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[story] meant to be episode 42


”Just be careful, “ Tope said.

Tope was feeling uncomfortable since Angela has

refused listening to her,…. She just hoped Angela

will think about what she just told her about


They talked about other things before Tope

announced her departure,….. Angela escorted her

to the gate and went back,…..

Tope walked down the road to get a bike to the

park,…she waited under the scorching sun to no


Someone tapped her from the back,… she turned

to see Angela’s mother staring angrily at her.

”Ah,… Mama,. What are you doing here,… Angela

told me you were busy in the kitchen,…. “ Tope

asked looking surprised to see Angela’s mother”.

Angela’s mother ignored her question,….

“What do you think you’re doing? ”

”Mama i’m on my way home na,… ”

”Shut up, you know what i’m talking about,…..

Why are you turning your friend against her

boyfriend,….. ”

”Me,?,….. How? ”

”You’re a green snake in a green grass,….. I

confided in you as my daughter’s best friend and

you’re doing this to her,…. Why are advising her

against Richard,… When you know how hard

we’re fighting to bring them back together

especially for the sake of their unborn baby”

Tope moved back a little.

“Their baby,….. How’re you sure that the baby

belongs to Richard,….. Mama wait ooooo,…. Why

did you suddenly change,….. You were the one

that told me how much you hated Richard,…. You

even accused him of using your daughter for

ritual,….. Now your daughter is back with another

man’s baby, you want to force the pregnancy on

the poor guy,… Are you this wretched?,…… I cant

believe you’re this cheap as to plan to push your

mentally retarded daughter to that poor guy just

because he loved your daughter,…… ”

Angela’s mother slapped her hard on the chic,….

She held her chic in shock as she was not

expecting it,…..

”So you slapped me? ,…. ”

”And i’ll slap you again and again if that will bring

back your senses,….. How dare you say your

best friend is mentally retarded,….., i dont blame

you,…. I blame my senseless daughter,…. The

truth is right before her yet she cant see it,….. I

now know your plans,…. Eric warned me about

you, but i didn’t believe him,… Chaiiii,… Angela

my daughter, you need to hear what your best

friend is saying about you,…. . “ she said sobbing

clapping her hands,…. People have began to

gather at the scene.

”mama pls stop,…. All of you are being selfish in

this matter,… You have been stressing that guy

alot,… He has suffered alot in the hands of your

so called daughter, he deserves to be happy with

a better person,….. ”

”And who’s that better person,….. ”

”Mama you’re trying to put words into my mouth

oo, i only gave Angela my candid advise,…. She

shouldn’t allow Richard to take advantage of her

condition,…. Is there anything wrong with what i

said,….. Is that why you followed me not minding

the hot weather,…. You’re now fighting for

Richard,… Are you fighting for Richard’s money

or his love? “ Tope threw at her.

Tears rolled down Angela mother’s eyes,……

”I pray you dont experience my daughter’s

predicament,…. Because i dont think you will

survive it”.

“Thank you”.

Bike came their way, Tope stopped him and left

the poor woman behind …

People were consoling her,…..

“you will die the day you step your foot in my

house again. ,….. “ Angela’s mother cursed her.



Richard was chatting on skype with his father

and sister,….

”This is a very serious matter,. “ his father said.

”How do you mean dad? ”

”I’m from a royal family,…. It’s a taboo for us to

have a child out of wedlock,….. It will bring

calamity upon us,…. “ his dad revealed to him.

”What?,….. And you never told me that,… What if

i have made such mistake,…. “ He queried his


”I’m sorry son, i know i’ve failed in most of my

duties to you because of my poor condition of

health,… You must marry that girl before she puts

to bed,…. “ his dad told him.

”What will i do now? ,…. I don’t know how i’ll do

this,… ”

”you need my relative’s help,…. You will travel

down to the village and tell them about this,…..

You need to make acquaintance with them, so

that they will accompany you to Angela’s village

for the marriage rites when she finally agrees to

marry you .. ”

”What? “…. Dad have you forgotten i’m not close

to either of them,…. You dont allow me go out

anytime we were opportuned to travel to the

village,… I cant face them,…..” Richard explained

to him.

“I understand,… I’m sorry for all i did,… That was

why they all ran away from me when my wife

almost turned me to an imbecile, nobody came to

fight for me because i never wanted to have

anything to do with them,… I dont want that to

happen to you,…… ”

”So daddy what will i do?,…. “ Richard asked.

”Calm down, i’ll think of something,… “ his dad

assured him.

”Vanessa you’re not talking,…. Say something “

Richard told his sister who have beeen quiet

throughout his conversation with his dad.

”I’m feeling sorry for Angela, i can’t imagine what

she’s going through,… I wish i could help,… ”

”The same here,…. I dont want to wallow in self

pity anymore, i need to act fast,….. ”

They chatted for hours and his daddy encouraged

him to be close to Angela to win her love back,

…… He promised to call him when he finds a

solution to his problem,……


TO BE CONTINUED……. Don’t Read And Go, Drop

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