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[story] A cup of passion episode 4

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Jake walked on the road like a zombie absent-

mindedly.He seems to have lost his awareness

about the environment he was but he was still

sane to remember the way to his friends


He soon got there and knocked the door.The

guys in didn’t hear as they were busy watching

Chelsea-Fc Barca match.It was no match to be

missed for them.He banged the

violently.”Who’s that lunatic!!!?”Roqeeb

screamed.Jake pushed the door open and fell

on the floor.The four

guys,Roqeeb,Thomas,Adam and Nicholas stood

up abruptly to revive their friend.Adam tore a

satchet of water and poured it on Jake’s

face.He opened his eyes and struggled to sit


“Jake,are you okay?”Roqeeb asked.Jake


“Are you hungry?or sick?”Nicholas asked with


“No,I just want to die!”Jake shouted suddenly

and bursts into tears.

“Dieee!!?”The guys shouted in horror.

“Jemimah has left me.My Joy’s gone.I’m

empty.”Jake said with tearful voice.

“Mtcheeeew!!!..”Thomas hissed and moved

towards the T.V to continue watching the

football match.

“Why that?”Jake asked.

“Because you’re very stupid for crying over a

girl”Adam said and pulled his beard.

“You can’t understand guys”Jake said.

“We are not fools,okay but i think you surely

don’t need to cry over that girl.I knew she’s a

betrayer”Roqeeb said and folded his arms.

“So how do we help?”Adam inquired.

“Can you follow me to plead?At least she

would shy of you guys…please”Jake asked.

“I’m not stepping out of this house until this

finish(points at the T.V)”Thomas added.

“Okay..We will but come and have something

in your belly it’s 2pm already”Nicholas said.

“Thank you guys”Jake replied smiling.



Jemimah giggled as David whispered sweet

words into her ears.Her head was on David’s

lap and he fondled with her ear.Eniola and

christianah came in from shopping.

“Awwn…Uncle dave..good afternoon”Eniola

greeted smiling radiantly.

“Thanks for everything o and Thanks for taking

care of my friend”Christianah added.They all


“Well..it’s nothing uhn..I’m still gonna do more

for ye all”David said with his deep

voice.Jemimah giggled and played with his

bushy beard.

“David wants to get me new

apartment”Jemimah added.

“Waohhh!!…Everything don plum niyen”Eniola


“Hmm…i’m not angry o for wanting to take our

Friend away”christy chipped in.

A knock sounded on the door.

“Yes o..come in”Enny said.The door opened

and Roqeeb,Nicholas and Jake entered.

“Good afternoon”Roqeeb greeted.

“Afternoon,how may we help you?”Christy


“Jemimah can we see you?”Nicholas called out.

“Ehh…You’re crazy o.Can’t you see i’m with

someone and you should know him”Jemimah

said haughtily.

“I’ll take that as a compliment”Nicholas said and

looked”Ahh.,my president.I’m happy you’re

here,you’re going to solve this issue for us.”He


“Who are these guys,darling?”David asked.

“Ohh,those laundry guys i told you about.They

must be here to beg for their balance”Jemimah


“Ahh..Jemimah,you don’t know me?…Your

boyfriend”Jake chipped in as tears formed in

his eyes.

“Help me o,Eniola”Jemimah shouted.

“You’re here for your balance,we will give you

come back larrer”Eniola said and dilated her


David stood up and went towards the guys.He

dipped his hand in his pocket and counted sum

of money,gave it each to Roqeeb and

Nicholas.He pointed another to Jake but the

guy rejected it.David smiled and said to

them”Let this be the last time..i’ll see You with

Jemmy..Else you’ll regret it”.He walked away.

“Yes sir,we won’t even come again”Roqeeb

said and Nicholas agreed by nodding his

head,he was busy counting the money he was


They walked out of the room and christianah

took a broom and swept the spot they

stayed.They laughed.

“So you guys collected money and refused to

help”Jake said.

“You’re funny..Na money be fine bobo..You are

handsome but empty”Roqeeb said and walked


“You funny o..You no get money but you dey

date fine girl like that..Abeg go find something

to do…let me have my way”Nicholas added and

walked away too leaving Jake alone on the


After few minutes,

Jake started walking sluggishly home.He was in

deep thoughts.He didn’t hear a car’s honk

behind him until the driver shouted at him.He

shook and immediately apologised.The driver

came out of the car and to his surprise it was

a beautiful young lady of about 27 years of


“Young man,What were you thinking of”She

said in a cooing voice that could soften a

soldier’s heart.

“Nothing ma.I’m sorry”Jake pleaded.

“Anyway,i’m Angela,post graduate student of

the department of Psychology.”Angela

introduced herself.

“Em..em..i’m Jake Miles,300 level of the

Department of Physics”jake replied.He was

intimidated by the lady’s presence.

“Ohh,Physics combination?”She asked.

“No,Double Major”He replied.

“Ohh…I would have love us to talk more but i’m

off to work now.I work at the University

college hospital..Student psychologist”she said.

“Okay”He replied.

“Here’s my card.Call me”Angela said.Jake

collected it and checked it.

“Alright..bye”Jake said waving at her.

“Bye”She entered her car and zoomed off.

Jake stood afixed for some seconds.He

screamed”Jemimah!!!!!”and the birds on the

tree took to their flight.




To be continued..

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