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[story] meant to be episode 38


She called Vanessa but she didn’t pick,… She

assumed she was busy and would call her back,





Angela just fnished speaking to mama Johnson

on the phone,… Mama had travelled abroad for

her medical check ups, … Mama Johnson called

to check on her,…. She was relieved after talking

to mama Johnson on phone,….

Her mother walked in and sat close to her,…..

“How’re you feeling today,” her mother asked


“I’m still feeling feverish,…. I dont have appetite

at all and i feel pains below my abdomen” she


“My daughter, i dont have money to take you to

the hospital,… I dont know what else to do,….

Before i forget,…. Richard called me, i told him

of your illness and he promised to take you to

the hospital,…. “ she lied about her being broke.

” Mama why did you tell him about my health? ..

He cant take responsibility of another man’s

child,… I’m not going anywhere oooo”.

“I know we lied to you about him being your

lover,…. He just cares about you,… He’s a God

sent to us,. . I’m not begging you to date him,…

But just allow him to take care of you and your

unborn baby,… Remember i dont have anything

doing now,… Since he cares so much about you

and the baby,…. Allow him to do that,….. ”

Angela thought about what her mother told her

and decided to follow her advise,……..

”So get ready, i’ll call him to come and pick you,

…. Beatrice is back from her trip,…. She’s on her

way too to visit you,… I told her of your

sickness,…. ”

”let me quickly shower and get ready before they

arrive,… “ she said picking her towel.



Richard watched his girlfriend enter the car,….

She was looking so beautiful in her pregnancy,…

He secretly admired her,… Aunty Beatrice was

happy to see them together,…. They had already

told her of their plan,…..

He wished he could just kiss her,… He smiled at

her and she did the same,……

“can we leave now” she asked him politely.

“Yeah, sure, just feel free around me, i promise i

won’t hurt you,… “ he said smiling.

She only nodded her head,…

They drove off, Aunty Beatrice smiled at her


”I pray she regains her memory quickly” aunty

Beatrice prayed smiling.

“Amen oooo,. “ shouted her mother.

**Richard drove Angela to a good private hospital

in Asaba owned by a family friend,…… He

watched her come down from the car and

walked into the hospital,… He wished he could

hold her,….if wishes were horses……. They

walked in and settled down outside the doctor’s

office awaiting their turn.

When it was their turn to see the doctor, they

went in together,….. The doctor was surprised to

see Richard walk in with a pregnant lady,…

After exchange of pleasantries, they sat down.

“Emmm, Richard i’m sorry about what happened

to your mother’s hotel,… . “ the doctor said.

He was surprised at what the doctor just said,..

”You mean, my mother’s hotel? ”

”Yes, the murder and the sealing ”.

”Ooooh that?,.. It’s nothing sha,… She’s working

on it,.. “ he pretended knowing what happened.

”Pls call in the lady’s husband,.. I want him to be

here while i talk to her,.. “ he said pointing at


”Errrrrr,…. I’m the husband ” Richard lied.

The doctor gave him a surprising look.

”Richie, so you got married without inviting me,…

Am i no longer a family friend? ”

”It was just a low key traditional marriage,…. I’ll

invite everyone to my white wedding, “ he lied.

”No problem,….. She’ll register for ante natal

care,….. Give this note to the nurse outside, she’ll

take you to the scanning room, where your wife

would be scanned,…. I’ll prescribe some drugs for

her,…. The fever and the abdominal pains will

stop,…… “ the doctor said handing the note to


”thank you so much doctor,… “ he took Angela

outside to meet the nurse,…..

**They spent hours at the hospital,…… finally they

were done,.. The scan result came out too,… It

was revealed that she was pregnant before she

was kidnapped,….. Richard remembered the last

time she called him telling him there was

something important he needed to know,……

“Was it about the pregnancy?,….., maybe she

wanted to tell me about her pregnancy,…. I’ve

been sleeping with her without protection,….that

means that the baby is mine,…. Angela can never

cheat on me,… She was inlove with me,…… “ he

thought to himself as he drove out of the


”What are you thinking about? “ Angela brought

him back to reality.

”Just reminiscing the good times i’ve spent with

someone dear to my heart, “ he told her smiling.

”You must surely love her so much,…. “ she

asked him.

”Sure,…. I love her so much, she means the

world to me,…i cant imagine a moment without

her” he responded still smiling.

“So where’s she?,…. Hope she wont be jealous

seeing the way you take care of me” she asked


“Noooo,… She understands and trusts me,…..

Infact as i’m talking to you, she’s smiling at me,

…. ”

”Hahahahahahhaa, you’re funny mr Richard,… So

when will i meet her?”…….


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