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[story] A Twisted fate part 2

A Twisted Fate – Part 2

“What the hell are you doing at your boss’

house at this time of the night?” Luyando asked


“Obviously nothing close to what you are just

from doing …to your brother .” She said with a

taunting smile on her face. “Relax Tula,” She

said to Tulani, inviting herself into the house

and patting him on the shoulder.”I totally

understand whatever is going on here; it

appears your married sister , is in-love with


“I knew I was going to hate you the moment I

laid my eyes on you.” Luyando said curtly.

Natasha laughed. “The feeling is mutual Lu…I

can call you Lu now since we are not at the

office right? You are after all my ex-


“Ex-boyfriend?”Luyando looked to her brother

for confirmation.

The proud grin on Tulani’s face confirmed her

worst fears.

Tulani had not expected Natasha to be the first

one to reveal their romantic past, especially in

such a bold manner. Hestill had nightmares

about their last encounter in San Francesco…

thecold and unflinching conviction in her eyes

when she told him she wouldn’t be seeing him


Natasha turned to Luyando. “I would like to

have a private conversation with your brother .

Do you mind leaving us alone?”

Without uttering another word, Luyando grabbed

her purse from the couch and stormed out of

the house, banging the glass door on her way


With his hands in his pockets, Tulani went to

position himself in front of Natasha, and

looking into her eyes he said;

“Ex-boyfriend?I didn’t think I counted as an ex. I

thought I was just some fling you couldn’t wait

to get rid of…something to keep you company

while you waited for your husband to set

himself straight.”

“That’s unfair Tula,” Natasha said, moving away

from him so he could not see her reaction.

“I still remember every single detail of that day

Tasha.” He said. “I can even recite the words

you said in my sleep.”

He was looking at her back while she looked

out the window into the darkness outside.

“I am getting back with my husband, I am very

sorry Tula.” She had told him whilst crying.

“You can’t be serious!” Tulani had snapped.

“That b—–d cheated on you for two years and

he is as responsible for your daughter’s death

as the man that bashed her outside that


“Stop it Tula!” She had shouted at him. “Stop


“You need to hear this Tasha. It doesn’t make

sense that you would go back to the man that

hurt you like that. He was s——g another

woman while his daughter, your daughter was

lying dead on some street somewhere. Your

daughter died whilst looking for him on that

street Tasha but where was he?”

Unable to bear the pain of his words anymore,

Natasha slapped him hard across the face

before running out of the restaurant.

“It still stings you know, your slap?” Tulani said

to Natasha who still had her back to him. He

was caressing his cheek where she had slapped

him four years ago.

Natasha slowly turned to face him. “You

deserved to be slapped that day you know.”

“I know,” he admitted. “I had gone overboard

in my anger…I guess I was just too hurt to

think rationally…but there’s no excuse for the

awful things I said to you. I am sorry Tasha…I

know it’slate but, I apologize.”

“It’sall in the past,” she said, moving towards

the sofa and tracing her fingers over the edges

as she moved about the room. “You have a

beautiful home…as expected.”

“What are you doing here Tasha?” He had

walked over to her and held her by the sides of

her arms to keep her from moving.

“Do you not want me here Tula?” She asked

him, looking straight into his eyes.

“I do, of course I do! Gosh, is that even a

question?” He drew her closer to him and

wrapped his arms around her.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” Natasha said,

pushing him away to take a seat on the couch.

“You haven’t stopped with your teasing I see.”

Tulani went to sit down next to her. “Something

tells me you are here for a reason. The

Natasha I know wouldn’t have just popped up at

my door unannounced the way you did. Is

everything okay?”

Natasha laughed. “Of course everything’s fine.

How come you never told me you were once


“Oooh,”he said.

“Did you just say ooh ?”

“I apologize, again. I didn’t think it mattered. I

was married to Cynthia for only about a year

when we decided to go our separate ways. I

had been single for over two years when I met

you in San Francisco.”

“I see.”

Tulani turned to fully look at her. “You came to

my house at this hour to ask about my


“You know how I am already,” she answered.

