause of their mother’s death……


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