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[story] meant to be episode 25



Mama’s phone was ringing again,….. She checked

the caller ID and it was the same number

again,..she has received more than a thousand

missed calls from that number,… She decided to

tell Angela about the call……

Angela had started noticing the changes in her

body,. She has now realised that she is pregnant,

… Mama has been providing her with all she

needs,… But she has been wondering how she

became pregnant,…. She cant remember who the

father of her unborn baby is ,….

……….. She was lying down in her room when

mama entered,… Mama noticed she was looking

worried,. she sat down beside her ..

“My daughter,…. What are you thinking about? ”

Angela sat up and sighed heavily.

”Mama, is it not a shame that i dont know the

father of the baby in my womb,…. I wasn’t

pregnant when i was in the village,… How can i

return home pregnant,… What will my parents do

to me,… I cant face the shame,…. ”

Mama from her calculations knew she was

pregnant before the accident, having known her

mental condition,… She decided to change the


”Angela,. There’s something bothering me,…”she

brought out her phone and showed Angela.

“This particular number have been calling me for

the past one month,…. I refused picking the calls,

… But something got me worried,… He started

texting me that he’s the love of your love,… “she

then paused,….

“Love of my life?,,…”….. She asked looking


”Yes my daughter,…. He said his name is

Richard,… ”

” Ri….. cha…….. rd?,….. “The name came as a

shock to her,…. She closed her eyes deeply and

saw imagery of someone she couldn’t recollect,…

Imagery of a youngman filled her thoughts,…. She

was trying so hard to recollect the image,…. She

held her head with her two hands and let out a

loud cry,..there was blackout.



Richard was at home in his sitting room relaxing,

…. He decided to rest after another failed attempt

to reach Angela,…. He switched on the television

and focused his attention on it,…. He was staring

at the television but his mind was with his

girlfriend,… He just couldn’t stop wondering what

she must be passing through,… He had helped her

family so much,…and He was ready to do more

for them,.. He was still in his world of thought

when his door,…. Father Emmanuel walked in,..he

was shocked to see the rev. in his house,.. He

got up immediately and went to greet him,

“Good….. Day….. rev.,… ”

”Good day my son” the rev. responded hugging


“I’m so sorry I’ve been away from church for

sometime, i’ve been having family issues,…….

How did you manage to get my house address,…

“he asked the rev.

”it’s very sad that i’ve not seen you for a long

time,… I cant believe you ‘ve been having serious

issues and you didn’t bother confiding in me,..

Have you forgotten i’ m your god father? “the

rev. asked.

”I’m sorry father,.. Pls sit down let me serve you

something to drink ”

The rev. Sat down and he rushed in and served

him soft drink,… They sat down and was

discussing the church and it’s politics,…… The

entrance door to the sitting room opened and he

was shocked to see Mrs Johnson walk in,… He

now understood the reason for the rev. sudden


“who opened the gate for you!, “he threw at her

not minding the rev’s. Presence.

She knelt down immediately and started crying

out loud.

”My son pls forgive me,….. I’m a changed person

now,… Pls bring back my loving husband to me,..

I want to take care of him,… I’m missing my

husband so much,.. I cant stay in this world

without him,… You took away my happiness

from me….. How can you separate a husband

from his wife ”

Richard was so furious,… He was speechless at

his step mother’s drama,… He controlled his

anger because of the rev. That was around,…

The rev. felt sorry for her,… He went to her and

held her.

”It’s ok my daughter,.. It’s well,.. I must settle

everything today,… Get up my dear,…. “he helped

her to her feet and she sat down.

Richard felt like slapping her hard on the face, he

felt like spitting on her,… He was trying so hard

to control his anger,…

”Richard,… Why did you take away your sick

father from his caring wife,…. A woman that has

been doing her best to see that the family

business doesn’t collapse,… She trained you and

your sister and made sure you lacked nothing in

life,.. How can you encourage divorce,…. You

have committed a big sin by separating your

father and mother,…. Just take a good look at

this poor woman,… She has been through a lot

since you took her husband away without telling

her,…. No matter the issue you’re having now,

you don’t any right to separate a husband from

his wife,….. “the rev. advised.

”Thank you rev. Pls did she tell you what actually

happened?,.. Did she tell you why i took my

father away from her?,….. ”

Mrs Johnson became restless,..

”I’m only here for peace,… I want you to make

peace with your mother, and bring back her

husband ”.

”I’m sorry rev. I cant do that,… I want her to tell

you why i took my daddy away from her,…. She

also told me that she’s not my………

“Richard ‘s phone rang, Desmond was calling


“Hello Desmond,……” he greeted his bestie….

There was silence,… Then he screamed…….


TO BE CONTINUED…… All The Ghost Readers

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