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[story] meant to be episode 29


***Mrs Johnson finally brought out the phone

from her handbag,.. She was eager to open the

phone,…. She switched on the phone,….. The

phone came on but she was disappointed when

she was asked to enter the password,.. Angela’s

picture on the screen was smiling at her..

“Stupid girl,.. You’re part of the problems i’m

facing right now, if only i can lay my hands on

you,… Idiot” she thought to herself.

She nearly smashed the phone on the wall,…. She

threw the phone back into her handbag and

decided to send it to a technician,….. her phone

rang, she checked and it was mother supreme

supreme,…. She was scared at first, but she

summoned courage and picked at the second

ring,…. Mother supreme supreme didnt give her

the chance to talk.

“The unexpected will happen soon,…. Be ready

for the evil that will befall you,….. And pls dont

come running to me ,…. You have failed to do

what you were asked to do,……. And remember

you have just seven months to bring back your

husband or else you shall die!!!!!!! “ she told her

over the phone and cut the call on her.

Mrs Johnson was trembling terribly with fear,…..

She needs to do something fast,………



Angela’s mother was happy to see her daughter,

…. She called in her husband’s relatives,….. When

everyone had settled down,….. She couldn’t stop

staring at her daughter, who has added so much

weight,…. It was then she saw her protruding

stomach, she was shocked and didnt want to

disgrace her daughter before everyone by asking

her about her suspicion,….. When everyone had

left, she called her daughter into the room and

sat her down,……….

“My daughter, i’m happy that you’re back,…. I

thank God for the old woman that took care of

you,… May God bless her for me,…. My daughter,

… Pls who did this to you” she asked pointing at

her stomach,….

“Mama, i’m surprised ooo,… I dont know how it

all happened“ she replied her mother.

Her mother was surprised at her daughter’s


”My daughter were you raped?, “ she asked

touching her body,….

”Noooooo, i was not raped”.

“So who did this to you,… How can you

disappear for months and return with a

pregnancy you dont even know the father,….

What do you want people to say,… You want to

bring shame to me?,…. Why are you doing this to

me?,…. Is this a punishment for neglecting my

duties as a mother,…. This punishment is too

much,….. Look at your poor mother and siblings,

….. Your people will laugh at me,…. Pls just tell

me who impregnated you,…. “ she said with

tears in her eyes.

She wiped her tears with the end of her wrapper,

…. Angela was crying too,… She couldn’t

understand why she doesn’t know who

impregnated her,…. Aunty Beatrice entered the

room and over heard their discussions,…

She sat down on the mattress.

“Angela, my daughter, you’re not a kid anymore,

you cant tell us you don’t know who the father

of your baby is,….. Simply tell us if it’s him,… I

know he’s a responsible man who cant run away

from his responsibilities,… Just tell us the truth

and we’ll tell him,…. “ aunty Beatrice advised her.

She gave her aunty a surprising look, She was

shocked at the word ” him”..

“aunty who are talking about?,…. Who are you

referring to? “ she asked looking surprised.

” Hia,….. What is wrong with you Angela,… Dont

you know your boyfriend again,…the boy you

introduced to us,… Dont tell me you opened your

legs for one useless boy to impregnate you “

aunty Beatrice asked,

”Aunty i dont know what you’re talking about,.. I

dont even know who you’re talking about,.. ”

The two friends looked at each other.

Angela walked out on them.

”Beaty,.. Why do you suggest that, that ritualist

will marry my daughter,…. “ Angela’s mother

asked her friend angrily.

”Who’s a ritualist? ”

”Richard of course,…. Or has he also bribed you


”why are you like this,.. You accused this boy of

using your daughter for rituals, now she’s back,

you’re still accusing him,….. This boy has done

alot for you,…… Have you asked yourself where i

got the money i’ve been spending on your family

from,….. For your information, that boy you’re

calling a ritualist had been the one taking care of

your family,.. He has been sending money to you

through me,…. I dont even have enough money

to take care of my family not to talk of taking

care of your own family,… You should be grateful

to him,….. “ aunty Beatrice told her,…

”And you didn’t tell me all along? ”.

Aunty Beatrice sighed at her and walked out ,…….



Richard could not stop cursing the cause of

whatever that is the reason for the serious traffic

jam along Asaba_Benin express road,….. He was

just sighing,…. He had spent more than two

hours,….. After another wait of thirty minutes,

the road cleared,… He increased his speed and

sped off,….. He remembered he hasnt informed

Desmond of Angela’s return,… He called him.

“Guy, Angela is back!!!!!!! ,.. . Aunty Beatrice said

she’s home now,…. I’m rushing to her village to

meet her,… “ he said excitedly.

”This is good news,…. But i’ll join you later,… My

mother’s phone is faulty so i dropped it with the

phone technician, i’m on my way to collect it,…

I’ll join you later,… I’m so happy, this is a

miracle!!!, i’ll call Nancy and inform her, this is

the best news i’ve received so far”.

”Me too, i will be expecting you, ”.

He cut the phone,…. He dropped his phone and

looked up only to see a car rushing to him,…….

He tried avoiding the car and ran into the bush,

….. He hit a big tree, everywhere was blank,…

His head was pounding,.. He could only hear

voices,…. He slowly closed his eyes and passed




Desmond arrived the phone technician’s

workshop and demanded for his mother’s phone,

… He was asked to sit and wait for some

minutes since they were still working on it,….

He called Nancy and informed her of Angela’s

return,…. She was on her way to meet him,…..

“oga Desmond,…. Dont you think repairing this

your mother’s phone is belittling,?, you can simply

get her a new phone,….. “ the phone technician

asked him..

”It’s not just the phone that she needs, there’re

some vital information she needs to extract from

the phone, once she does that, she’ll buy a new

phone,… “ Desmond explained to him.

”no wonder,…. Because i was wondering what is

special about the phone that she desperately

needs to repair it badly,…. No wonder madam

brought her phone to me, maybe there’re some

vital information she stored in it.. “ he brought

out the phone and dropped it on the table,….

”She forgot her password after locking her phone,

… I don’t know why people like using password

when they can easily forget their pin.. She wants

me to unlock the phone, this is what i’ve been

trying to do since afternoon that delayed your

work,….. ”

Desmond looked at the phone and recognized it

as Richard’s missing phone,….. He took the phone

and looked at it closely,…. Everything was just

the same,… Angela’s picture is his screensaver,

….. He was shocked,….

”Pls who brought this phone here “…..

”It’s one big woman oooooo,…… You should

know her na,.. She’s one of the richest in this

state, i don’t even know what attracted her to my

shop,….. She’ll soon be here for the phone,…. “

He answered innocently.

Few minutes later, He saw Mrs Johnson ‘s car

packing outside the shop,…. He saw her alight,…..

He excused himself and hid at the back of the

shop,…. Mrs Johnson walked in there and asked

for her phone,…

”Madam, you’ ll come back tomorrow,….. I’ll

unlock it tomorrow,….. My wife is in Labour and

i want to join her rght away in the hospital,…. ”

”I dont know why you can’t unlock this phone,….

You dont know anything, you better close down

this thing you call a shop and return to your

village, better don’t return from that hospital,,,

remain there as a cleaner because that’s what

suits you….. Give me my phone!!!!!!! “ she barked

at him.

She collected the phone from him and turned to

leave only for her to see Desmond standing

before her,……

”Mrs Benny Johnson,… What are you doing with

Richard ‘s stolen phone, “ he asked her.

Mrs Johnson stood still not knowing what to do



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