“If somethingis bothering me, I can’t sleep till I

get it out or solve it.”

“So you were bothered by it?” He asked. “Do

you even know the meaning of your words

Tasha?” There was a huge grin on his face as

he watched the flashed expression on her face.

He lifted her chin up so she could not avoid his

gaze. “When are you going to stop fighting

your feelings and just admit that you love me


She tried to get away from him again but he

tightened his grip on her arms.

“I only came here to ask a question and since

you answered it, I better be on my way now.”

She tried to get up, again….but she failed,


“Askme anything you are curious about and I

will answer it as honestly as possible.” He said.

“Why did you break up with your wife?” She


“You went straight for the big one!” He said

and laughed. “I guess I asked for it. Cynthia and

I were at two different points in our lives. I

was very young when we got married…just like

you and your ex- husband.

“She wanted us to start a family right after the

wedding but I was only twenty-three then and

certainly not ready to start a family yet. But

Cynthia was very determined and wouldn’t stop

pressuring me throughout our marriage. I

snapped one day and asked her for a divorce.”

“Andshe gave you one just like that?” Natasha


“Of course not,” he replied. “She fought me all

the way to court, said she wanted half my

property and that’s when I realized she never

really loved me. She was too quick to bring up

the money the moment I mentioned divorce.

Most women would beg for a second chance

to try and work things out but not Cynthia. She

looked me in the eye and told me she was

gonna get me for every penny I owned.”

“Anddid she?”

Tulani laughed. “Of course not, I didn’t have

anything to my name at that time. Everything I

had belonged to my parents; the money, the

cars, and the houses. Oooh…she was not

pleased.” He broke out in laughter.

“She attacked me at the club once and

threatened to chop my manhood into pieces,

said I had deceived her into believing I was

rich. I did no such thing. She naturally assumed

my parent’smoney was as good as mine but

she was dead wrong.”

“So what are your thoughts on kids now? Do

you still feel like you are not ready?” Natasha

held her breath as she waited to hear his


“I don’t know,”he answered. “I have never

really thought about it. Do you want kids

Tasha? Because if you do, then I am open to

start considering it.”

“Start considering it?”

“You seem dissatisfied with my answer,” he

said. “I promisedto be as honest as possible

with you. Would you have rather I lied?”

“Of course not.” Natasha stood up. “I am

happy you answered me honestly.”

“Your tongue is saying something else but your

eyes are telling me something else….”

Natasha chuckled nervously.“You are thinking

too much Tula. I need to leave now, my

parents will be worried if am home late on the

first day of work.” she started walking towards

the door.

Tulani got up and rushed to the door before

she reached it. “I have a feeling I just shot

myself in the leg but I am not yet sure why that

could be the case.” He was standing against

the door to keep her from leaving before he

was ready to let her go.

“I told you, you think too much. I guess am just

tired. It’sbeen a while since I worked… two

months I think. My brain must be in shock

since it was stretched too much today.” And to

distract him from asking any more questions,

she planted a light kiss on his cheek and said


“You know exactly what to do to get your way

with me Tasha.” He moved away to allow her

to pass. “You are the only woman who has

such a power over me you know that?” He

said as he walked her to her car.

“There’sreally no need for you to escort me, I

can take care of myself.”Natasha said.

“Oh yeah, I remember the kick you landed on

my balls when I tried to chat you up at my

welcome party in SanFran. Gosh, where did

you learn to kick like that?”

They had reached her car by now but she

stopped to answer his question before opening

the door.

“My mother, she made me take martial arts

classes and all other types of defensive classes

to protect myself. Mymother believes that a

woman does not need a man to make her feel

secure. She says sometimes the very people

we trust to protect us are the ones that might

end up hurting us.”

“Your mother is a very wise woman…but tell

her to lighten up a bit.” Tulani said.

Natasha laughed. “That’s exactly what I always

tell her.” She then opened her door and sat

behind the wheel.

Rolling down her window, she said, “I forgot to

ask you something….”

“What is it?” Tulani said.

“Do your parents know….aboutyour sister’s


“Oh no…they have no idea and,” he came to

stand closer to her, his body leaning against the

car with his head tilted forward into the car.

