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[story] meant to be episode 15


*** Mrs Johnson stood before the mother

supreme supreme shivering,…

The mother supereme supreme is their spiritual

mother,… She’s the leader of an all powerful

women occult, they believe she’s their supreme

mother….. Women who seek for power and fame

go there to get it,..,,, mrs Johnson was

introduced to the cult by her best friend, Mrs


Ever since she joined the cult her wealth has

increased immensely, she exchanged her

husband’s brain for power,… She wanted to be in

control of all her husband’s empire,…….

“How could you be so careless?, Benny,. Do you

want them to ruin you?, “mother supreme

supreme asked her angrily after listening to her


” I’m sorry mother,….. I swear everything

happened when i travelled to the States, “..

” Do you know the consequences of what just

happened? ”

” Yes mother, that is why i’m here, pls save me”

she knelt down crying.

Mother supreme supreme ignored her and

continued with her incantations,…….. She pointed

her staff at a mirror in the room and was

shocked at what was revealed to her.

“Benny!!!!!, look up and see what happened that

night,…. “she shouted at mrs johnson.

She looked up immediately and saw Desmond

and Nancy entering the house, they handed some

drinks and cakes to her bodyguards who after

eating slept off, … She saw them entered her

son’s room, some minutes later, a girl entered,

Richie rushed and kissed her deeply..

“I’ve seen this girl somewhere,… But i cant

remember exactly where and when,…. “Benny

thought to herself.

Then it stopped showing,….. It then showed how

Vanessa and Richie tied the bodyguards, how the

same girl helped searched their room,

…..everything that happened was shown in the

mirror and Mrs Johnson couldn’t stop crying,…

“You’re lucky,…. Supreme supreme decided to

have mercy on you,…… You have only one year

to bring back your husband and he must be

brought here for sacrifice,.. Go home and

continue the battle with your son,….. Nobody will

be above you in that family,…… Before you can

get back what your son took from you, you must

destroy his source of happiness, …… His source

of happiness is a girl,……. An event will take place

in their life within two months, i shall get you

informed when it happens, then i’ll tell you the

next line of action,……. You can rise my daughter

“Mother supreme supreme told her.

She sprang up happily, and hugged her friend,…

” Thank you mother,…… Thank you so much,…. I’ll

fight and get back what is mine”she promised


They left the place happy and fulfilled,….. She

drove straight to Desmond’s office to have a chat

with him.



Desmond was in his well furnished office

attending to some files when his secretary

walked in….

“Sir, someone important is here to see you “she

informed her boss.

” do i have an appointment with the person? ”

” No sir, ”

” Then dismiss the person! “he shouted at her.

” I’m sorry sir, i can’t dismiss her,….. You need

to see her”.

“Who‘s this person you’re insisting i must see,

“the door flung open and mrs Johnson walked in


” It’s me,” she walked in and sat down.

“please excuse us” he instructed his secretary.

He was shocked to see the tigress in his office,

he knows this is not a pleasant visit,… But he

was ready for her…

“Desmond Okoro,…… Your father is my very good

friend,…. I respect him alot because he is a man

of wisdom and understanding, he knows how to

mind his business,…. He doesn’t poke nose in

other people’s matter,… But what baffles me is

how he ended up giving birth to a son like you, a

son who goes about involving himself in other

people’s matter,……. ”

” I beg your pardon?,”

“Oh please dont interrupt me,…..fool”

“With all due respect madam, i wont have you

insult me in my office,…. ”

She stood up angrily..

” What if i do, what will you do?,… I’m here to

warn you for the last time, stay away from my

family’s affair,….. You need an applause for a job

well done,….. I know your involvement in my

husband’s disappearance,….. You played a big

role in that,…… And please dont forget to warn

your leprosy infected girlfriend to also mind her

business,…. ”

”I’m ashamed to call you a mother, i’ve lost all

respect for you,….. What will you stand to gain

after destroying your family,…… You need to

change,….. Your quest for wealth, power and

fame has destroyed you,….. Thank God you want

to run for governorship election, i’ll tell the whole

world what a bad candidate you are especially to

women,. I’ll tell them how you’ve been a bad

mother and wife,….. Nobody will vote for you,…

Your ruin will start from there!!!!!,…… Please

madam,… I was busy when you barged into my

office, i would like to continue with my work,….

Have a nice day” he said going through the files


Mrs Johnson stood watching Desmond in anger,

she felt like strangling him right away, she slowly

carried her expensive handbag and walked out of

the office without uttering a word,..

Desmond paused his work and wondered what

kind of woman mrs Johnson is,…..


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