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[story] meant to be episode 26


“What!?,. Ok…. I’ ll be on my way,… Just wait for

me,… “he cut the phone,..

”I’m so sorry rev. I received an urgent call right

now,…. My presence is needed right now,..

Emmm…… I think we will reschedule this meeting,

… I need to be on my way,…. “he apologized.

”I understand,… I’ll call you later to know when

we shall visit again,.. “they stood up to leave,…

”Thank you for your understanding….. I’ll pay you

a visit, you know it’s been long i visited,….. ”

”Thank you my son,…. And pls think about what

we discussed,. ”. He escorted them outside his

gate and watched them drive away,…

He heaved a sign of relieve,…

”Thank God they’re gone,… Adamu!!!!!!,

Adamu!!!!!!, “he called out his security guard.

He ran to meet his oga,…..

”Do you know that you’re very stupid,… You are

the biggest fool i’ve met in my life,…… How can

you be so dumb as to open the gate for that

woman,… ”

”But oga, na your mama,….. ”

”Shut up, you fool,….. Now listen, don’t ever

open my gate for her again,….! ”

”Yes sir!!!!! ”

His phone rang again and he picked it,….

”Hello guy”.

“What’s wrong with you na,..why were you

screaming on the phone,… I only asked if you

can come over and play snooker with me,… You

just screamed as if something bad happened

“Desmond scolded him jokingly on the phone.

”guy you just saved me from that witch’s trap

right now,…she came to my house oo,.. Infact

i’m on my way to your house, i’ll tell you

everything when i come,…. ”

He cut the phone, entered his house, dressed up

and left for Desmond’s house,….. He might sleep

over since it’s weekend,…



”Mama i told you not to force her to remember

what she forgot,…. Look at her case,…. If she

continues like this, she might loose all her

memories,….. Pls dont try such again,….” the

doctor warned her

”I’m so sorry doctor,.. I was only discussing with

her, she just screamed and fainted,…. ”

”What exactly were you discussing with her? “the

doctor asked her.

”I only told her about a particular number that

has been calling since she was discharged from

the hospital,…immediately i told her that the

caller’s name is Richard, she screamed out loud

and lost consciousness” she further explained.

“That name is important in her life,.. I suggest

you pick that guy’s call and listen to what he has

to say,…. If he’s trusted then you can tell him

about her whereabout,… But dont inform her of

your plan….. “the doctor advised her.

”Thank you my son,…. I’ll not disclose this to her,

… My only prayer is that she recovers and goes

back to her family,.. I can’t stand watching her

pass through all these,… My heart bleeds for her,

…. She’s pregnant and can’t remember who

impregnated her,….. “the old woman lamented.


Angela was discharged that night, the old woman

and her driver took her home,…. She decided to

pick Richard ‘s call when next he calls,..he might

be needed in helping Angela regain her

memory…… ..

Richard returned the next day tired….,he was

exhausted from yesterday ‘s clubbing,…..

Desmond had suggested they hang out to ease

the stress he’s been passing through for the past

months,…he refused at first but after much

persuasion from Desmond, he reluctantly followed

him,…. He was moody throughout his stay in the

club… He was busy gulping down drinks until he

became tipsy,… He remembered a club girl

coming to him but he shunned her away,…..

He thanked God it was Saturday,… He had his

breakfast bathed and slept off,….



******Vanessa have been able to revive her dad ,

…. He’s much better now, he can now talk and

interact with people,…. she has been trying her

brother’s number but it hasnt been going through,

… She was scared that something bad might have

happened to him,…. She checked him on Skype

but he wasn’t online,…..

She went to her dad’s room to tell him of her


She opened his door to meet him reading his

bible,…. Ever since he was saved from the claws

of death, he has given his life to Christ,….. He

has now realized the mistakes he did in the past

and can’t stop asking God for forgiveness,….. He

prayed that the spirit of his wife will forgive him,

…….. Vanessa sat beside her daddy who was lost

in his reading,…..

“dad,…….” she muttered.

He looked up and stared at his daughter,….

“Nessa dear,….. You look worried what’s wrong

with you,? “ he asked her.

”Daddy, i cant reach Richard,… I’m scared”.

Her smiled at her.

“Is that why you’re almost crying?”.