Natasha had to draw her head away to keep his

from bumping into her.

“…if you were anyone else,” Tulani continued.

“I would ask that you don’t tell anyone about

what you heard and saw today.”

Natasha chuckled. “You trust me that much?”

“I do. I guess you’ve already heard the rumours

concerning Lu and me….”

“That you are not biologically related?”

“Yes,” he said. “That may be the case but that

doesn’t change her position in my family and in

our hearts. I love her like I would a blood

sister. I don’t care what biology dictates,

Luyando will always be my sister.”

“I don’t think the issue has got anything to do

with biology Tula. If anything, I think Luyando

would like it better if you didn’t love her like


“Luyando isn’t in-love with me,” Tulani said

with a sombre expression on his face.

“Somewhere along the way she started to

confuse my kindness for something else… and

who can blame her?

“Before she came into our lives, she had lived

a very sorry and bitter life and she had no idea

what kind of love or care she could receive

from people she considered family since she

had been emotionally and physically abused by

her father.”

“Her father abused her?” Natasha asked. “What

kind of abuse?”

“Everything you can think of, that girl went

through.” Tulani answered. “Child abuse,

violence, rape….”

“Rape!?” Natasha gasped. “Her own father did

that to her?”

“Yes. After my parents officially adopted her,

she had to undergo years of counselling

because of the nightmares she would have

about her father.Up until she was about

thirteen years old was when my mother

stopped sleeping in her room. She would wake

up crying and screaming in the middle of the


“I know it sounds crazy now but…there were

moments when I thought my parents cared

more about her than they did me but I later

understood that she needed all the care she

could get in the world. So when you see her

acting out or being nasty, try to understand

her.She’sbeen through a lot.”

“I really had no idea….” Natasha said.

“No one knows that’s why it’s easy for them to

spread rumours. I told you about it because I

intend to make you a part of my family, soon.”

“Good night Tula. See you tomorrow at work…

and thank you for telling me.”

“Good night my love, see you tomorrow and

say hi to your parents for me.”

Natasha made a throaty sound and rolled up

the window before driving off.

Tulani remained standing on spot waving at her

until her vehicle disappeared from sight.

“I’m home!” Natasha announced the moment

she opened the door and entered the house.

“Mum is home!” shouted the four year old boy

as he ran towards his mother. Before Natasha

could put down her handbag, her son had

wrapped his little arms around her legs in

excitement and almost made her lose her


“Oh my God you are soaking wet Sean!” She

said, bending down to lift him up into her arms.

“What were you doing?”

“I was setting up the laundry in the basement

when your mother called me for something

upstairs….”Bernard appeared from where Sean

had come from. “When I went back, I found

this little man here had put his hands where

they didn’t belong.”

“That’s because grandpa doesn’t want to teach

me how to use the machine so I can do my

own laundry,” Sean complained.

“Look at you complaining like someone

infringed on your rights,” Natasha laughed and

put him back down. Sean was out of the room

and back into the basement the moment his

feet landed on the ground.

“That boy will be the death of me dad,” she

said. “Now lookwhat he’sdone to my clothes.”

She was pointing at the stains Sean had left on

her white blouse.

Bernard laughed. “He is the light of our lives

but he can be quite a handful sometimes. How

was your first day at work honey?” He sat

down on the couch and turned down the

volume on the tele so he could have a good

conversation with his daughter.

Natasha went to sit down next to him. She

grabbed a small cushion from the sofa, laid it

on his laps and resting her head there,

stretching her long legs forward.

“Look at the two of you,” Martha came down

the stairs bearing a huge smile on her face as

she looked at her husband and daughter

cosying up on the sofa.

“Sit over there mother,” Natasha pointed to the

couch across from them. “Dad is mine for

now. He’s helping me de-stress, I had such a

rough day at work.” Her father was massaging

the sides of her forehead.

“Already?” Martha asked, ignoring her

daughter’s words and going to take a seat on

the same sofa. Shelifted her daughter’s legs up,

sat down and put them back on her laps,

massaging them a little, up and down.

