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[story] meant to be episode 12

*************”Vanessa?,,,,, Vanessa!!!!, “Richie

screamed his sister‘s name excitedly .. He meant

to climb out of bed but stopped when he recalled

he is naked,…. His sister winked at him signaling

him to dress up,…. Angela who had woken up

because of Richie’s scream,. Was mopping at the

beautiful lady staring and smiling at them.

“I’ll be in my room, “Vanessa said closing the

door behind her.

Richie quickly wore his pyjamas and Angela

dressed up too,….



Vanessa slowly opened the door to her room and

the memory of the past flashed through her mind,

….. She opened the door and walked in slowly,

she remembered how she chose the colour of

her paint,..how she so much loved the privacy of

her room,… She walked round the room touching

her things,…. Everything was still as she left it,….

She saw her teddy bear on the bed,…. That was

the teddy her dad bought for her on her

eighteenth birthday,….. She saw their family

picture on her dressing table,….. They were all

smiling in the picture,….. Her mother was very

lovable then,…… She held the picture close to her

heart and closed her eyes,…. Drop of tears fell

down from her eyes freely,…. Then Richie walked

in with Angela.

“Vanessa,….. “he called her quietly,,, she turned

and hugged him tight,…. After some seconds she

released him and pecked him on his chic.

.” I’ve missed you so much,…. You’re so

handsome just like dad, “..

” Pls, just tell me how you were able to make it

to Nigeria,the kids? what about the body guards,

….. How did you sneak into the house” he asked


“I planned everything with Desmond,….. Dont

worry,… You have more surprises waiting for

you,….. “she said.

She went close to Angela and hugged her.

” I know you must be wondering what is

happening here,….. Anyway i’m Vanessa,…. The

first child of the family,….. You’re Angela,…… My

brother has told me a lot about you,…… I’m sorry

for involving you in this but i have no other

option,…… You’re pretty though ”.

” Thanks dear, i’m happy to meet you,…,,

They all left the room and went back to Richie’s




The two bodyguards have been in deep slumber

since last night,….Pedro was the first to wake


“Why am i waking up just now,… Where’s Don?,

“he thought to himself,…. He turned and saw Don

snoring away his life,…..

” Don!!, Don!!!,…. You’re such a big fool,.. “He

shouted at him.

Don then opened his eyes and was surprised they

were still on bed.

” Oh my head is aching badly,…. What is

happening to me,.. “Don asked no one in


Pedro then remembered Desmond and his

girlfriend entering the house and offering them

drinks and cakes,……… Next he slept off, …

” S–t!!!, s–t!!!!!, those fools drugged us,……. “he


” What?!, mrs Johnson will kill us,… Where’s Mr

Johnson,….. Richard?,,,, we’re finished “Pedro


They rushed to open the door, but Vanessa,

Richie and Angela opened the door and entered

the room before them….

They were shocked to see Vanessa and Angela,..

They recognized Vanessa but couldn’t recognize


” You!!!!!, madam warned you not to step your

foot here,.. She disowned you,…… I need to call

madam right now,… “Pedro said pointing at

Vanessa, He went for his phone but Vanessa was

faster, she brought out two pistols from her

handbag and threw one at Richie and held one,….

She pointed her own at Don while Richie pointed

his own at Pedro,…… Angela was scared, she has

never seen a pistol in her life,. …… She stood still


“You’re a big fool,….. If you move an inch, i’ll kill

you right now,.. Vanessa warned Don.

“Now hand me your phones now! “Richie

commanded them,……

They gave their phones to them, Richie told

Angela to search their pockets and room, Angela

who was scared agreed instantly,…..

” Now move,….. They opened the door and took

the bodyguards into an empty room and locked

them with a big chain,…. Vanessa called in her

men and ordered them to watch the door,….. She

destroyed the SIM cards and threw them inside

the dustbin,……

“Give me the keys to my dad’s room, Richie

shouted at them,

” We dont have it here,,.. It’s in the wardrobe in

our room,,”,…… Richie rushed out and came in

with the key.

“Let’s go,. “Richie told Vanessa.

They passed through a dark corridor,. then they

stood before a closed door, Richie opened the

door and they went in,…. Angela was shocked at

what she saw,… Mr Johnson of all people,.. ..

The great Mr Johnson that graced all the

magazine cover pages some years ago,…..

He now looks almost like a lunatic,… What

happened to him,…….

“Jesus Christ!!!!! “Angela could not hide the shock


” Angel i’m sorry, this is my family secret,…Since

you’re my better half, there’s no need hiding it

from you,….. And i’ll tell you the remaining

secrets behind my actions towards you in public

“Richie said holding her hand.

” Daddy,….. Daddy……. “Vanessa cried hugging

her dad.

” I’m so sorry for running away from you,… I

promise to take care of you,….. “she continued.

She knelt down before her dad and cried like a


.” I’ll never forgive mummy for this,…… ”


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