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[story] meant to be episode 17


“Daddy!!!!!,!!!! “she pushed him and he fell from

the cushion..

She ran outside and called her mother, they both

ran inside……

”Joe please dont do this to me,. Dont abandon

me with these children,… Who will take care of

these children, … Joe pls….. “Her mother cried.

Angela was still in shock and didn’t know what

else to do,…. Neighbours had gathered in their

house,.. A taxi was called and he was taken to

the hospital.



Richard was rounding off his office work for the

day, when his phone rang,… He picked it

immediately seeing the caller Id.

“Angel,… How’re you?

“Richie,….. My dad…… “ she wept over the


Richie was startled,… He couldn’t hear her

clearly, the phone went dead, network seems to

be bad, he suspended his work, he continued

dialing her number but it wasn’t going through,..

He thought of what next to do,…. He tried her

number after several attempts and it rang, she

picked it.

“Angel, what’s wrong with your daddy? ”

” I dont know,….. He cant breath, we’re at the

hospital” she sobbed over the phone

“Calm down love, which hospital?, ”

”At St. Joseph’s hospital,.. ”

” OK, i’m on my way, just wait for me”

He dropped the call and closed for the day, he

drove straight to St. Joseph ‘s hospital.



Richie arrived the hospital and met Angela’ s

family in grief,…… This is the first time he’s

meeting her mother,….. Angela rushed to him

crying,.. He hugged her wiping her tears,…

“Angel calm down,…. Nothing will happen to your

daddy,“ he consoled her.

Angela’s mother could not stop wondering who

the young man is,….

”Mummy, this is Richard,. “She introduced Richie

to her mother.

“good day ma,. I’m sorry for what happened to

your husband,.”.

“It’s ok, sorry you met us in this terrible condition

“ she apologized.

”I want to see the doctor attending to him” he

said referring to Angela ‘s dad, The doctor called

them to his office,…

“I’m sorry, your dad’s BP is very high,… By God’s

grace he’ll be perfect,….. You need to deposit the

sum of twenty thousand naira for

commencement of treatment,….. Richie paid the

money immediately and took the family home to




It’s been one week Angela’s father was admitted.

But there was no sign of improvement in his

health,… Richie and Angela visited the hospital to

check on him,…

They were alone in the hospital cafeteria when

Richie decided to ask Angela what happened to

her dad.

“Angel,.. Do you know what caused your daddy’s

BP to rise this much, ”

”I’m sorry i didnt tell you this earlier,…. My daddy

was sacked the day he was rushed to the

hospital,….. He tried hiding it from the family but

i found out,…. ”

”I’m sorry about that,…. Have you told your

mother about it? ”

”No, not yet, i was planning to tell her before

daddy would be discharged ”

”Angel, you need to rest,… You’re looking so

weak,…. You need to take a break from your

work and rest,.. ”

”I cant do that now,…… Not now that my

proprietor finds fault in everything i do now,…

he’s been acting cold towards me,…. ”

”I think it’s time you quit that job, i can take care

of you,.. ”

” Nooo, i need to save money for my education,

…. And remember my daddy has lost his job,……

So i need to take care of my family ”.

Richard felt sorry for his girlfriend,.. he needs to

do something to help her out, he can’t sit and

watch her suffer like this,…. And she’s loosing

wieght drastically,…..



Angela was with her father in the hospital when

he started loosing breath,….. She tried holding

him but couldn’t ,… She ran out and called the

doctor,.. The doctor and the nurses rushed in and

saved him,…… Angela prayed vehemently,…. Her

dad fell asleep minutes later,.. She was


She went out to buy snacks for lunch,…. She

decided to stay outside a little bit to enjoy fresh

air,… she stayed outside for thirty minutes before

returning to the room,…

She returned to the room to see the doctor and

the nurses attending to her daddy,… After several

attempts,.. The doctor asked the nurse,

“Nurse, what’s the time of death? ”

”2.35pm” the nurse replied him.

Angela held the doorknob and couldn’t move, hot

tears flowed down freely from her eyes,… She

watched the nurse cover her daddy,. then it

dawned on her that her father is dead,…. She

rushed at the nurse and pushed her away from

her daddy ‘s corpse,,,,, she held her dad….

“Daddy,… Daddy,….. Your Angel is talking to you!,

…. Wake up and talk to me,… Remember you

promised to never leave us in this wicked world,

….. Look at your children ooo, what will mama

do?,. Daddy just open your eyes,… I promise to

find another job for you,…. Infact you wont work

again, i’ll take care of you,.. Your Angel is calling

you ooooo!!!!!, Daddy., you cant leave me oooo,

i can’t bear the pain,.. daddy remember you

promised me that you must witness my wedding

and see your grand children ..you said you must

see me graduate from the University .. Daddy

remember grandma is still alive,,,,,….. She can’t

survive without you…….. Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

She held her dad crying so loudly,….

The nurses tried to console her but she was

inconsolable,……. Her mother and Richie entered

the room, she wondered what was happening to

her daughter,…. She saw her husband covered

and she didnt need anyone to tell her that her

husband is dead. She joined her daughter in


Richard took his girlfriend away from the corpse,

… He called Nancy and Desmond and informed

them of Angela dad’s demise,…. They drove to

the hospital immediately,…..he also called Tope

and informed her too,…. Arrangements were

made for the body to be deposited in the

mortuary,.. Angela would not stop crying,….

Richard drove them home,……

Calls were made to inform their family members

of their brother’s demise,…..

Nancy called her daddy’s siblings and informed

them,… Before 6pm in the evening, their house

was filled with relatives that lives in Asaba,…. Her

father ‘s house was turned to a mourning house,

… Her siblings cried uncontrollably,…. Richard and

Desmond stayed with the family till late at night

before they retiring to their homes,… Tope and

Nancy slept over to watch over Angela……


– Edited By DJ ATM


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