“When I tell my friends that I have the best

parents in the world, they think I’m lying. Oooh

that feels so good. I think I am going to sleep

here tonight.” She closed her eyes to enjoy the

massage. “Alex would feel so jealous if he

walked in here and saw this. He is such a

mama’s boy.”

“Andyou are such a papa’sgirl,” her mother

said. “Did you talk to your brother today?”

“Not yet,” Natasha said. “I will call him before

going to bed. God knows what he’s up to alone

over there. Remind him about using condoms

again dad. That boy is too excited for nothing.”

Bernard laughed. “All boys are like that at that

age sweetie. He will calm down with time.”

“What if it’s too late?” Natasha asked. “He’sso

obsessed with older women that child. At least

if they were younger, we wouldn’t have to

worry about them ovulating nd turning their

eggs into relatives of ours.”

Bernard lightly patted her forehead and forced

her to sit up. “Get up and tell us about your day

and stop making trouble for your brother.”

Not happy that her relaxation therapy was cut

short, Natasha mumbled something under her

breath in protest and sat up between her

parents. “It wasn’t that bad actually,” she said.

“I thought that it wouldn’t be as busy as it was

in San Francisco but its crazy busy as well. I

think people in this country care more about

political drama than anything else. Eighty-nine

percent of the news content is just politics,

politics, politics. I am yet to decide if that’s a

good thing or not….”

“How about your co-workers,were they

friendly?” Her mother asked.

“Yes, everyone was friendly,” She lied. Natasha

knew that telling her mother about the

antagonistic and villain-like Luyando would only

make her have unnecessary worries. “I know

it’s just the first day but I think people aren’t as

scheming as they were back home.”

“So when are you going on air?” Bernard


“Next week, I still have to get inducted into the

system and see how everything works before I

can go live.”

“Do you think you will like it here?” Martha

asked. “Aren’t you going to regret leaving your

life behind?”

Natasha took her mother’s hand and kept

holding it until she finished talking. “You worry

too much mother. I am going to be just fine.

You are the one who always told me that if I

had to suffer or die, it was better to be

amongst my people…but I am not suffering

anymore and I didn’tleave my life behind, I

came with it here.

“I have made some wild and childish decisions

in the past but I want to give my son the life

that he deserves. I am done being a coward.”

“So when do you plan on….”

Natasha stood up and held her hand up to keep

her father from finishing his sentence. “I know

what you want to ask but, not just yet…but


“We trust you Tasha,” he said. “We know you

are going to do the right thing.”

“We do,” her mother agreed.

“I am hungry now, is there anything to eat?”

She started walking towards the kitchen. “I

swear I could smell something delicious…

something Chinese when I walked into the

house.” She started opening pots.

Bernard got up and followed his daughter into

the kitchen.

“Dad you didn’t!” She finally spotted an already

served dish covered at the far end of the table,

removed the cover and carried it to her nose to

take in the aroma.

“I thought you deserved a treat of your

favourite after your first day at work.” Bernard

said, looking with such pride in his eyes at his

daughter salivating over the meal he had

prepared for her.

“Beef and Black Bean Ho Fun, you rock dad!”

She put the plate back down and went to kiss

him on the forehead. “I love you, I love you, I

love you.”

Smiling, Bernard pulled his daughter away and

said, “go upstairs and freshen up while I warm

this up for you.”

“What about you guys?” She asked.

“Did you even see what time it is?” Her mother

had joined them in the kitchen.

“Oh yeah!” Natasha remembered the

unexpected stop she had made to Tulani’s


“Go take a shower and I will take care of Sean

before he catches a cold.” Martha said.

Natasha went to her mother and repeated the

very things she had done to her father. “I love

you, I love you, I love you!”

“You are leaving saliva all over me,” Martha

protested with a smile on her face as she

pushed her daughter away. “Go and take a


“I think she’s happy,” Bernard commented after

Natasha left the room. “Do you think she’s


Martha was shaking her head slowly.“I think

something is bothering her…but you are right,

she is a lot happier than she was a few months


Alone in the bathroom, Natasha was happily

humming an old tune and enjoying her shower

when she suddenly stopped and stood still.

