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[story] meant to be episode 44


It’s been three days Richard proposed to Angela

and she’s yet to answer,… Vanessa advised him

to give her some space to make the right


Richard took his daddy to the office to see his

workers and also see how God has expanded

their company,….. Mr Johnson was happy to be

home,…. They arrived the company a bit late,….

Only a few old workers recognized him,…. He

was introduced to all the workers,….. Desmond

was also around,….. They spent the morning

walking around the company,….



Angela has checked her phone again, she has

been doing this for the past two days,….

Richard had neither called nor texted her,….. She

was beginning to get worried,…. Her mother

noticed her uneasiness, but decided to ignore her,

… Her phone rang immediately she dropped it on

the table,…. She rushed her phone and picked the

call without checking the caller Id thinking it was


“Hello,…. Angela,….. How’re you? “ A female

voice said.

She was shocked,.. She stared at her phone

screen and sighed seeing the caller Id

”Tope,.. It’s you,….. “ she greeted her calmly.

”Why are you sounding as if you’re not happy to

hear my voice, ….. Were you expecting someone

else’s call? ”

“Not really,. I was sleeping when you called,.. ”

”So, hope that useless guy is no more disturbing

you,…. ”

”Who are you referring to? ”

”Haba, to Richard na,.. Mr loverboy,…. ”

”Tope,….. Do you actually hate Richard this

much?,…. ”

”Errrmmm,… Not really,… You know i’m only

trying to protect you,…. ”

”Then allow me to worry over him,…. Tope pls

my head is aching badly,… I need to go back to

sleep,… I’ll call you back later,…. Bye “ she said

cutting the phone.

She sighed loudly as she dropped the phone on

the bed,….. Her mother strolled into her room

after eavesdropping into her conversation with

her friend,…….

”Angela,… Why the loud sigh? “ her mother asked

her pretending not to know,…

She sighed again.

”mama pls i’m not in the mood to talk to

anybody now,.. “ she told her mother.

She turned to leave the room.

”Ok your highness,… ”

”mama,……. ”

Her mother turned facing her,…

”Pls has Richard called you?,….. “ she asked her

mother looking depressed.

”Nooo,. …. Why will he call me?,… You’ve made

it clear that you dont want him taking advantage

of you,… So the young man have decided to stay

away….. . Or if you were in his shoes would you

have continued calling? “,…… Her mother threw at


”Mama, why are you talking like this?,…. I’m only

concerned because i want to be sure that he’s

ok,…. ”

”There’s no need for that,…. Only his loved ones

should be doing that,…. ”

”Mama why are you making it look like i’m the

bad one here,…, ”

”Angela pls dont just get me angry,…. You

shouldn’t be bothered about Richard’s well being,

you should be thinking of the future of your

baby,….. ”

”Mama,…. Pls stop,….. I cant stand Richard not

calling me or texting me for a day,….. Now

you’re worsening my situation,…. ”

”If you cant stand him not calling you,… Why

cant you call him,…… Or must he be the one to

do the calling?,…… “ her mother said leaving the


Angela la!d down smooching her tummy,. . She

couldn’t take Richard’s thoughts off her mind,….



Richard and his family went out for lunch,.. His

father was chatting with an old friend that came

visiting,… Richard and Vanessa were eating on a

separate table talking about Angela,…. Richard

picked his phone and tried dialing Angela’s

number,…. Vanessa gave him a dont try it look,….

He dropped his phone on the table and continued


They got home tired,…. Vanessa’s husband had

returned to Ghana for an official duty,… She

prepared a delicious meal,… Richard employed a

maid to help take care of the twins and the

house while they’re away in the company,…

Richard la!d down on his bed thinking of Angela,

…. He was lost in his thoughts when his phone

rang,….. He was reluctant to pick it,…. He lazily

stared at the phone only to see it was Angela

calling,…. He blinked and wiped his face to be

sure of the caller,….. She has never called him

since she returned from Lagos,… He has been

the one calling her, ….. He picked the call




”good evening Richard,. “ she greeted him


”Why are you calling so late at night? ,.. Hope

you’re ok? “ he asked restlessly.

”I’m not feeling fine,.. I think i need to see the

doctor,….. I don’t mean to disturb you,…. I only

called to tell you i would be visiting the hospital

tomorrow, i’ll use a cab” she lied.

“I’ll be at your place first thing in the morning,….

Dont leave the house without me,.. ”

”There’s no need stressing yourself,….. I can

manage ”

”Am i complaining?,….. Get ready “ he ordered


”Ok, if you say so,… Take care and good night”

she cut the phone,…..

She stared at her phone for some seconds then


Richard was restless throughout the night,.. . He

prayed morning would come fast for him to take

her to the hospital……



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