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[story] meant to be episode 22


*******Angela’s mother have been finding it

difficult to take care of her children,… Angela

was no longer there to take up her

responsibilities,…. She was forced to sit up and

take care of her children, no one was ready to

help her except Beatrice her friend who had

become her saviour,…. There was no food in the

house and she was about going to the market to

buy food on credit when her friend arrived

carrying foodstuffs,.. She was surprised to see


“Ahhh, ahhh, Beatrice,where’re you taking all

these things to? “she asked her friend who was

smiling sheepishly at her.

”they’re all yours,… I went to the market to buy

things for my family, so i decided to buy yours

too since you would be needing them,… ”

”That’s very kind of you,.. Ever since the

disappearance of my daughter, you’ve been

helping my family financially,….. May God bless

you ”.

”what are friends for?, i’ll do anything to put a

smile on your face,…….. ”

She called Eric and his siblings and they packed

everything inside the house,…. They sat down

outside to chat.

”Mama Angela, what are your plans for these

children, they have been at home since their

father died,… Dont you think they need to return

to school? “Beatrice asked her friend looking


”My sister, i dont sleep at all, i’ve been thinking

about them and their future, but i don’t have

money to send them to school, we can barely

eat,….. If not for you, we would have died of

hunger,….. I’m planning to send Eric to Warri to

stay with my maternal uncle as an apprentice,….

”God forbid! ,…. That will never happen,… You

know what?, send Eric to the school close to the

clinic let him make enquiries on their registration,

… I’ll pay for their registration fees”.

Mama Angela couldn’t believe her ears,…

“Did you get another job in Government house?,

where will you get money to pay for their fees”

She asked her friend.

“God has been good to me,… Just pray for me,…

God has been so God to me”.

“He will bless you more,…. God bless you, ”



Angela was now conscious, she was staring at

the walls of the hospital,….. She was wondering

where she was,….

”Pls where am i? “she asked the nurse.

”you’re in the hospital, you had an accident last

week,…. You’ve been unconscious for more than

one week,… ” The nurse replied her.

“call in my mother, tell her that i’m now


“You mean the old woman who have been taking

care of you?”

“Old woman?, have my mother grown old within

one week?, “ she thought to herself, as she was

about asking the nurse another question,..

The door to her room opened and the old woman

walked in,….

” Ooh, here comes your mother,…. ”

The old woman hugged her tight and pecked her,


”Where’s my mother? ”

“My daughter I don’t know who you are, i picked

you from an accident scene on my way back

from the village,… I’ve already pasted your

pictures on social media to help your people

locate you,….”

She held the woman so tight.

“pls ma, dont tell them where i am, i feel my life

is in danger,… Dont tell them about my

whereabout yet ma, i’m scared,….. Plsss” Angela

begged her.

“But i’ve already pasted your pictures on social

media, they will soon start calling me,… I didn’t

tell them where you are, i just pasted only your

pictures “she explained to Angela who was now


” Mama,. If anyone calls because of me, just

ignore them, i’ m scared, pls help me.

“Ok my daughter i’ll do as you said”.



Nancy rushed into Richard’s office and showed

him pictures of Angela lying down in a hospital


“Is this not Angela? “she asked Richard.

” She’s the one,!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhh my Goddd!!!!!!!, ”

He shouted excitedly.

”I saw this news on RepNaija.com front page,….

Pls call this number fast”.

Richard took the nmber without wasting time and

dialed it,……

It was ringing but no picking, after several

attempts, the old woman picked.

“Hello, good day ma,” he greeted almost

screaming on the phone.

“Hello, who am i speaking with?,”

“Ma, i called on behalf of Angela, the girl you

posted missing on RepNaija.com,…. ”

”Yes, what can i do for you”

The old woman remembered Angela’s pleas,

“I’m Ric………..”the woman didnt allow him to end

his last statement before cutting the phone.

“God!!!!!, she cut the phone,… ”

,….. Maybe it’s network,….. Call the number

again” Nancy told him.

He called more than twenty times but it was

ringing no picking,… Then the phone was later

switched off…….



***********”Someone claiming to know you

called” the old woman told Angela who was

eating her lunch,….

“Mama, pls dont answer their calls anymore until

i get rid of the fear in me,….. Once i’m ok, i’ll

simply take a cab to my village to see my

mother and siblings,..”

“A cab?,… I forgot to also tell you where you

are,.. My dear you’re in Lagos,…. ”

”Lagos?, “ she almost spat out the food in her

mouth out of shock,…

”mama, how come?, i’m supposed to be in my

village, ogwashi ukwu in Delta state,….. “she

asked with an astonishing look…..


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