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[story] meant to be episode 11



Angela tried her best to avoid Richard,.. Her

school work kept her busy, Richie’s mother had

also recovered, …..

Mrs Johnson walked into her son’s room to have

a chat with him.

“Son,…. Are you busy? “she asked quietly

” not really,… ”

” The doctor said i need a break, i’ve made all

the necessary arrangements to travel to the

states for one month vacation,…i want you to

take care of everything while i’m away,… The

guards will be here to ensure your safety ”.

Richie couldn’t believe what he heard,….. He

feigned anger.

” So you’ve been making arrangements to travel

to the state and you never informed me,….. “he


” I never wanted to travel,.. The doctors advised

me to go there for my check up,…. I’m only

doing this because of my health,. ”

” i wish you will travel and never return “he

muttered to himself.

” What did you say? “she asked him.

” Eeem,….. I mean… When are you travelling? “he


” Tomorrow,.. My guards will take care of your

dad,… I’ll always call to check on the family “..

” Ok, take care of yourself,.”

Immediately she left his room,… He called his

friend Desmond.

“Are serious?, i cant believe your mother will

ever abandon her business and politics for one

good month”

“I guess God is finally answering my prayers,…..

I’m the happiest man on earth,…… ”

” I’m happy for you too,… Remember your

birthday is coming up next tomorrow,… We shall

celebrate it in your house “..

” You know i love quiet birthdays ,……… I dont

trust that woman, she can walk in at any time,….

I don’t know what my birthday will be like,…

Because i planned celebrating it with her,… Now

she’s not picking my calls, i’ve tried my best to

see her but she doesn’t want to see me” he


“Enough pls,…. I’ll call Nancy right away to start

making arrangements for your birthday

celebration,…. See you tomorrow in your office,

” Ok bye”.



The bleeping on Richie’s phone woke him up,….

He received text messages from his sweet sister

Vanessa and his bank wishing him a happy

birthday,… He was eager to receive a text from

Angela,…. He then remembered he never had the

time to tell her his birthday date,…….. He dragged

himself out of bed and went to the bathroom,…..

He spent the day in his bedroom,…..

Desmond and Nancy drove to Richie’s house later

in the evening,…… He has been expecting them

since afternoon, ….. They entered his room

singing a birthday song for him,…. They brought

in, the cake they ordered for him and drinks,…..

Richie was so happy to see them,……

“Guess what? “Desmond asked him.

” What? ”

” There’s a surprise birthday gift for you “just

close your eyes”.

He closed his eyes immediately,….. After some

seconds, he was asked to open his eyes…… He

opened his eyes to behold the love of his life,…..

Angela was standing right before him, he thought

he was dreaming,….. He wiped his eyes with his

hands, he couldn’t believe what he’s seeing.

“Desmond!!!, this is the best birthday gift,… ”

He rushed to Angela and hugged her tightly, he

kissed her deeply not minding Desmond and

Nancy were there,…. He lifted her up in the air,


” Angel, i missed you so much,… I’m sorry for

hurting you,…. I promise i’ll never hurt you again,

…. “they sat down on his bed,……

They cut the cake and ate the food they brought,

…… After that,…. Desmond and Nancy announced

their departure,….

”Is my Angel sleeping here tonight? “He asked


Angela nodded her head shyly,….

” I cant believe this,…. “he turned to Desmond ”

man, you’re the best,.. I really appreciate,….

Nancy, you’re the bomb ,….. I’m gonna spend the

weekend with my Angel…….. “he hugged


After Desmond left, Angela bathed and wore a

nightie and la!d down to sleep,…. Richie bathed

also and joined her in the bed,…… Richard cuddled

her in his arms,…..

” Baby, i missed you so much,… I know i’ve not

been the best boyfriend to you,… I promise to be

always there for you,…. but wait ooooo,….. How

did you manage to come here”.

“I lied to my parents that i would be visiting

Tope for the weekend,.. Desmond and Nancy lied

to me that you are seriously sick,….., i was

shocked to see you hale and hearty when i

entered your room”.

“You lied to your parents to be with me,.. Baby i

love you so much,…… I’m sorry for what

happened at the restaurant the last time we went

out ”.

” You shattered my heart the day you denied me

before your mother,… I’ve always prayed to meet

any member of your family, but you……… “ he cut

her short with a sweet kiss,….. she responded

unknowingly,…. From there, he moved down to

her nightie,….. She was so inlove with him that

she gave her whole body to him,….. He slowly

removed their clothes,….

He swallowed her b—-t in his mouth,… she closed

her eyes as he was doing magic to her body,….

He went down to her v—-a and gave her the sU-

Ck of her life,…. Even Though she is a virgin, she

do watch some movies with s-x scenes,…. She

knows all the moves he was making on her,….

Before she knew what was happening, he had

already entered her,… she felt a sharp pain in

between her thigh,….

. “Angel,….i’m sorry for all that i did to you,…. I

love you so much and will forever stand by you”

he professed.

“I love you too,.”

He started driving inside her,…. He made sweet

love to her,….. After the first round, he changed

his bedsheet after they had a warm bathe,…… He

made love to her one more time before they


, ****, ****** Richie woke up the next morning to

hear footsteps towards his door,….. It was the

sound of heels,… He didn’t remember locking his

door last night,….. The step was close to his

door and he had no time rushing to close it,……

Before he could leave his bed, his door flung

open and he saw the shock of his life,…… He

looked at the figure standing before him and

looked back at his girlfriend who was sleeping



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