With only the sound of the shower running,

Natasha bent down her head under the shower

and allowed the water to fall straight onto the

centre of her head, sending her hair falling on

all side of her face.

She stood like that for close to five minutes,

neither humming nor moving. When she finally

lifted her head up, it was to tilt it back, away

from the water.

Her tears had become one with the water

cascading down her cheeks.

* * *On her drive to work the next morning,

Natasha’s mind went back to the conversation

she had had with Tulani about Luyando. She

was still thinking about it when she ran into her

in the corridor at work.

“Good morning Mrs Liboma,” Natasha greeted

the CFO.

“What did you call me?” Luyando came to

stand right in front of Natasha, her much taller

frame towering over her and her glare raining

down on her in bundles of intimidation.

Unfortunately, Natasha appeared unfazed by

her boss’ domineering presence. “I don’t know

about the culture here in Zambia but where I

come from, it’s disrespectful to address a

married woman as a Ms especially when it’s

common knowledge that she’s married…with a


“You think that just because you grabbed hold

of my Achilles heel then you can talk to me

whichever way you want?” Luyando asked.

Natasha snickered and raised her head to look

up at her.“Between you and me, who do you

think is treating the other in the manner you

just described?”

“If you want to keep your job here you need to

keep your mouth shut and you need to stay

away from my brother.”

“If you are referring to the things I heard last

night, you don’t have to worry about that.

Tulani already explained to me what’s going on

and I care a lot about him to dish out his

family secrets to the public.

“Secondly, no, I will not stay away from Tulani.

No threat is enough to defeat the forces of

nature that bind him and I, forever.See you

around Mrs Liboma.”

Back in her office, Natasha opened her bag to

get the flash drive containing the documents

she had been working on at night but she

couldn’t find it. She searched through her laptop

bag, and every inch of her desk but there was

still no sign of it.

“Don’t tell me I left it at home.” She said to

herself, picking up the phone to call home.

“Mum, it’sme. Can you do me a favour?”

“What is it honey?” her mother asked.

“Go into my room and check on my desk if I

left a blueish flash drive?”

“Okay, hold on.” Natasha waited while her

mother walked upstairs.

“Is it the one with the bird key holder attached

to it?” Martha asked.

“Yes, yes that’s the one! Oh, thank God, I

thought I lost it. Listen mum, can you bring it

here for me? I really need those files in there

for a very important meeting this afternoon.”

There was a pause on the other end of the


“Mum!” Natasha yelled, thinking her mother was

not paying attention.

“I’m sorry baby I was thinking.”She said. “You

know I have to take Sean to the hospital today

before that cold gets worse. Why don’t I ask

your dad to bring it for you? He’s busy working

on one of his many personal projects in the

back yard. He could sure use some fresh air.”

Natasha couldn’t help feeling a little envious of

her parents who were both retired and living

their lives at ease doing all the things they

dreamt about doing when they used to work.

Now they no longer had to worry about

deadlines and responsibilities.

Martha and Bernard’s dream in Lusaka was to

set up a small furniture shop where Bernard

would sell the pieces of furniture he made as a

hobby and Martha would sell some home

decorating items she enjoyed making in her

free time….which shehad a lot of now.

The two of them planned on having a life

different from the hectic one they had had in

America when all they cared about was saving

enough and giving their children the very best.

After talking to her mother, Natasha

remembered the strenuous security procedure

she had been subjected to the previous day and

called security to inform them of her father’s


She got a call an hour later and took the lift

down to meet him by the reception lounge.

On the second floor, another person in the

form of Luyando joined her in the lift.

“Which floor?” Natasha asked her.

Luyando looked at the numbers on the lift and

noticed that they were headed the same way,

and so, she remained quiet.

Natasha pursed her lips in response to the

arrogance of her counterpart. There was an

awkward glacial silence in the lift during the

short trip down that ended up feeling like the

longest trip of their lives. When the elevator

door finally opened, Natasha ran out and went

in search of her father in the lobby.

