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[story] meant to be episode 39


Tope catwalked to their table,…. She was

surprised to see Richard and Angela together,….

Angela on seeing her stood up and hugged her,…

“How’re you doing Tope,.. You look fabulous “

Angela greeted her.

”you too,.. So what are you doing in Asaba? “

she asked wondering what they came to do in


Richard just waved at her.

”i wasnt feeling too good, so he brought me here

to see a doctor and also register for my ante

natal care,…. ”

”Hmmmmm, Richard did? ”

”Yes,… Infact he’s more than a friend to me,….

He has really done alot for me,…. ”

”eeeenheeee,.. Richard, thank you oooo “ Tope

said eyeing him from behind.

”Richard pls meet Tope, my best friend,… “

Angela introduced them.

”There’s no need for the introduction, i’ve met

her before,… She’s really your best friend indeed”

he said giving Tope a stern look.

“Can i join you guys?,… ”

”I’m sorry, we were on our way out before you

came,.. “ Richard said calling the waiter to clear

their bill,…… After clearing his bill,… He went to

Angela and helped her stand,…. They walked hand

in hand out of the restaurant,…. Tope followed

them behind,….. Richard opened the front door

for Angela and she entered,….. He entered too

and ignited the car,.. Tope moved to the

passenger’s side to open the door only to find it

locked,…. She gave Richard a sign, signaling him

to open the door for her,….. Richard wined down

his glass ,……

“I believe you came for something important

before you met us,….. We don’t want to bother

you or disorganize your plans .. You can go back

into the restaurant and continue with what you

came for,… You’ll see your friend some other

time,….. “ he told Tope.

Tope looked at him angrily,…

”But,….. I… ”

”So have a nice day” he said cutting her short

and driving out of the premises,….. Angela was

waving at Tope,… Tope was lost in her thought,..

She waved back at her and walked back into the


Richard stopped infront of an exotic shop, where

children’s wears and toys are sold,…..

“I’m so sorry for stressing you today my dear,….

I’ll drive you home immediately we finish

shopping,…. “ Richard told Angela as they made

their way into the shop.

”I’m ok,… I can manage” she replied him.

Richard bought a lot of things for her baby,….. It

was getting late,… He cut short their shopping

and promised to bring her back to complete their


Angela was all smiles as she watched him

arrange all they bought in his car,… She was

thankful,… After their shopping he drove her




“Tope,.. You won’t seize to amaze me,… You

mean you would’ve abandoned your date and

follow the two love birds to wherever they were

going to? “ her friend Kemi asked her.

”What stupid date are you talking about?,…. What

does that guy have to offer,….. Seems you dont

know Richard Johnson,…. I almost got him, if not

for that girl’s return? ”

”Tope!!!!!, are you referring to Angela as that

girl?,… I’m surprised at your sudden change,…..

Why are you doing this?,…. You used to love this

girl,…. You shared all you had with her,… You

were more like sisters,.. You threw away

everything you shared because of a man?,…….

I’m disappointed with you,….. “ kemi said in


”I loved her, i did everything for her,.. This is the

only man i’ve loved all my life,… I loved him

before Angela introduced him to me,…. I did my

best to get his attention but he went for Angela,…

When Angela disappeared, i broke up with my

boyfriend just to be with him,…. Just look at me,

… Cant you see how much i love that guy,… Oh

gosh!!!, he’s so handsome,…. I wanted to follow

them around to be sure they won’t do anything

stupid,… ”

”You better stop dreaming,… Everyone knows

how much he loves Angela,…. Have you forgotten

how you never supported their relationship?,…. I

thought you never liked the guy,….. “ Kemi asked.

”I did all that out of jealousy,… I want Richard,….

”You’re funny,…. You’re dying for a man that is

expecting his baby from a girl he loves so much,

….. Dont you think you’re fighting a lost battle?,

….. ”

”Lost battle?,….. Never? ”

”Tope pls stop,….. I know you cant hurt a fly,…

Why are you giving devil the chance to use you,

….. You should be praying for your friend and her

lover to amend their relationship,…. You told me

all she passed through,… Dont you think she has

suffered enough?,… Cant you just leave her alone

to enjoy her relationship,….. ”

”Kemi, i blame myself for involving you in an

issue that is not your business,…. I’m now a

villain,….. You now see me as a bad girl just

because i’m fighting for my man,….. ”

”He was never your man and he ‘ll never be your

man,…. ”

”Dont underestimate what i’m capable of doing,

….. ”

”Just look at how you’re sweating over a man, a

man who doesn’t want to see you,…. Imagine the

way he jilted you infront of the Restaurant ,…. Or

have you forgotten how he abandoned you

outside his house, or how he nearly beat the hell

out of you in the hospital,… You better think

about your actions,….. “ kemi advised her.

”Kemi, pls i want to be left alone,… I’ll talk to you

later,… I need to rest”

“Take all the rest in the world,… Think about your

life,…. Pray that your friend regains her memory,

…… “ kemi said closing the door behind her.

The last statement made her smile,……

”I forgot she still doesn’t remember who Richard

is,.. I’ll pay her a surprise visit,..but wait oooo,

how did Richard manage to convince Angela to

follow him to the hospital …i’ll find out. “she said

to herself, She felt relieved, at least she hasnt

lost the battle yet,…..



Mrs Johnson returned late at night and refused to

eat, she locked herself in the room sulking,…..

The governor was in a meeting and she didnt see

him,… She came back home disappointed,…. Her

secretary confirmed the accountant’s theft,.a lot

of problem on her head… She helped herself with

a glass of whisky,…. She prepared a warm bath

for herself, she filled her bath tub to the brim,….

She relaxed in the warm water sipping her drink

and thinking of her life,……

“Is this Nemesis or what?,….. After all i suffered

to attain this position in life,…. Was i being

greedy?,…. My husband provided me with all i

needed in my life but i wanted to be in charge, i

wanted a name for my self,….What am i going to

do now,… I dont have a child of my own,

Vanessa has stopped picking my calls,….. I cant

just sit and watch my world crumble,…… I need to

go to Accra and meet Vanessa,….. My friend in

Accra will help me locate her,….. I dont even

know where Angela is,…….. I caused my downfall,

i should ‘ve been more careful,… Richard and his

sister must pay for this,……. “ she thought to

herself,….. She spent hours in the bathroom

before coming out,……

She wore her night wear,. Relaxed on her bed

and called her friend in Accra who promised to

help her find Vanessa,….. She planned to leave

for Accra in few days time,……….



Richard got home tired,…. He was happy with the

scan result,…. He thought of how to take care of

Angela and their baby,… If only she would agree

to marry him,… He wants his child to be a

legitimate child,… He was confused on what to

do,…. He remembered what the doctor told him

about his step mother’s hotel been sealed,…. He

decided to pay her a surprise visit in her office

the next day,.. He called Desmond and told him

about the scan result,…. He promised to visit

Desmond the next day in his office,……

Richard was happy his plans are going

normal, he cant stand watching his girlfriend and

baby suffer in the village,…….

Before he slept, he sent a text message to Angela

asking her how she and the baby are doing,…..

He wished she was right there with him, so that

he would watch her sleep peacefully just the way

he used to do…….


TO BE CONTINUED…… All The Ghost Readers

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