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[story] Astray In Love

Episode 10

It’s was as if Saturday will not come, all the

days was kind of slow, i had make an

arrangement with Peter, one of my course

mate to help me pick Ayomide as soon as she

got to the junction next to our barracks in order

to avoid security check at the gate. He assured

me that there will be no f–k up and that he is

going to carry out mission perfectly.

On Thursday, i decided to go to a nearby

market to buy fried rice ingredient, I’m very

good in cooking, i learnt how to cook good

food when i was staying with my aunty that

attended a catering school. I’ve been rehearsing

on how everything is going to look like that

day, it was all funny as i was displaying in my

room alone as if am crazy. That night, i called

her in order to remind her if she hasn’t forget

about her coming on Saturday. “Am working

towards it” She replied.

On Friday, I made everything i needed

available, i purchased a kilo of turkey at the

mami market (mini market right in front of the

barracks gate), I fried it and preserved it inside

my refrigerator. Later in the evening, i was

arranging some of the music I’m going to play

when she comes. I heard my phone ringing

from the bedroom, “maybe she is the one

calling ooo” i murmured while i rush to pick it

up. I look at the screen and it was Ayomide, i

took a deep breath before i picked the call.

Me: Hmmm! Baby Girl…

Ayomide: How far

Me: Am cool, U?

Ayomide: Fine!

Me: How u doing?

Ayomide: Great! I just want to tell u that i will

be coming over tomorrow

Me: ****Very Happy**** Waoo! What time are u


Ayomide: Hmmm! Around 10:00am

Me: Haba! 10? “Y can’t you make it 08:00am.” I

requested happily

Ayomide: ****Smiling**** “Why don’t you ask

me to start coming by 04:00am” She replied


Me: Ok! Let make it 09:00am

Ayomide: Ok i will try

Me: Alright! Honestly I can’t wait to see you

Ayomide: ***Smiling*** Tomorrow is here na

Me: I just want to close my eyes and see you

by the time i will open it

Ayomide: ****Laughing****

Me: ****Laughing**** Am serious!

Ayomide: Just chill! Tomorrow is around the


Me: Alright dear

Ayomide: So what are you going to prepare for


Me: Anything you want

Ayomide: ****Smiling**** Fried rice and chicken

Me: ****Thank God ooo**** Done!

Ayomide: Funny you. Where will u get it from

Me: Wait and see

Ayomide: Ok! I’ve heard you

Me: I have to be on my way to tattoo now

“Tattoo is a gathering mandatory for all

soldiers in the barracks, late in the evening

every blessed day”

Ayomide: Alright! Start going so that you won’t

be late

Me: Bye Dear

Ayomide: Bye

I couldn’t held how joyful i am, it was as if a

President’s daughter is coming to pay me a

visit, i just can wait to see tomorrow. After

tattoo that night, i met with peter and briefed

him about how everything is going to work out

as planed. I gave him Ayomide’s phone number,

do not call her until you get to the that junction

tomorrow. “No problem” he replied. “I will call

and inform you as soon as she got to the place

so that you will go and pick her up” i

concluded. Peter’s block and mine is a little bit

close to each other, he made way to his house

when he got to the junction of house.

I slept around 08:40pm, only to woke up and

found out that is just 11:50pm. “So i have been

sleep for just 3 hours since i slept.” I

murmured angrily while coming out of the toilet

and i went back to bed.


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