“Dad!” She shouted the moment she spotted

him a few feet away even though he had his

back to her.

Bernard turned the moment he heard his

daughter’s voice and smiled in her direction,

waving the flash drive in his hands.

Curious about the sort of family her nemesis

came from, Luyando stopped midway before

she could get to the security point on her way

out to take a look at the family show taking

place on the other side of the lobby.

However, the moment Luyando’seyes landed on

Bernard, she froze in horror for a second

before quickly turning around and going to hide

behind a wall.

With only the receptionist and the two guards

waiting by the entrance in the lobby, Luyando

was lucky enough not to have an audience in

her moment of weakness. She was shaking and

panting, almost out of breath.

“It can’t be,” Luyando kept repeating as she

watched the two from behind the wall.

“This is one hell of a building Tasha,” Bernard

was saying, his eyes taking in every corner of

the place.

“I knew you would love it dad,” Natasha said

excitedly. “Only you would understand the

beauty of such a place. Don’t you miss this

kind of world?”

“Of course I do,” he said. “But I don’t regret

retiring. I enjoyed my work as an architect and

I still feel the same way when I see the

buildings I designed and helped build still

standing firm and beautiful. It’slike I haven’t

really left that world.”

“How about you build something even more

beautiful than this building here in your

homeland dad?” She locked her arm into his and

the two of them stood starring at a picture of

the building they were standing in plastered on

the wall ahead.

“You think so?” Bernard asked, excitement

filling his eyes. “Do you think your mother

would let me?”

“Of course she will! She always said you

looked most dashing and handsome when you

were working in your studio.”

“How about I build the home where you can

live with your husband and….”

Natasha moved to put her hand over her

father’smouth. “Dad!” She whispered. “What if

someone hears you? I haven’t told anyone…


“Oh yeah,” Bernard said. “My bad, sorry


“I wish I could take you on a tour of the place

but I also don’t know the place well enough

yet. How about we arrange a date for the


“I’m cool with that,” Bernard said. “Get back to

work now.” He placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Do you think you can find your way out?”

Natasha was looking at the security point.

Bernard laughed. “That’s nothing,” he said. “I

have designed tighter security points than what

you have here. Don’t worry about it, go.”

“Thanks for bringing this dad, I love you, bye!”

She waved to him and ran back to the elevator.

She waved at him again before the doors of

the lift closed.

Bernard waved back and turned to leave.

Natasha’s father was walking back to the

visitors car park where he had left his car when

he felt someone grab his arm and pull him to

the side.

“Who are you?” Bernard asked the unruly lady

who was glaring at him.“Luyando?”He said,

immediately recognizing the icy cold and deadly

look in her eyes.

“It’syou my daughter right?” Bernard asked,

tears welling up in his eyes.

“Shut the hell up!” Luyando yelled. “Who’s your


“It’syou,” Bernard said, pointing at her, unable to

believe his eyes and ears. “Do you have any

idea how long I have been searching for you?

My God, look at you, all grown.”

“Why would you search for me?” Luyando

snapped. “What are you even doing here? I

thought you had died from alcohol poisoning or

something, but instead you got married and you

have a family now? Wow, don’t you have any



“Shut up! Don’t call me that. I don’t know who

you are and you don’t know me. As far as am

concerned you don’t exist. Do not look for me

and do not tell a soul, not even your daughter

about me. If you even as much as show up in

front of me, I will call the police.”

“You don’t need to say all those things

Luyando,” Bernard said. “I knowthat I was a

terrible father, I let you down. You have every

right to hate me but please, don’t ask me to

pretend not to know you when I have found

you after so many years. Please, give me a

chance to make things right.”

“Areyou kidding me?” Luyando yelled. “Make

things right? What things do you want to make

right? I have my own family, a mother, father

and brother who adore me and they think that

you are an abusive father who beat and raped

me whenever you pleased so you better not

show up to me or them because they will have

no mercy on you.”

“Abuseyou? Did you say rape?”

“What’s the difference?” Luyando asked. “You

were never a good father to me. You treated

me like I didn’t exist and that’s worse than all

the things I told those people you did to me.”

