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[story] meant to be episode 37


“Seriously you have a great job to do,… She

doesn’t even allow you come close to her not to

talk of talking to her,… How do you plan to do

this,…..” Desmond asked Richard.

“I know it will be difficult but i need my woman

back,.. I must take the first step by finding a way

to take her to the hospital,…. ”

”And how do you plan to do that,. ”

”i’ve been thinking deeply,…. I’ve told her mother

what the therapist suggested,…. She gave me her

full support,…. I need to get close to those old

women,…. They seem to be the only people she

listens to,……. Remember they would leave any

moment from now,…… I’m surprised they

abandoned their families in Lagos just to be with

Angela,…. “ Richard said.

”It baffles me too,… But they seemed good

natured,….. I love the way they look after Angela

as if she’s their granddaughter,…. ”

”Yeah,…. I never met my grandmother,…. She

died some months after i was born,…. My sister

told me how sweet loving she was,….. She

wasnt allowed to take any of her pictures when

we were relocating, so i never got to see what

she looked like,…. ”

”So sad,…. I pray your plan works out,…. ”

“let me quickly rush over these files so we would

get going,…” he told Desmond remembering

they’re to visit his step mum,….



The security guard was happy to see Richard,

after exchange of pleasantries,…..

They stormed into the house to meet everywhere

quiet,…. He walked around the house but he

didn’t see anyone,….. He was about going to ask

the security guard where everyone was when the

backdoor opened,….. The cook entered carrying

some foodstuffs,…..

“Aaah, oga Richard you’re welcome sir,….. Thank

God say you come,…. Na madam call you make

you come? “ she asked excitedly.

”madam?,….. Call me?,.. ”

”Ahhhh, you never hear wetin happen to

madam?,… “she asked bringing out all the things

she bought from the market,…

”What happened to her?, …. “he asked curiously.

”Na God save am o,… She fall for bathroom

come hit her head for tile,…. She dey hospital as

I dey talk to you,…. “ she explained to Richard.

”Eiyaaa, when will she be discharged?,… ”

”I never know ooo, the accident no be small

matter oooo,…. ”

He excused himself, he told the cook that he

came to pick something he forgot from the

house,…. Richard ran upstairs and prayed he

would meet his step mum ‘s room open,… She’s

not used to locking her room,…. She keeps all her

important documents save in a locker in her

office,…. He slowly opened the door,… Lol and

behold, the door was unlocked,…. He started

searching for his phone,….. He searched the

entire room but couldn’t find it,… He lost hope,….

He was about leaving when he sighted his phone

on the dressing table,….

“why would she drop the phone carelessly on the

table,… Anyway, she never knew i would ever

enter her room,…. “ he thought to himself.

He switched on the phone and smiled,… It was

not locked,…. He thought about going away with

the phone but changed his mind,…… He deleted all

his saved items and removed his sim card,….. He

kept the phone back on the table and walked


Few Minutes after Richard and his friend left,…

The cook later remembered her madam warned

her not to allow anyone into the house in her

absence,…… She sighed.

“But oga Richard no be anybody na,… Na her

pikin,…. “she muttered to herself.

The cleaner who just entered the kitchen heard

her talk to herself.

”why you dey sigh? “he asked her.

”My dear, see me see wahala, Oga Richard come

here,…. ”

”You allow him inside?,…. ”

”Yes na, i for chase am,?,… No be madam pikin

he be? ”

”you be big fool,. Madam go kill you,…. You

better pray make madam no find out him come

here,…. And make you just shut your mouth,..

Dont tell her oga Richard came, unless you wan

go jail,….. ”

”Aaah, i no go talk,…. Abeg no tell her,….“ she

begged the cleaner.

They continued with their chores,… She quickly

prepared her madam’s dinner and took it to the





**Mrs Johnson is back home,… She was ready to

resume,…. She la!d down on her king sized bed

thinking of her life,….. She remembered she

needed to call Vanessa to hasten her plans,….

She stood up from the bed and went to collect

the number from Richard’s phone,….. To her

bewilderment, she switched on the phone only to

meet an empty call log,…. She checked the

contacts and it was blank,….

She blinked twice, her eyes was red with anger,


“who dare tamper with my phone,…!!!!!! “ she


She called the cleaner and the cook to her room,

…. They stood before her staring at the tiled


”who amongst you imbeciles touched this phone,

… “ she asked them angrily.

”Madam, na kitchen i dey work, i no dey enter

your room except to call you to chop,…. As you

dey hospital since,… I never come here to call

you,… Abi na bed i go call make e come chop”

the cook spoke first.

“shut your mouth,…!!!!! “ she thundered at her She

then turned to the cleaner,

”I think she’s right,…. Mr man, did you touch this

phone,… ”

”Yes madam,… ”

”So you have the guts to delete all the saved

items in my phone and you stand here talking to

me,…. ”

”Madam, i dey touch everything wey dey this

room,…. ”

Mrs Johnson gave him a stern look and pointed

her fingers at him.

”You???, touch everything in my room?,…. ”

”Yes na madam,… Wetin be my job again?,…. I

be cleaner, so i clean everywhere and

everything,.. Na so you tell me make i dey do,

…..,…. I comot your phone clean the table,…. And

i keep am back,….. If say i delete anything,

maybe na mistake,…. Why i go clean eyes come

delete wetin dey your phone?,….. Madam you no

trust me again,…? ”

Mrs Johnson stood thinking of who might be

responsible for doing that,…..

”Did anyone come to this house when i was in

the hospital? ”

They looked at each other.

”No ma,… Nobody come here” they chorused.

“you can leave and continue with your work,… ”

They went down and continued with their chores,

”Who must have done this?,…. How will i contact

Vanessa now,…… Ohhhh,. Let me check my call

log,….. “ she thought to herself.

She checked her call log and found Vanesaa’s

number,… She smiled at herself,……..


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