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[story] meant to be episode 40


Angela’s mother was happy that her daughter

agreed to give Richard a chance in her life,….

She woke up very early and prepared breakfast

for her daughter,…. Angela woke up late because

of the drugs she took the previous night,…. She

helped her siblings with the remaining chores and


Her mother came into her room and met her

arranging what Richard bought for her and her

unborn baby,…… She couldn’t stop exclaiming

how Richard tried by buying those things,…….

“So Richard bought all these for you?,….. “ she

asked admiring the wears and toys

”Yes mama,…. He even promised to buy more

for the baby,….. ”

”You see why i told you to allow him take care

of you,….. Who would’ve bought all these things

for you,….. You should count yourself lucky to

have a man that still looks at you not minding

your condition,….. ”

She gave her mother an annoying look,..

”I’m sorry,…. I don’t mean to be rude,….. But you

see, no man in his right senses will look at you

considering your condition,….. I’m scared of what

people will think of your baby, ….. In this village,

when a lady gives birth to a child in her parent’ s

house without a husband,.. That child is

considered a b—–d,…. . The child will be seen as

an outcast,….. He’ll not partake in anything the

villagers are doing,…. He wont be recognized as

a son of the soil,….. My daughter i dont want

this to happen to my first grandchild,….. ”

Angela dropped the baby clothes on the bed,…..

She saw meaning in what her mother told her,…

She had witnessed it happen in her village,….

”But mama, since this my pregnancy is a

mystery,…. I dont have any other option than to

deliver it in my father’s compound and he shall

bear my father’s name,….. ”

”Chaiiiiiiii, wipe away your mouth!!!!!!,….. Such

will never happen,…. ”

”So do you expect me to go and force a man to

marry me,…. Mama you’re not helping me at all,…

How can you call my unborn baby a b—–d,…. If

that is the case, i’ll run away to a far away city

and deliver this baby,….. ”

”run away?,…. Dont even think of doing that,…

Because you’ll end up regretting it,… ”

”Then i’ll kill myself and save my baby and the

family shame!!!, ”

”Taaaaaaaa, shut up!!, dont ever think of

committing suicide again,…… ”

”Then what else am I to do? “ she asked


”Let’s leave everything to God,.. He is the only

one that makes the impossible possible,….. Wipe

your tears,.. My God will not put our family to

shame,… “ her mother consoled her.

”Thank you mama,….. “ she thanked her mother

feeling a bit relieved.

She went back to arranging her baby’s clothes,….

Her phone rang,…. She checked and it was

Richard calling her,….

”Hello,….. “ came his voice.

”Hello, good morning sir,… “ she greeted him.

”how’re you and the baby doing,..? ”

”I’m better today,…. ”

”Your mum and siblings, hope they’re fine”.

“Yes sir”she answered politely.

“Pls stop using that word “SIR”, just call me by

my name,…. ”

”OK sir,…. Sorry,…. Emmm,… Richard,… “ she


”good,… I called to check on you and the baby,…

I’ll call you back later in the day,.. Have a nice

day,… “ he said cutting the phone abruptly.

She stared at her phone, and wondered why he

suddenly cut the call,…..

”Who was that?, “ her mother asked her smiling

inwardly pretending not to know the caller.

”It was Richard,….. “ she said smiling.

”Hmmmmm,…… Why are you smiling? “ her

mother asked her.

”I dont know, i’m just happy with myself,….. I

dont know why i felt comfortable when i was

around him yesterday,…. I feel like it’s been ages

i’ve known him,…. “ she explained to her mother.

”Hmmmm,…. Errrmmm,….. When did he say he

will visit us again?,…. ”

”He didnt tell me, he said he would call back

later,… ”

Her mother helped her to arrange her baby things,

…. Before they went to the sitting room to peel

melon seed,…….



Richard dropped the call and nearly smashed his

phone on the wall,…he has been moody since he

entered his office,… His workers wondered why

he wore a sunglass in his office and barely

answered their greetings or even looked at their

faces,,….. .

He has been crying since last night,….. He woke

up as early as 2a.m in the morning and started

sulking ,…. He wished a miracle will just occur

and his girlfriend would remember who he is,……

He wanted to marry her and bring her home,….

He needs to take care of her and their unborn

baby,…. Imagine his Angel calling him “Sir”,…..

This is just too much for him,…… He decided to

inform his father and sister about the scan result,


He managed to go through the files on his table,

he cancelled all his appointments for the day and

left to see his step mother,…..



Mrs Johnson was fuming with anger in her

office, her legal practitioner had just called to

inform her that her court hearing would be next

week,…. She had to cancel all her travelling plans,

… She was talking to her secretary when Richard

walked into her office,……


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