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[story] Astray In Love

Episode 11

I’ve never woke up as early as 05:30am on

weekends unless if am going to resumed a duty

by 06:00am, “Gush! Just 05:30” i sighed, rolling

from one side of my mattress to the other. I

jumped up and prayed, brush my mouth as if i

was going to advertise “Close Up”, i decided to

start preparing the food since everything i

needed are available. At about half past 7, i

pick up my phone and called Ayomide.

Me: ****Ringing****

Ayomide: Good morning ****In a cracked


Me: Morning! How was your night

Ayomide: Fine and you

Me: Splendid…. This one that you are sounding

like this, don’t tell me you’re still on bed

Ayomide: Before nko! What did u expect

Me: Jesus!

Ayomide: ****Smiling****

Me: Still on bed! When I’ve been anticipating


Ayomide: I thought we had deal

Me: Yeah! Sure!!

Ayomide: So relax!

Me: Alright!

Ayomide: What are you doing?

Me: Just putting somethings in place before the

arrival of my guest

Ayomide: Hmmmm! Put it well ooo

Me: ****Smiling**** The next time i will call

you, just tell me you and in Abeokuta

Ayomide: Even if am still at home

Me: Yes

Ayomide: ****We both laughed****

Me: No prob! Till you come

Ayomide: Alright

Me: Take care of yourself

Ayomide: I will

Me: Bye

Ayomide: Bye

Just after i dropped the phone, My neighbour

came out of her room.

Mummy Teni: Neighbour! Why won’t you allow

me to sleep with this aroma of yours

Me: ****Laughing**** Abi ooo

Mummy Teni: Good morning sir

Me: Morning ma, how was your night

Mummy Teni: Fine ooo, what about you

Me: It was cool! Thanks for yesternight, you

really got my back

Mummy Teni: You welcome jare, what are you

even cooking ****Joining me in the kitchen****

Ha! Fried Rice…

Me: ****Smiling****

Mummy Teni: “Are you having a visitor” She

asked jokingly

Me: “And must i have a visitor before cook

fried rice?’ I asked.

Mummy Teni: So tell me! Have ever cooked

fried rice since you came into this barracks

Me: ****Both of us laughing****

****This my neighbour is kinda smart****

Mummy Teni: You better tell me now if you

wife is coming to pay you a visit so that we

can start preparing. Moreover, i have not set

my eyes on any Lady since you came into this


Me: ****I knows she likes me for that**** Ok

ooo! Am having a visitor but she’s just a friend

Mummy Teni: Ok! Extend my greetings to her

when she comes ooo

Me: Trust me na! I will let you know when she

is around

Mummy Teni: Alright

Me: I will return your food flask with my

delicious meal when am done

Mummy Teni: “That i will not even eat inside

this your fried rice. Unless you did not want to

receive any visitor here” She said jokingly.

Me: ****Laughing**** Alright ooo Neighbour

Mummy Teni: ****Going back to her room****

Make is snappy!

Me: Alright ma

I continued with my cooking and after some

minutes, my phone started ringing, i looked at

the screen and it was Peter. “Make this guy no

go fall my hand ooo” i thought to myself

before picking the call.


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