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[story] meant to be episode 21


Richard couldn’t believe his girlfriend will vanish

into thin air without any trace, he had a sleepless

night….. He was bailed the next morning by his

friend Desmond,….. He was quiet throughout their

drive to the hotel for a change of wears,…. He

kept on dialing Angela’s number but it was’t

going, ……

He returned to Angela’s house to meet her

relations waiting for him,….. They agreed that

they don’t want to accuse anyone yet,…the eldest

man in her family told Richard that it is only God

that knows exactly what happened,.. . They also

agreed that at the end of six months and Angela

is not found, they will then decide on what to do,

…… Richard stood up to greet them,…..

“I thank you all for your understanding,…. I

promise you that i’ll bring back your daughter

back, hale and hearty,….. “he brought out some

money from his pocket and gave to Angela’s


” Mama, pls i know that money cannot buy your

daughter’s life, pls take this money and take care

of yourself and the children,…. “Angela’s mother

hissed aloud,…

”I dont need your blood money,.. All i want is my

daughter,…. You think you can bribe me just the

way you bribed them,… “she thundered at him..

”Mama Angela stop talking like this,… “aunty

Beatrice told her.

Richard allowed tears to flow freely from his


”My son, it’s ok, wipe your tears, your Lord will

fight your battle for you,… “aunty Beatrice

consoled him.

She escorted them outside the compound,

Richard gave her his number to call him anytime

Angela’s family lacks anything,.. She collected the

money Angela’s mother rejected, and promised to

give the money to her,……



Desmond dropped Richard and drove off to

attend to official matters,….. Richard saw Tope

standing outside his gate,…

“Tope,… You didnt tell me you were coming,….

“Richard asked her.

”I heard what happened to my friend and i came

to see you,…. Oooh my God,… What happened to

you?,…. Why are you looking haggard?, “she

asked , touching his face.

”I just returned from Angela’s village,…..will you

stand here asking me questions,…. Let’s go

inside,…. “Richard told her opening the front


He took his time to explain to Tope all that

transpired in Angela’s village,. .

”Ohhh my God,…. They accused you of using

Angela for rituals,.. That’s unfair,…. look at what

they made you pass through,…. I can’t believe

this,….. Let me prepare breakfast for you quickly,

…. “she stood up and meant to enter the kitchen,

”I’m sorry, but i have to leave for the office,…i

want to quickly change my clothes and rush to

the office, you can go to Angela’s village and

check on her mother,.. Dont forget to always dial

her number,.. I’ll call you if there’s any


“he stood up and climbed the staircase to his


Tope knew Richard doesnt want to be disturbed,

… She quietly picked her bag and left,……



Richard returned home from the station tired,….

The police have been doing their best in their

search for Angela,…..he now visits the station

morning and night,…… He returned home in the

evening to meet Tope waiting outside his gate,


“Good day Richard,” she greeted him.

“Good day, .. Why are you here at this time of

the day? “he asked her bluntly.

”It’s just 6.20pm,..it’s not late to visit a friend,…..

Anyway i came to prepare dinner for you,…. I

noticed you’ve slimmed down these past days,…

You need to eat good food and take care of

yourself,…. Since my friend is not here to take

care of you,… I can do it in her absence,….. ”

Richard was already getting irritated with her,….

He wants to get rid of her,…… An idea came to

his mind,..

”You said you want to prepare dinner for me?

“he asked her.

”Yes dear,… ”

”Just sit down in that shop, “he pointed at a shop

opposite his house,…..

”You can sit down there and wait for me while i

rush down the street and get something” he

instructed her.

She looked at him suspiciously, she reluctantly

crossed to the other side of the street, and sat

down,… She watched Richard reversed his car

and drove off.,,,,,

Richard drove to Desmond’s house,…. His friend

was about eating when he entered his sitting


”Guy,.. Thought you said you were on your way

to your house when i spoke to you on phone” he

asked Richard looking surprised at his

unannounced visit,…

“I have a visitor i dont want to entertain,….. “he

asnwered angrily.

”Hahahahaha,.. Don’t tell me Tope visited again,…

“he asked laughing at his friend.

”Yes, she did,…. She’s actually waiting for me,… ”

”What do you mean?, waiting for you where? ”

”Infront of the shop opposite my house,… As if

Angela’s problem is not enough to drive me

crazy,… She’s also adding to my problems,….. I

even forgot to ask her if she visited Angela’s

mother ”.

”You should know girls by now,…. They love

making good use of any opportunity they have,…

You need to be careful with that girl,…. Before

you end up telling me stories that touches the

heart,….. ”

”I know her plans,… She can’t fool me, she has

never visited me when Angela was around,…she’s

now being caring,… She’ll wait till late at night or

even till eternity,… I don’t even have her time,… I

have more pressing issues to attend to than

paying attention to her.,…. ”

”Guy, it’s not fair leaving her out in the dark,….

Just call her and cook up a lie,….. ”

”Will do that later,… ”

”have you told Vanessa about Angela’s

disappearance? ”

”Nope,… Not now, she already has enough

problems at hand,.. I will tell her that later,…. ”

“why dont we paste Angela’s pictures on social

media to enable us find her,…. We need to

declare her missing, at least it will help us alot”

Desmond advised him.

“I think you have a point,.. I can’t just sit and do

nothing,… Firt thing tomorrow morning we shall

do that,…. ”

He checked his time and screamed.

“My God!, it’s 10pm,…i need to call Tope, “he

dialed her number and she picked immediately.

”pls i’m sorry for keeping you waiting for so

long,.. My friend called me up,….. I think i’ll sleep

over at his place, it’s better you go back to your

house ”

”i’m already at home,… After waiting for so long,

i decided to leave”.

“That was very thoughtful of you,…good night”.

“Will you pick me up tomorrow? ”

Richard pretended he didnt hear what she said,

he cut the phone on her,…..



”Madam,… It’s been one week the lady you

brought here have been unconscious, i’m scared

of her unborn child,… “The doctor at St

Christopher hospital Ikeja told the old woman that

has been taking care of Angela,….

”Oooh my God!, she’s pregnant?,… I wish i can

reach her family,… I know they must be worried

about her whereabout,.. ”

”Have you pasted her pictures on social media,?

”Yes i did that this morning, i pray her family will

contact me”.

A nurse rushed into the doctor’s office,……

“Doctor!!!!, the lady in ward 6 is now conscious,

….!!! “she announced to the doctor.

The doctor did a sign of the cross, and ran to

the ward to see his patient,… The old woman

was thankful too,….


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