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[story] Astray In Love

Episode 6

Later at night, i called Ayomide and we spoked

for about ten minutes. All that happened earlier

that day kept on flashing through my memory, i

was just imagining if it was the same girl i

knew back then in secondary school, i started

feeling like seeing her that present moment.

“Does is it mean that I’m liking this girl or

what”, I asked myself! I just can’t bear the

feelings I’m developing for this girl, i closed my

eyes (still imagining) and i slept off. I woke up

in the morning, brush my teeth, took my bath,

dressed up and ready to leave for Kaduna

State. All my mum will offer me is prayer for

journey mercy “i thought to myself”. After my

mum prayed for me. My twin brother wanted

to help me with some things to the park but i

told him not to worry because the bags are not

that heavy. That morning it was like am leaving

something behind, the thought of Ayomide keep

running through my mind. When i boarded

Oyigbo bus, i decided to check if the number

she gave me was on WhatApp. I opened my

WhatApp application and refresh my contact

list, i saw her name and i message her. It took

her 16 minutes before she reply my message.

Me: Baby Girl

Ayomide: T how far

Me: Am fine and you

Ayomide: Cool

Me: How was your night?

Ayomide: Super B and yours

Me: Splendid

Ayomide: Glory be to God

Me: I just want to inform you that am on my

way back to Kaduna

Ayomide: Really! Where are you now

Me: I’m inside Oyigbo vehicle

Ayomide: Alright! wish you Journey mercy

Me: Thank Dear

Ayomide: You welcome

Me: I will call you later

Ayomide: No problem

Me: Take care of yourself

Ayomide: Alright and you too

Me: Bye Dear

Ayomide: Bye

When i got to Abuja it was almost late at night,

i have been sleeping since all this while. I

removed phone from my pocket and i was

surprise when i saw five messages from

Ayomide on my WhatApp. I replied her

immediately telling her that am sorry for not

replying her messages since and that i was

sleeping then. She came online and we chatted

for about 20 minutes before she went offline. I

got to kaduna at exactly 3:26am, i slept in the

vehicle till morning before i proceeded to

Kachia LGA. I called my mum and the rest of

my family to inform them that i arrived at

Kaduna safely, i called Ayomide as well and she

was happy, she advice me to be a gentle boy,

we both laughed together. I have to put some

things in place now, i said to her before i hung


Most of us came back that very day while the

rest joined us the last day. Class begins as

usual on Monday and our passing out is fast

approaching. After the third week in our last

month, our passing out date that was

announced, that’s a day everyone has been

waiting for. The best student will be given an

award as it was announced earlier when we

were inducted into the course. That same day,

our posting to our various unit will be made

known to us.

On our passing out day, the first, second and

third position was announced. I took the

second position in a class of 130 students but i

wasn’t that happy because i felt am far better

than the soldier i lost the first position to.

Award was presented to each of us with a sum

of thirty, Sixty and a hundred thousand naira

for the third, second and first position

respectively by the school commandant. “I give

all glory to God” was the last line of my vote

of thanks.

Later that evening, we all assemble at the

Headquarters in other to listen to where we

were posted to. The names are going to be

called in alphabetical order and i know i have

to be attentive because my surname starts with

letter “E”. After calling about 23 names, i heard

my name and my heart skipped, my ears were

long and my eyes widely opened. “Gunner

Elegbede Gabriel” i answered Sir. My unit was

called. I sounds like “WHAT” (In a low voice).


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