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[story] meant to be episode 16


“This woman is truly a witch, how did she find

out that i played a role in her husband’s

disappearance,…. I need to inform Richie of this,

he needs to be very careful with his mother,…….

“he thought to himself.

”He called Richie and informed him of his

mother’s visit,…. Richie assured him that

everything is under control.



Mrs Johnson drove home thinking of the girl she

saw hugging and kissing Richie,…. She was

determined to find out who that girl is, then she’ll

destroy her and her family,……

She parked her car and walked into the house

tired,…. Pedro rushed to meet her,……

“Welcome madam,….. Emmm… Emmmm”

“Get out of my way fool,….!!! She barked at him”.

“I’m sorry madam, but something happened when

you left” he tried to tell her what happened.

“Oh my God, why dont you use your head for

once, cant you see that i’m tired to listen to your

story,…. Get lost!!!!, “she shouted at him angrily.

She opened the door and entered inside the

sitting room, she sat down and switched on the

television,…..She called her cook to check on

what she prepared for dinner,……

”What did you prepare for dinner” she asked a

girl in her mid twenties.

“Madam, i prepared bitter leaf soup and semo

vita,… ”

”Good, prepare the table for me, i’m famished,….

Is Richard back? ”

”Ahh, madam, no be small thing oooo, the story

long ooooo.,. Hmmmm, no be small thing,..

Madam make i sit down tell you how it take

happen “the maid sat down on the sofa and Mrs

Johnson couldn’t stand her stupidity anymore.

”Will you get your stinking a-s out of my sofa,….

What is wrong with all of you today,….. You

want to turn my house into a house of comedy,?,

i’m wasting my time talking to a moron,….. Get

out!!!!! “she ordered the maid.

The maid ran iside the kitchen trembling in fear,


She went up to her room, bathed and changed

into her nightie,…. She closed her door and meant

to climb down the stairs when she noticed that

the door to Richie’s room was open,…. She was

happy, maybe she could get one or two things

from there,… She tiptoed to the room, she

slightly opened the door,…. And couldn’t believe

what she saw,…. It was then that what Pedro and

the cook wanted to tell her dawned on her…………


****Mrs Johnson stood still watching Richie’s

room,….. She let out a scream,….

“Pedro oooo!!!!, Pedro o!!!!! “she hurried

downstairs calling Pedro.

”Madam, what happened?,… Why are you

screaming? “he asked with a terrified look on his


”Where’s Richard?, “she asked pointing at his


”Madam, i tried telling you what happened but

you didnt listen to me”.

“Shut up, just answer my question,….. What

happened to Richard’s properties?, ”

”Madam, Richard entered here with four soldiers,

… . He seized our phone and kept us under arrest

for two hours,…. They packed all his belongings

into a van packed outside and left ”Pedro

narrated to her.

”So why didn’t you call me to inform me” she

asked him.

“Madam, they seized our phones,…. We couldn’t

call you, ”

”Chai, this boy is just too smart, he’s playing with

fire,… He packed out of the house without

informing me, i need to act fast”.

She called her friend mrs Ukoh, who promised to

see her the next day,……..



Richard and Desmond were in his new apartment

arranging his properties, he had called Angela to

inform her of his relocation ,…..

“Richie, you took the right step,… You need to

stay away from your mother,.. Sometimes i

wonder if she’s actually your Biological mother,

…… “Desmond said.

”I think the same too,.. You need to see how she

was threatening to deal with me,…. I cant believe

my own mother could be so wicked,….. ”

”Angela needs to be careful, i had a very bad

dream about her,…., your mother is not happy

with you, and she’s ready to harm her if she

finds out she’s your girlfriend ”.

”I’ve thought of that,…. I’m thinking of renting

another apartment for her parents, they need to

leave that environment,… ”

”Very good,… he yawned hungrily… I’m famished,

let’s look for somewhere nice to eat ”.

They left for an eatery close to Richard’s house

to eat their supper.




****Daddy Joe returned home looking sad,…. His

wife noticed his countenance,…… She thought it

was due to stress,…

She prepared his food and served him before

returning to her kiosk for the evening sales,…

Angela returned from school and was shocked to

meet her father at home,…. She greeted him and

noticed his voice was low,…. She knew

something is wrong with him.

“Daddy, is your leg paining you again? “she asked

touching the leg,

”No my daughter, i’m alright,… Just a little bit

tired.. “he replied.

”Daddy i want to wash my clothes, i would like

to wash yours also”.

He brought his dirty clothes and handed to her,…

She was about soaking his shirt when a brown

envelope fell from his pocket,…

She picked it up and stared at it,….. Curiosity

made her open the envelope and she found out

that her father has been sacked,

She couldn’t believe her eyes,… She went into the

room and met her father relaxing on the cushion,

listening to the radio, she called him twice but no

reply,…. She touched him, he didn’t move,….. She

then screamed his name, ….


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