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[story] meant to be episode 27


Richard woke up late in the afternoon,…. He

went to his kitchen and ordered his newly

employed cook to prepare something for him to

eat,…. He went back to his room to call

Desmond,…. He searched his room and couldn’t

find his phone,… He has never misplaced his

phone,… He searched the entire room again but

his phone wasn’t there,… He brought out his other

phone he rarely used,.. He remembered he forgot

to store the number he’s been calling to enquire

about Angela in the phone,… Hot sweat fell down

his body,…. He quickly dialled his line but it said

switched off,… He then called Desmond,…

“Guy abeg i forgot my phone at your place, pls

search your room for it ”.

He cut the phone not allowing Desmond to reply

him,… He continued with the search for his


Desmond called him back to tell him that he

couldn’t find the phone,.. He was so angry at

himself,….he assumed the phone lost in the club,

… He decided to get a new one and do a

welcome back, he prayed they would call him

back after seeing his missed calls and messages,

and another alternative is to search for the thread

and get the number.. His food was served and he

ate it as if he was forced,…. He remembered his

sister might be worried about him,.. He went on

skype to check on her but she was offline.

He la!d down thinking of Angela when he heard a

knock on his door,…

“who’s there? “ he asked.

”it’s me oga, the security guard said the rev.

Father is at the gate” he informed him.

He remembered he had an appointment with the

rev. After he tried so much to avoid meeting him,

he doesn’t want anyone using religion to

blackmail him,…. He sighed,…

“Tell him to allow him in”.

“What about the woman that is with him?”

“They should come in,…!!!!!! “ he didnt know

when he shouted at his cook He lazily went

downstairs to meet them,…

Aftet exchanging pleasantries,… He served them

drinks and the rev. Started blaming him again,…..

He allowed the rev. Father to say all he wanted

to say,… He just ignored him.

”Richard, i want you to apologize to your mother

for raising your hands on her,…. And also tell us

when you will bring back your daddy,….”

This was the last stroke that broke the camel’s

back,…. Richard stood up.

“Rev. Emma, i dont want to sound rude or insult

an annoited man of God,….. I remembered how

my father contributed alot to the growth of our

church,.. But ever since he became sick, none of

you have visited him,…. All you do is sing praises

of this witch,…. I know she won’t tell you the

truth!!!!! “ he screamed pointing at her.

Mrs Johnson was shocked at his outburst, she

never expected him to burst out like that,…. She

wanted to leave before he exposes her before

the Rev.

”Did she tell you that she’s the cause of my

daddy’s poor state of health,….. ”

The rev. Father was shocked, he turned and

looked at Mrs Johnson who was facing the floor

in shame.

”Not just that ooo,…. She made my girlfriend‘s

father loose his job without prior notice and no

pay,…. The poor man died of heartbreak,…. As if

that wasn’t enough, she went as far as kidnapping

my girlfriend,…. As i’ m talking to you right now,

i dont know where my girlfriend is,… I passed

through alot in the hands of her people,.. Her

mother believes i used her for rituals,….. ”

”Blood of Jesus “rev. Emma shouted,… He was

totally disappointed with mrs Johnson.

”Rev. This woman here locked my father in

isolation and tried making him an imbecile before

my sister and i took the bull by the horn,.. Ask

her why she desperately wants my daddy back,

and where she kept my girlfriend,… ”

The rev. Didn’t utter a word again, he just stood

up and turned to Richard.

”I’ll call you later son” he opened the entrance

door and left.

Mrs Johnson was lost…. She has lost her glory

before the rev. Father,….. She carried her

expensive handbag and left in shame…….

“Good riddance to bad rubbish, “ Richard said.

He returned to his room and finally Vanessa was




Mama was thinking of how to inform Angela of

her planned visit to London for her annual

medical check up…… Her personal phone rang

and it was her best friend calling,….

“Thank God you’re finally back,…. So when do

you plan visiting me,?” mama asked her friend


“I’ll visit you tomorrow,…and i’ll also meet the

lady that you told me about,.. I bought alot of

baby things for her,… You know we’ve always

yearned for a great grandchild in our lives,…..

And God wants to bless us now.,,,,,” the voice

from the other end of the phone said.

“You’re sounding as if you’ve forgotten she’s only

here temporarily, she’ll go back to her people

when she’s ready, she might be ready today or

even tomorrow,… ”

”Then i’ll give her the items as a special gift from

us,…we shall chat well tomorrow,.. ”

”Ok my dear, bye”.

Angela was smiling at mama as she was talking

to her friend,.. Mama has told her a lot about her

best friend, They’re together because they share

something in common,….. They’re living because

of the wealth their husbands left behind for them,

“Angela my daughter, you heard all she said, so

we need to prepare a delicious meal for her,…”

mama informed her.

“ok mama,………… Mama, there’s something i want

to tell you,…”.

Mama was already anxious to know what she

wanted to say,……


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