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[story] meant to be episode 18


Angela still cant believe her father is dead and

gone,… She sobs everyday for her daddy,… Her

mother have realized the importance of a man in

the family,…. She blames herself for her

husband’s death,… She could have averted what

happened,…. But she cared less about her

husband,…. She remembered how he used to

surprise her with gifts when they were rich,…she

doesn’t sleep at night,…. She cries to her husband

begging him to forgive her of all her wrong


“Dim oma(my beloved husband), i know you’re

angry with me,… Please find a place in your

heart to forgive me,.. I saw your gloomy look the

day you returned from work, but i didnt bother

asking you,….. She allowed tears flow down her

chics,…… I ignored you,… I never knew you were

in pains,…. I left you in the hands of death,……

My husband,…. If only you had survived, i

would’ve shown you the good wife in me,…. My

life is incomplete without you,…. Please find a

place in your heart to forgive me,… I’m

sorryyyyyyyy” she sobbed uncontrollably in the

room holding her husband’s picture,……..

Angela entered and saw her mother’s condition,..

She sat on the bed beside her.

“Mummy, do you want to die with daddy and

abandon us in this world, do you want to make

us orphans?, mummy we need you now that

daddy is no more here”

“My daughter, i’m sorry for being a bad mother,

….. I thought the world is a bed of roses,. Now i

know what it means to be a widow,….. I’m now

a widow,… “mother and daughter cried

themselves to sleep.



Richard tried his best to be always there for his

girlfriend and her family,….. He helped with the

burial arrangements,…… Date for the burial was


Daddy Joe was buried one month after his death,

Richard made sure Angela lacked nothing for the

burial,….. He lodged in a good hotel in Ogwashi

ukwu with his friend Desmond,..they spent two

days before returning to Asaba,….. After the

burial,… It was decided that Angela’s mother

would stay in the village with her mother in law,

Angela concluded to return to Asaba alone to

continue with her teaching job,….

Angela noticed that she was sick throughout her

stay in the village,….She was intelligent enough

to dictate that she was pregnant,…. signs of

pregnancy were written all over her body,… She

visited her village clinic and it was confirmed she

is pregnant,… She doesn’t know how to break the

news of her pregnancy to Richard, she doesn’t

want him thinking that she wants to trap him

down with pregnancy,…. She was confused,…..

Her mother was busy mourning her husband,….

Angela was in a state of confusion, she needs to

do something before the villagers notices her

pregnancy,… She called her boyfriend, Richard…

“Angel, how’s your mother and your siblings?,

you dont sound ok, are you alright “he asked

with a concerned voice

” I’m fine, there’s something important i want to

discuss with you,…. I will visit you tomorrow ”.

“you’re scaring me Angel,… I cant wait till

tomorrow, cant you tell me about it on phone,…”

“it’s not something we can discuss over the

phone,….. ”

”Ok, i’ll pick you up tomorrow evening after

work,…. ”



Richard was really worried about Angel,.. He was

scared about what she wanted to tell him on

phone,….. His phone rang, Vanessa was calling.

”hello, Richie, how’re you? “she asked over the


”I’m fine,… How’s your hubby and my cuties? ”

” They’re fine,… ”

” So how’s daddy, hope he’s improving? ”

” He’s improving greatly, my pastor has been

praying for him,….. He revealed many things to

me,… Can you believe mummy is a member of a

secret cult,… She used daddy’s brain in exchange

for power,…. The man of God promised to save

daddy from her evil plans”,….

“I’m not surprised,…… I swear i’ll deal with that

woman,… How could she be so wicked?,…. ”

” Richie please calm down,… Dont take any

action yet,. We need to pray for daddy’s quick

recovery,.. ”

”please take care of yourself and daddy,…. ”


He was angry after talking to his sister, he

decided to confront his mother later in the

evening on his way back from work.



Mrs Johnson was on her way to visit her friend

when Mother Supreme supreme called her to rush

down to her place with immediate effect,…… She

reversed her car and rushed off immediately,….

“I told you that an event will occur in the life of

your son and the source of his happiness,…. that

girl is pregnant,….. We need her foetus to apease

the Supreme supreme,….” mother supreme

supreme told her.

“How will i get her foetus?,….” Mrs Johnson


“You have been monitoring this girl for some

time now,…. I believe you know where she is,….

Send your men there and kidnap her,….. We need

her here before three days,…. You need to act

fast!!!!!! ”

” I’ll do just that, ”

She called her boys immediately she left the


Richard received an important call,.. He was to

travel to Benin the next morning for an important

meeting,…. He called Angela and told her of his

engagement the next day and decided to send a

taxi to pick her up in the afternoon because he

would return very late from Benin,..

He drove down to his father’s house to confront

his mother,…… He packed the car infront of the

gate and rushed inside,….. He held the doorknob

open when he heard his mother talking to

someone on the phone.

“I’ll make Richard pay for taking his daddy away

from me,.. He wants to ruin me but i’ll ruin him

first,…. I’ll destroy that his girlfriend, he thinks

he’s smart, my boys are doing a great job,… I

made her father loose her job,… And i’ll make life

miserable for her,…. By the time i’m done with

Vanessa and Richard, they will learn not to touch

the lion’s tail,….she heard a noise on the door…..

She paused“., i think there’s someone at the

door, i’ll call you later. ”

She cut the call and looked up only to see

Richard standing before her.

”Mummy, what did we do to you,?, why are you

wicked to us,…. Why do you want to ruin us,….

What did Angela do to you? “Richard asked her

looking teary.

” Yes, i want to ruin you,… I’ll kill all of you if

you dont return your daddy to me,… I’lll ruin you

all!!!!!! “she thundered at him.

” Mummy why!, why! Why! “he asked holding the

collar of her shirt.

”Because i’m not your biological mother!!!!!!!!!!!!

She screamed at him.

Richard stared at her for five minutes,

“I know you’re angry right now,.. And you can

say anything in anger,…. I want to believe you

said this out of annoyance,… You gave birth to

me and raised me up, you’re my biological

mother right?,…. Look straight into my eyes and

tell me the truth”.

”I am not your biological mother,…. I’m your

father’s second wife,… Your mother died giving

birth to you,….!!!!!! ”

Richard was lost,… He sat down on the couch

and stared into the air,……


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