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[story] meant to be episode 30


Aunty Beatrice wondered what was keeping

Richard,… She was even more surprised at

Angela’s new attitude,….. She kept on wondering

what might have gone wrong with her,.. .. Angela

was behaving strangely,… She hasn’t asked after

her boyfriend who have been through hell since

she disappeared,…..

“I just hope this silly girl have not opened her

legs for one useless boy to impregnate her,. This

boy has done alot for her family,…. “ she thought

to herself.

The two old women took Angela’s mother into

the room and explained her daughter’s condition

to her,….

She understood all that she was told,…. She was

happy and sad at the same time, she

remembered her daughter was on her way to

visit Richard before her disappearance, she

wondered why she was found in lagos,….

Something is wrong somewhere ….but her

problem right now is the pregnancy,……

“What about her pregnancy? “she asked in a

fainting voice.

”Since she cant remember who impregnated her,

… My friend and i have agreed to cater for her

and her unborn baby” mama told her.

“My God will bless you,……. You shall reap the

fruit of your labour” Angela’s mother prayed for




“pls ma, can you explain to me what you’re doing

with Richard’s phone?,……. How in the name of

God did it get to you,…..” Desmond asked mrs

Johnson who was ready for his question,….

“what makes you believe this phone belongs to

Richard,..or do you go about accusing people of

theft,…. “”

“With all due respect ma,….. I didn’t call you a

thief, i only asked a question,….. ”

”Detective Desmond,…… This is how you go

about poke nosing into other people’s matter,

….this phone does not belong to Richard, and pls

i was on my way out before you came in”,……

“I dont know your intention of stealing that phone

from Richard,…… But what i dont understand is

how you managed to steal it,…. But whatever evil

you’re planning will backfire … Your end is near,

…… ”

She looked at him scornfully,…..

”You better dont insult me,….. “ she didnt

complete her sentence when her phone rang,…..

”Hello,….yes manager,…… What is it?!!!!!! She

screamed at her hotel manager.

The manager spoke for some seconds and she

was listening with all keenness, then she

screamed out.

“What!!!!!!, In my hotel??????, It cant be,….. I’m

on my way right now?,… “she dropped the call

and was shivering,……. She hurriedly gave the

phone technician some money and zoomed off in

her car,……

”Wicked woman,… Only God knows what

happened to her hotel,….. I must inform Richard

of the new development, this woman is up to

something,…” he thought to himself…

He dialled Richard’s number but he didn’t pick,…..

“Maybe he’s busy with Angela, i know he can’t

get enough of her,…. He has really missed her, “

he assumed.

Nancy came down from the cab and went to

meet her fiance,…..

”Baby, Why are you smiling to yourself, “ Nancy

asked hugging him.

”Nothing dear, i was admiring you,… “ he lied.

”hmmmmm, but you werent gazing at me, you

didnt even know when i hugged you,…… ”

”You’re funny,…. Pls let’s get going it’s getting

late,…… Richard must be worried”.

He collected his mom’s phone and they drove off

to Ogwashiukwu.

On their way, there was little traffic jam,….. He

heard some drivers talking about a young man

that survived a head on collision,…… He didnt pay

attention to them,….



“Mama pls dont leave me yet,… I want you to

spend some days with my family,…. I will miss

you so much,……..” Angela begged mama and her

friend who were about leaving.

“Dont worry my daughter, we’ll always visit you,

…. We plan lodging in a hotel in Asaba, then we

travle back to Lagos tomorrow morning,…… “

mama told her.

”Mama pls,…. Since you said my house is not big

enough to accommodate you and your friend, we

have good hotels here in my village,…. I’ll take

you there,.. Then you spend some days with me,

…… ”

The two old women looked at each other,….

They went to a corner.

”So what do you think about what Angela just

said “ mama asked her friend.

“let’s just spend three more days with her,….. We

can Lodge in a good hotel here, we can be

visiting her from there everyday till we leave,…..

I want to spend some time with her too,..” her

friend told her.

They agreed to spend some days in her village,…

Angela was so happy,…..

Desmond and Nancy walked into the sitting room,

….. On seeing Nancy,… Angela stared at Nancy

trying to remember her,…. Nancy hugged her but

she didnt respond,… Desmond greeted everyone

and they all sat down,….. Nancy was shocked at

Angela ‘s attitude towards them,…..

“Angela, i missed you so much,…. She tried

engaging her in a conversation,….

Angela looked at her and smiled,…..

Aunty Beatrice called Desmond outside and asked

after Richard…..

“he’ s supposed to be here before me,…. I’m

surprised he’s not yet here” he answered.

“I need to see him and talk to him, there’s

something important he must know,.. ”

”I’ll call him again,…… ”


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