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[story] meant to be episode 10

*******” What happened to her?, “He asked Don

who was scared.

” we heard her arguing on the phone, next we

heard a scream from her room, we rushed in and

saw her in this condition “Don explained.

” I think she’s having a cardiac heart attack,….

Let’s take her to the hospital fast………. “Desmond


They helped carry her to the car and rushed off

to the hospital,…..

The doctor was already waiting for them before

they arrived,….. She was attended to




Angela was so happy school will resume on

Monday,…. She was happy she would return to

be with her class children, she would be busy

with her work and her mind would be distracted

from thinking about Richard,..

Her father was on morning shift, so was at

home that night,….. He entered his daughter’s

room to have a chat with her.

“Angela dear,… You’re getting ready for work, “he

asked sitting down on a stool in the room.

” Yes daddy,.. … I’m so happy school is finally

resuming ,…… “she replied excitedly.

” My daughter, i’ve been watching you closely,… I

feel there’s something bothering you,… You can

always confide in your daddy ”.

This is where her mother has also failed in her

duty,… It’s a pity she’s not close to her,…. She

cant have a mother daughter talk with her

mother,….. She’s always busy thinking of the new

clothe in the market to buy, knowing their

condition…… She looked at her father and smiled

at him.

“Daddy, there’s nothing bothering me,….. I’m ok,

….. I was only angry when your knees were

paining you,….. But i’m ok now”.

She stood up and brought out part of the money

that is remaining from the money Richard’s

mother threw at her.

“Daddy pls hold this little money,…. Pls don’t

reject it,…. This is part of the money i saved,…..

Use it and buy whatever you need,… I want you

to always be happy,…… ”

” What can i say?, my God will replenish

wherever this money is coming from,….. ”

She hugged her daddy tightly,……

” It’s well ok”she assured him.

“Amen ”.

He returned to his room and la!d on his bed,……

He had drop of tears in his eyes,…….

” How i wish your mother is as reasonable and

understanding as you are,….. Two of you are just

two parallel lines that can never meet” he thought

to himself referring to Angela and her mother.



The doctor came out and asked to see Richie in

his office.

“Richie, i’m sorry your mother’s condition is not

good at all,….. The last time she was rushed in

here,…… I warned her alot about stress and

getting angry unnecessarily,…. She needs to take

care of herself or else she’ll break down …. She

lacks good sleep,…….. ”

” Why would she sleep,? A witch never sleeps,….

She’s always planning,.. Manipulating other

people,….,….. “he thought to himself.

He went home at least he would’ve some

moments of peace without his mother interfering

in his affairs,….. He tried calling Angela but she

refused picking his calls,…..

He decided to pay her a surprise visit.



******* Richard woke up early the next morning,.

and Called his doctor to check on his mum

before heading to the bathroom,…… He dressed

up in a simple outfit,.. He checked his look in the

mirror and smiled at his cute look,… He took his

car key and drove straight to Angela ‘s house,




Angela was busy with her morning chores when

her father called her into the room,…

“Angela,.. I received a call from the village now ,

my mother is seriously sick,….. I need to travel

to the village right now, your mother said she

cant travel with me,…. I want you to accompany

me to the village,.. We shall be back in three

days,… “he said in a pleading tone.

” There’s no problem,… I’ll quickly bathe and we

will leave”.

She hurried with her chores and left for the

village with her daddy.



Richard arrived twenty minutes late,…… Angela

and her father were already on their way to the

their village, Ogwashi ukwu,……

He packed his car and walked into her compound,

…. This is the first time he is visiting Angela at

home,….. He walked in and everywhere was

quiet,….. He knocked at Angela’s ‘s door and Eric

answered it

“Good day sir,.. How may i help you? ”

” Pls i’ m looking for Angela, hope this is her

house,.. ”

” Yes but i’m sorry she travelled to the village

with my daddy”

“Oh no,.. Not today,…” Richie thought to himself.

“When will they be back? ”

” they will be back in three days” Eric saw the

look on Richie ‘s face.

“Sir, hope there’s no problem? ”

” Not at all,.. I’ ll come back to check on her”..

He walked away disappointed, he tried her

number and it was saying unreachable,…. He

drove back home.



Angela spent three days in the village with her

daddy,.. Thank God her grandmother was getting

better,…. They returned on Sunday evening………


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