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[story] meant to be episode 23


”My daughter, you were on your way to Lagos

when you had an accident,…. All the passengers

in that car died except you,….thank God you and

your baby are saved,…. ”

”Baby?, i have a child,…? “she asked the old


“not yet, you’re still pregnant,…. ”

”Pregnant?,,, am i married?,…. If i’m married

where is my husband “ she asked the old woman

who was surprised at her questions.

”I think something is wrong somewhere, why is

she unable to remember somethings about her

life,… But She knows her family and where she’s

from,….. Why is she acting like this,…. I need to

see the doctor,….. “the old woman thought to


”I have to see the doctor, i’ll be back shortly “she

exited from the ward.



Richard was pacing up and down in his office, he

was sweating profusely not minding that the AC

is on,….

”Why did they paste this information when

they’re not ready to contact anyone,.. Angela had

an accident and she’s in pains, she needs me,…..

“he spoke almost in tears,….

”i’m still confused on why they refused picking

their calls and now their phone is switched off,…

The door to his office opened and Desmond

walked into the office.

“Nancy told me what she saw on social media,..

So how far have you gone? “he asked settling

down on a seat,.

”Nothing yet, they refused picking their calls,

their phone is now switched off” he lamented.

“You should be happy that she’s alive,… That’s a

big relieve,… We wont relent in trying the


They were still talking when the door opened and

Mrs Johnson and the Secretary were seen

dragging for the door,…..

“Allow her inside pls, “Richard ordered his


Mrs Johnson looked from Desmond to Nancy,….

She then cleared her throat.

”Desmond, how’re you? ”

He was shocked.

”fin.. e.. Ma…. “he stammered.

”How’s your daddy?, heard he travelled to the

states for medical check ups? ”

”Yes, he’s doing great ”.

Richard stood watching his step mother’s drama,

… He knew she was up to something.

She turned to Nancy,

”I guess she’s your fiancee? ”

”Yes, you’re right,….. ”

Nancy greeted her immediately.

”How’re you doing dear? ”

”i’m fine ma”

“And you Richard,……”

Desmond stood up and announced their


“Richie, we got to be on our way now,… Mummy

called to see us,… I’ll call you later ”.

They quietly left the office.

Mrs Johnson sat down watching Richard for

some seconds before she spoke up.

”My son,…… No matter what happened i’m still

your mother, i nurtured you from birth till now,…

I’ve deserted my evils ways, i’m now a changed

person,….. “she knelt down begging him.

”So where’s Angela? “he threw at her without

looking at her face.

”I swear, i don’t have a hand in her

disappearance,…. I had plans of dealing with her,

but my plans failed after hearing of her

disappearance,… ”

Richard was now becoming angry at her


”So you expect me to believe all you’re saying,

……. “he asked angrily.

”i’m a changed person,….. Pls give me another

chance to make things right,…. ”

Richard angrily stood up.

”pls leave my office, i have works to do,.. “ he

said pointing to the door,..

”Richard, plss forgive me, i promise to take care

of your dad,… ”

”it’s too late,.. Pls get out!!! “ he charged at her.

He angrily opened the door and asked her to

leave,…. She picked her handbag reluctantly and


“This woman is evil,…. I cant believe what she

just acted here,..” Desmond said re entering

Richard’s office,…

“She was actually crying,…she thinks she can

deceive me,..” …… He paused and looked at his

friend,… ” i thought you left me alone with that


“Nooo, i was around waiting for her to leave,.

Nancy went to buy her toiletries in a nearby

supermarket, ”.

”So what’s our next plan now? ”

”My head is blank,… I want to hear Angela’s

voice, i want her to tell me that she’s ok,…. She

wanted us to discuss something important before

her disappearance……”

”Don’t you think they’re doing the right thing,.. By

not answering the call. ,.. Dont you think that the

same people that wanted her dead might still be

looking for her,…”

“I think you have a point there,… Let me give

them space,….. I’ll try the number again next


“Remember you have an appointment with aunty

Beatrice,…. “Desmond reminded him.

”i almost forgot,…. I want to give her money to

register Angela’s siblings in a good school, i wish

i could do more for her family,…. ”

”You’re doing a good job,…. Angela will forever

remain grateful to you,……… I pray Angela returns

soon,… I need my man back to help me plan my

wedding,…. “ he said jokingly.

They left the office together,…. Desmond drove

home to see his mother while Richie went to

meet aunty Beatrice who was already waiting for

him in an eatery……


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