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[story] A cup of passion episode 8







Jemimah got on her feet after about

45minutes.David had gone out without telling

her where he went to,He simply threw three

bales of money on the bed for her.She walked

to the bathroom to clean up herself.Her

privates felt sore and bruised.Was this how it

feels to get married?,she wondered.A thorough

bath,she came out looking fresh again.She took

her phone and opened her facebook app.There

were lots of messages coming in.They were

greetings and well-wishes.She smiled to

herself,if only they knew what she was facing

right now.

She dressed up and decided to go for

shopping.She got to the sitting room and saw

pack of keys on the chair.She scrutinized it all

and picked the one for the Hummer jeep.It was

a Wow,she exclaimed when she opened the

garage of the house with a remote.There were

lots of vehicles in it.She carefully drove out of

the housen into the beautiful well-paved street

in Zurich.

She returned home late evening and saw cars

in the compound.There were male voices

laughing and female voice crying.She was

enraged and walked in without the door.To her

surprise,it was the lewd scene of when David

was copulating with her in the morning.He had

hidden a camera and had it recorded.Tears

welled up in her eyes as she saw his friends

gyrate their hips like he did in the video.She

gave a loud hiss,walked towards the large LCD

T.V.She snapped the power switch off by the


“Ahh..ahh…Why now?”Dele one of his friends

shouted in exasperated tone.

“Put it on”David commanded as he sipped his


“This is your b—h-like-wife is a write

off”Benson the second friend said.

“You are all crazy and as for you dav…”She

was cut short but a hot punch by the jaw from

David.David loosed his belt kicked and started

flogging her with it.Dele and Benson laughed

sarcastically.Benson stood up,loosen his trouser

and brought out his manhood.He walked

towards her and gagged it in her throat.David

flogged Jemimah severely ordering her to suck

his friend manhood sweetly.It was disgusting to

Jemimah as the man was uncircumcised which

irritated her more as the foreskin shifted to and

fro.Dele got behind her,shifted her panties to

one side and rammed into her violently.She

winced in pain while david recorded every

scene.Dele pounded her furiously and soon

groaned as he released his c-m into.He fell on

the floor panting heavily.Benson splattered his

c-m all over her face laughing in

mockery.David laughed too.The reason behind

every girl David brings to switzerland

mysterious disappearance is nothing more than


David dragged Jemimah from the sitting room

to the entrance of the bathroom.She struggled

to get up but simply couldn’t.David simply left

her there helpless.


“Haha…Is this not Angela’s picture?”Deji asked

as he checked Jake’s new iphone 4.Jake smiled

and nodded.He continued working on his


Angela had gotten him all that immediately they

officialised the relationship.She was ready to

give him all he wanted but Jake was moderate

and didn’t request for anything.He was happy

to have gotten over jemimah.At least,Angie

was there too.

“Omo…This boy get luck oo”Taiwo said

entering the Physics lab with a cup of garri and

two cold satchets of water in his hand.

“Jemimah..That girl f—-d up”Deji said as he

scrolled through the phone.”Angela fine pass

her long way”.

A message entered the phone and it

vibrated.Deji passed the phone to Jake.Jake

checked it,it was an alert of credited Two

million naira.He adjusted himself on the lab

stool,closed his eyes and opened them again.It

was from Angela.

“Heeeee!!!!”He screamed happily.

“What!!!”Taiwo asked in horror.

“Just see”He passed the phone to Taiwo.Taiwo

shouted and passed it Deji.Deji pretended to

faint by falling off the chair.





To be continued…

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