”Dad, that witch can do anything to my brother,

…. I think i’ll visit Nigeria to check on him”.

“So fast?,….ok.. If you don’t talk to him today,.

Then you start making arrangements on visiting

Nigeria,…,.. ”

”Ok dad,… “she stood up to leave but her father

called her back and beckoned on her to sit beside


He closed his bible and closed his eyes for

seconds and held his daughter ‘s hands,…

”Nessa dear,…. When i remember the horrible

things i did to your mother that caused her death,

i feel like dying to go and meet her and ask her

for forgiveness,..” ..

He covered his face with his hands…..Nessa was

surprised at what he was talking about,……. She

looked at him closely and saw traces of tears in

his eyes.

”Daddy you’re crying,…”she asked wondering

what her dad is talking about…

“You wont understand my daughter, because you

were still young when she died,… I lied about the

cause of your mother’s death,…” she shut him up

by putting her hand on his mouth,….

“Daddy pls you’re still recovering from your

illness, you don’t need this right now,….. You can

talk about this anytime you’re ok,…. Just forget

about mummy’s death for now,….. ”

”ok my daughter,… But there’s something

important you and your brother should know,…

Especially you,….. ”

Vanessa looked at him, she just wanted to leave

the room before he reminds her of her late mum,


”Nessa,….. I lied to you about your grandmother’s

death,…. She’s still alive!!!!!!!, “ she screamed

letting out a cry,…

Vanessa stood up as if she was stung on the

butt0ckz,… She looked at her father with so much

hatred in her eyes,….. She remembered clearly

how everything happened.



****first she was forced to attend a boarding

school at such a tender age,.. She remembered

crying and begging her parents not to send her

away, her mother who was pregnant cried the

most,…. Her father dragged her to the car and

drove away,….. Some months later,…. She was

called and informed she had a new brother,…..

She was so excited but when she asked of her

mother,…. Her father couldn’t answer her, it was

later she was told her mother died immediately

after delivery,…… After her mother’s burial she

was forced back to the boarding school,…. She

so much wanted to take care of her little brother,

… But her father refused,…. Few months later,…

Her father visited her in school and introduced

her mother’s best friend as his new wife,….. She

remembered how shattered she was,….. She ran

away from school to her grandmother ‘s house,

….. She told her what her father did,…. She was

so close to her grandmother that not even her

father could separate them,… Her grandmother

fought so hard to end the marriage but to no

avail,…… She was bundled back to school,….. One

month later,…. Her father came to her school

crying and informed her of her grandmother ‘s

death,… She was so devastated,…. She wanted to

join her grandmother too,.. She begged her father

to take her home but he refused,… Her dad told

her that her grandmother’ s burial will be in a

week’s time and since it was during exams

period, she wont be allowed to leave the school,

… She spent days crying over her grandmother ‘s

death, she neither eat nor drink,…. She

remembered how she collasped in the class and

was rushed to the school clinic,…. The school

management advised her father to take her home,

… He promised to come and pick her up in Two

days time,…. He came and picked her as

promised, but she was informed they had

relocated to Asaba,…. She left for asaba

immediately,….. That was the last time she

stepped her foot in Lagos till she grew up,.. .


Hot tears fell down from her eyes, but one thing

she couldn’t understand was why her

grandmother never searched for her since she

was alive, how could she abandon them….. She

promised her of taking them away from their

father but she never fulfilled those promises,….

How could she once loving grandmother become

so mean as to forget them for years,…. She

looked at her father from head to toe and sighed


“I don’t know how many more secrets you’re

keeping away from us, i dont know how many

lies you told us …. “she said with a teary voice.

”Many secrets my dear and lies,…. I’ve decided

to reveal them all and have peace of mind, my

conscience has been pricking me,….. I’m paying

for the evil things i did to my wife in the past,….

God was using Benny to pay me back,…. “he said

amidst tears.

“I cant stand this anymore,…. This is too much

for me,….” she turned to see her husband

standing by the door,.. She rushed him and gave

him a tight hug,… She then allowed the tears to

flow freely.

“Cry it out my love,….. “ her husband consoled


She cried so much in his arms that she was

having hiccups,…. Her husband took her to their

room and gave her a glass of cold water to calm

her nerves ………



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