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[story] meant to be episode 32


Richard ‘s lab result came out the next day, he

was perfect but still has bruises on his forehead,

….but to his greatest surprise the doctor refused

discharging him,……. He was to be scanned,…. He

called Desmond and told him what the doctor

said,….. Desmond assured him he would be

discharged the next day.. …..



Mrs Johnson took Richard’s phone to another

phone technician who after alot of stress was

able to open the phone,……. She heaved a sigh of


“Now, i must search for Vanessa’s number,…. “

she smiled to herself for a job well done,.. ..

Immediately she got to her office,…she put her

plans into action,… She dialed Vanessa’s number

and she picked at the first ring,….

”Nessa my daughter “ she called her.

Vanessa couldn’t recognize the voice,…..

”Hello,.” came her faint voice.

“It’s your mother,….”

Vanessa then realized it was her step mother.

“Who gave you my number?,,,,, After so many

months of taking away your slave you finally

called,…. “ Vanessa shouted at her.

She heard her step mother sobbing,… She was

shocked at her sudden change in Character.

”Pls forgive me my daughter,… I’m now a born

again,.. I’ve repented, infact, i want to begin a

new life with my family,… I want to reunite my

family so that i can have peace of mind,…. I

know i’ve been a bad mother to you and your

brother,…. I want to correct all my mistakes,…. I

dont mind leaving whatever i’ m doing here to

come and you meet in Ghana, so that i can take

care of my loving husband,….. I cant bear to see

my husband suffer like this after all he did for

me” she said soberly.

“This is unbelievable,…. You shouldn’t be

apologizing to me,… You should apologize to your

late best friend,…. Do you know the gravity of

what you did to my family,…. You almost turned

my daddy into an imbecile,.. How can you be so

wicked,….. You think i dont know your secrets,..

You exchanged my daddy’s brain for power,

wealth and fame,…. You think i wont find out,…i

shouldn’t be talking to you”.

“Pls my daughter, i’ve retraced my steps,… I

don’t want those things again,.. All i need is my

family,… Just tell me where you are in Ghana,

and i’ll abandon everything to be with you and

my husband,…. ”.

”Hmmmm,…… So what about my grandmother?,

why did you and daddy fake her death? “ she

threw at her.

She wasn’t expecting that question from Vanessa,


”huh?,….. Your grandmother?,…. Faked her

death?,… How? ”

”Seems you’ve not truly repented,…. Pls dont call

me again, have a nice day……. ”

”Ok, i’ll tell you what happened, i was only

following my husband’s instructions,…. I had to

obey him,… He brought up the idea because your

grandmother didnt approve of our marriage,…. He

wanted a happy home,… So we went to another

city to start a new life,…. ”

”I cant believe this”.

Mrs Johnson started crying uncontrollably over

the phone,….. Vanessa pitied her.

“Mummy stop crying,…. It’s ok,… All i want is a

happy family too,… I’ll give you the address right

away,… Does Richard know about this? ”

”You know your brother, he doesnt want to see

me again,…. He doesn’t want to have anything to

do with me again,….. Pls dont tell him that i

called you because he doesnt want me coming

close to his daddy,…if only you can help talk to

him but that will be when i’m already in Ghana,…

Let this be a secret between us”.

”There’s no problem, just get a pen and paper

and write down the address”

“I’m ready, “ she told Vanessa.

”Ok,… Emmmmmm,………. “ She heard her house

help scream.

”pls i’ve got to go,…. I think there’s an

emergency “ she cut the phone without waiting

for her response.

She rushed outside only to see one of her twin

drowning in the swimming pool,.. She dived into

the water forgetting she was holding her phone,

…. She brought the little boy out of the pool ,

thank God he was still breathing,. Her father

rushed out too, and was shocked to see Vanessa

rushing to her car carrying her twin, he followed

her and they drove to the hospital,……..



Richard was tired of staying in the hospital, all he

wanted was seeing his girlfriend,… He called

aunty Beatrice number but it was switched off,….

He sighed and turned to the other side of the bed

to sleep, he still had bandage on his forehead,..

His head was beginning to ache again,….. He was

about dozing off when the door to his room

opened,…. . Tope walked in and hugged him.

“Oh my God Richie,.. You didnt tell me you were

involved in an accident,… Just take a look at

yourself,…. I’m sorry sweetie,…. How did it

happen? “ she asked him.

Richard was not just angry, he was also irritated,

he just faked a smile.

”How did you know i was here,… “ he managed

to ask her.

”I went to your house and your security guard

told me,…. ”

”That stupid security guard,” he murmured to


“I was on my way to see Angela when it

happened ”.

She gave him a shocking look,… ” Angela?!!!!!, is

she back?,,,,, when,????!”


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