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[story] A cup of passion episode 13[final]



Written by:Desmond O & Senator Adedayo




Angela stood up from her bed and went to the

kitchen.She saw a food covered on the

kitchen’s cabinet.The Food had left for her by

mum before going to her supermarket.She

opened it and it was a favourite,Porridge and

garnished Vegetable soup.She smiled and

started eating,humming the tune of Mariah

carey’s Always be my baby.She thought

lovingly of Jake and her heart raced faster.It

had been 5 days since she heard of him and

she wondered what could have gone wrong as

it was rare of him not to holla.As she ate

on,her belly rumbled and she squeezed her

face.She drank water and continued to eat but

soon the pains became sharper.She screamed

and the ceramic plate in her hand fell and

shattered.She started rolling on the kitchen

floor.Her Dad heard her noise and came

downstairs calmly.He lifted her up,while she

was still wincing pain and drove her to the


Angela’s mum was called and she rushed down

from her shop to the hospital.She was

surprised to see Angela in the hospital and

wondered what was wrong until the doctor

called both Father and mother into his office.

“Hum..Mr and Mrs Tarsey”He began.”Your

daughter miscarriaged the six weeks foetus in

her…All thanks that the drug she used didn’t

destroy her womb..She’s still fertile”

“Whaaat!!”Angela’s mum said.

“Yeah..Thanks doctor..”Angela’s dad

said,getting up and smiling.

“Can we see her now?”Angie’s mum asked


“Yes..sure”The doctor replied.

They walked to the ward Angela was.She was

in tears and hugged the pillow as she sat

against the hospital wall.

“What’s making you cry?”Angela’s dad asked.

“I knew this is your handwork…You


‘s mum spatted.

“Well..You aren’t going home..You are going to

New zealand from here..To meet your

brother…That’s where you’re spending the rest

of your life”He replied calmly.

“Ohhh..why daddy!!!”Angela said and bursts into


“That’s it…You should be happy…You have your

passport and haven’t you be processing your

travelling..Your brother has submitted your

documents to the New Zealand Consulate and

you have been given visa..You are leaving by

the first flight..i made reservations for you

online…Now get up,baby girl”Angela’s dad said.

Angela cleaned her face and stood up.Her mum

petted her telling her to accept her fate and

move on.She simply nodded and smiled.She

should be going over to New zealand,She


Jemimah opened her eyes and met herself

seated in a chair.She looked around and

recognised the familiar structure of an

aeroplane.”Where am i?”She asked no one in

particular.Her handbag was beside her and she

wondered the person who got her dressed.The

airplane bumped and she turned her head to

see it had landed.She sat still until a man

entered with two men with stretcher.She

looked and saw a familiar face dressed in

uniform but her eyes seem to blur.She soon

fell asleep.

She woke up third day and looked around her.It

was the familiar walls of her room in

Nigeria.She stood up abruptly and felt

relieved.She opened the door and went to the

sittingroom.Two men were sitted watching

Television.She coughed and they stood up.She

looked beside her and screamed”Jakee!!!”.She

knelt on the floor pleading for forgiveness.Jake

looked at her with distant eyes.Tears formed in

his eyes.”This young man here came to lagos a

week ago after his girlfriend Jilted him and left

for New zealand.He was employed by the

Nigerian Immigration service…Your case was

tabled before us in the office as it was sent

from switzerland..He fought hard for not letting

you to be imprisoned for illegal immigration as

you have no documents..All thanks to

him”Jeremiah said conclusively and sat down

sipping his whisky.

Jake beckoned to jemimah and she ran into his

open arms.”I’m sorry Jake”She said in tears as

she hugged him hard.”It’s fine”Jake said

adjusting her hairs.He planted a deep kiss on

her lips which she returned with vigour.



***THE END****

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