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[story] meant to be episode 33


“Yeah, she’s back for good,… ”

”Cant you see that nature doesn’t approve of

your love for her,…. Just look at what you’re

passing through all in the name of seeing Angela,

…. ”

Richard wanted to get up and slap her before

throwing her out of the room.

”Are you joking” he asked her.

“Oh please,…… “ she said waving her hand.

”So when do you plan visiting her, “ he asked


”Right away, before you call me a bad friend,…..

Take care of yourself,… I’ll be here when i return

from Angela’s village,…. Just tell me what i will

get for you,…. ”

”Tell Angela that i miss her so much, and that no

one can take her place in my heart not even you

her best friend “ he told her She looked at him

and frowned.

”So you expect me to tell her that,…. Have a nice

day” she left banging the door.



Angela was at home chatting with her mother,

“Have you heard from Tope?, “ she asked her


”No my daughter,…. She hasn’t visited, i ‘m

shocked at her attitude,… She’s your best friend,..

….. I didn’t inform her of your dispppearance

though,….. “..

”She told me she was travelling to Abuja before

that incident .. Maybe she travelled.

They heard a knock and was surprised to see


“Angela aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Tope screamed.

They hugged each other tightly.

“Tope, where have you been,… You’re looking


“thanks dear,…. You’ve added so much weight….

I’ve been away for sometime and i returned three

days ago only for Richard to tell me what

happened,…i cried my eyes out…… . I met him in

a friend’s birthday party today and he told me

you’re back,….. “ she lied to her.

”Who’s Richard? ”

”Your boyfriend na”

“Boyfriend,?…… I don’t t have a boyfriend ”.

Tope was shocked,…. Angela excused herself,

she saw the baby bump.

”what, Angela?, pregnant? ”.

Angela’s mother explained to Tope her friend’s


She smiled inwardly…..

”I’ll use this opportunity to my advantage,….. So

Angela is pregnant with Richard ‘s baby and she

doesn’t remember him after her accident, this is

interesting,…… “ she thought to herself.



Mrs Johnson cursed the emergency that made

Vanessa cut the call abruptly,…

”Why cant i ever be successful with my plans,

what is going on,…. I almost got that stupid

Vanessa,…. I know she’s soft heartened like her

useless mother,… I’ll focus my attention on her,

she’s an easy target,…… “ she muttered to




Angela returned to the sitting room smiling at her

friend who also faked a smile at her,…. Her

mother excused herself and went to the kitchen,


She sat down very close to her friend and looked

deeply into her eyes.

“Tope,… I know you wont hide anything from,.. I

feel there’s an important part of my life that i

cant remember,…How can i be pregnant and i

dont know who impregnated me,…. That’s

strange to me,…. Except maybe i was raped

when i was kidnapped,…..” she said touching her


Tope was amazed at her thoughts.

“Hmmmm, i’m surprised too, i’m short of words..

But i dont think there’s anything you’re forgetting,

… I think you were raped,…. “ Tope replied.

”Desmond and Nancy visited me yesterday,…

They were acting like old friends but i couldn’t

recall them being my friends,…. I could see the

disappointment on their faces,… “ she lamented.

”Dont mind those people,… They only came to

sympathize with you,… Maybe they heard of your

kidnap and return, they came to welcome you,…

Don’t allow such things to stress you,.. ”

”Are you sure you’re telling me the truth? ”

”eemmm,… Of course, why should i lie to my

best friend ”.

They chatted alot, Tope told her how she broke

up with her boyfriend and how she has moved

on with her life …… She left later in the evening,


Eric heard all Tope and his sister discussed, he

wondered why Tope lied to his sister,…. He sat

down thinking about his sister and Richard,…. He

knew Richard had been the one helping them

through aunty Beatrice but they kept it a secret

between them,… . He felt sorry for Richard,…..

But he couldn’t understand why he hasn’t visited,


“This Tope of a girl is upto something,… Why

didn’t she tell Angela that she has a man in her

life,…. And that man is responsible for her

pregnancy,…. Why did she deny knowing uncle

Desmond and aunty Nancy,….. I need to reach

uncle Richard and tell him the condition of sister

Angela” he thought to himself.



Desmond and Nancy just left the hospital and

was on their way home,.. Nancy wasn’t happy

with her fiance,….

“sweetie, why are you squeezing your face?,…. ”

She ignored him giving him a straight face.

”Sweetie talk to me,… Ever since we left the

hospital you ‘ve nt spoken to me,…. ”

”I don’t know why you dont want to open up to

your friend and tell him the situation on ground,

you keep on giving him false hope,… I saw the

way he’ s longing to meet his girlfriend,…. You

also haven’t told him about his phone,…. I think

he needs to know,…. ”

”I have my reasons for not telling him yet,.. I

want him to meet his girlfriend and see things for

himself,…. Talking about the phone,… You know

he’s emotionally traumatized right now,….. I’ll

handle that by myself ok? ”.

”I just pray you’re doing the right thing,…. Angela

has suffered a lot,… She’s pregnant and doesn’t

know the father of her baby,… This is

heartbreaking,…. I dont know how Richard will

take this news,.. ”.

Desmond assured her that everything will be ok.


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