“Luyando, abuse you?” Bernard still couldn’t

believe his own daughter would accuse him of

such things. “How can you accuse your own

father of doing such terrible things?”

“That’s the thing, if you stay away from me, no

one will ever know that you are the man who

did those things to me. I don’t want you

anywhere near me and don’t even think about

coming to this place again.

“If you want to meet that precious daughter of

yours, meet her elsewhere. I don’t ever want to

see you again. You hear me. If you are sorry

for how badly you treated me after mum died,

then you will leave me the hell alone, pretend I

don’t exist.

“Just imagine the kind of shame and

embarrassment your new family will be

subjected to when it comes out that you used

to rape your own daughter? Do you think they

will accept you back once they find out about

your past?”

“I admit I was a bad father, I should not have

allowed the grief to get to me like that, I should

have never drunk like that…I should have paid

more attention to you, taken care of you…but

Luyando, I never touched a single hair on your


“How could you say those things about me? If

those people really loved you, you could have

told them the truth…that I had neglected you

and they would have still helped you. You didn’t

have to turn your father into such a demon for

you to receive love from them.”

“If I told them that then they would have just

given me some money and they would have

left!” She yelled. “I wanted to have the kind of

life they could offer and there was no way I

could get that if I stayed with you. I had to get

rid of you the best way I could. I swear if I

could, I would have killed you.”

“Luyando!”Bernard shouted.

“Yes! I would have killed you. You didn’t care

about me so why should I care about you? If

you had any sense of shame and guilt, you

would walk to the nearest store after this

meeting, buy some rat poison and do the world

some service for the first time in your life.

“I promise you, if my family finds out about

you, I will do to you what I couldn’t bring

myself to do twenty years ago. I promise you.”

She then turned her back and walked away

from her father, hoping to never see him again.

Luyando’sout-right rejection sent Bernard back

into a world he thought he had escaped twenty

years ago. It was a cold dark lonely world that

held no hope for him. Even though her words

were harsh, they were true; he didn’t deserve

to be called anyone’sfather.

If you had any sense of shame and guilt, you

would walk to the nearest store after this

meeting, buy some rat poison and do the world

some service for the first time in your life.

The words kept ringing in his head as he drove

out of the parking lot.

In the other parking lot, Luyando locked herself

inside the car and after making sure all the

windows were closed, she gripped the steering

wheel and yelled with all her might,

“Aaaaarggggggggggh!” She shouted, hitting her

head against the steering wheel over and over


“What now?” she asked herself, tears streaming

down her face.

Natasha was winding up work in her office

when she received a call from her mother.

“Did you meet your father?”

“Yes, around 10, what’s wrong, he isn’t home


“Yes,” Martha said. “I have been trying to get

him on phone but it’sbeen turned off for hours

now. Do you think something happened to him?

I just have this bad feeling….”

“Mum, mum, calm yourself down.” Natasha

knew her mother to be the kind of person that

always considered the worst case scenario in

every situation. For her, hope was always the

last thing to cross her mind….sometimes it

never even did.

“I am sure his battery died or something, or

maybe he lost his phone. Whatever the case I

know there’sa good explanation and he will

come tell us when he comes back home. Who

knows, maybe he bumped into some old friends

and lost track of time.

“Stop worrying and try to keep yourself busy.Is

Sean still sleeping?”

“Yes, I mean no, he woke up a few minutes

ago.” Nothing her daughter said made any

sense to her.

“Areyou knocking off late today as well?”

“No, am actually parking up right now. I’ll be

home soon mum, try to relax. Dad will be home


Even though she had tried to be as brave as

possible with her mother, Natasha couldn’t help

wondering what could have happened to her

father after he left her place of work. He was

not the type of man to just disappear and go

off the radar without warning.

If indeed his phone had gone off, he would

have found whatever means possible to contact

his wife or daughter and he would have told

them if he was running late. It was very unlike

him to go quite like that.

Natasha tried calling his line but it was still off.

“Where the hell are you dad?” She asked herself.


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