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[story] A cup of passion episode 10







Lectures were over for the day but some of

the Physics student remained in the

department.Some were charging their

phones,gisting or eating.

Aishat entered the class with a bottle of Zobo

and Eggbuns.She hid it beside her as she

doesn’t want those troublesome guys to taste

out of it but she was detected.She sat at the

front of the class eating quietly.

“Alhaja!”Emmanuel called from the back.Aishat

smiled and looked at the back.

“Ah..My mouth must taste that”Seun got up

running to the front.

“Can’t you guys leave her alone?”Jake said

without gazing at them.He was busy with his


“Leave them..Especially that seun..Na kari’ka

chop”Felicity said haughtily.

The students bursts into laughter.

The door opened again,Deji and Taiwo entered

sweating profusely.”Ah!Ah!..Did you guys have

a f–k?”Kaffy teased.

“Yeah..We f—-d you..Two in one”Taiwo


“God forbid!”Kaffy snapped back.

“Jake..We didn’t get that thing at secretariat.We

just had to go into Dusting Market”Deji said as

he sat down rummaging through his bag.

“I saw your wife”Taiwo said.Jake turned to

him”Where?”he asked.

“She was parking her car at the UCH”Taiwo


“Ohh..Okay”Jake said turning back.

His phone buzzed.It was Angela calling.He

stood up and went outside to receive it.

“Hello baby”He said.

“Hi dear”Angela replied.

“What’s wrong?..You sound dull”He said.

“Jake”Angela called.

“Yes?”He replied.

“I’m pregnant”Angela said.

“Oh..y..y..ou are pregnant”Jake stuttered.

“Yes..i’m..I have told my parents and they want

to see you”Angela affirmed.

“Okay..Let’s talk later”Jake said.

“Alright..coming to your place this

evening’Angela said.

“Bye baby”Jake said and disengaged the call.

His heart raced faster,he was scared.What

would he tell his parents?,Especially his stern

Father.He doesn’t wish to argue with his Father

as they had done in the past.His father was a-

no nonsense man and he a very tough

human.They had fights that ended up in

physical combat and all thanks to Grandma who

settled it.He looked away.

Jemimah sat on the bed pondering if she came

to the world to suffer.David was still the

same,Ever tormenting and Brutal as usual.If

Nude,her body might be mistaken for a Zebra’s

with the lots of whippings from her

husband.She knew no one to confide in.David

allowed her not to work or go out again.He

employed waiters and waitresses to give her

whatever she needs.Her Marriage could have

been a happy one if her husband was not

animalistic in nature.She thought for a while

and picked her phone.She logged into her

facebook messenger and checked if Eniola was

online.She was.Jemimah called her through


a wasted no time in picking up her friends call.

“Ore mi..ore mi”Eniola said.

“Baby mi..How are you?”Jemimah said.

“We are where you left us o..Gbogbo

switzerland nko?”Eniola said sarcastically which

made Jemimah laugh.

“Switzerland fine o..Only we are


ah said.

“Suffering..How?”Enny asked.

“Ore..I have gotten married to a

beast”Jemimah said.

“How?”Enny inquired.

“Wait..i’m coming”Jemimah said.She opened

her nightie and took a snapshot of her

chest,laps and her face sent it to Eniola.

“Jesuss!!!”Eniola exclaimed.

“He beats me during sex and after it..He has

never for once made me happy that i married

him”Jemimah said in a tearful voice.

“Jemmy..Abeg..Dey come back to Naija

oo”Enny said.

“I would have but he has hidden my

passport”Jemimah said.

“See drug him..Find your way ni tie”Eniola


The door opened and David rushed in.He had

heard the conversation.Unknown to

Jemimah,David had all his rooms

communication connected together so he could

listen to everything that’s being said.His

previous workers knew this and so never

ventured to speak about him,when he wasn’t


David started punching Jemimah hard.Eniola

heard the noises and struggles on the

phone.She was scared and called christianah

immediately.David continued to beat Jemimah

till she miscarriaged.David stopped.He didn’t

know his wife was a month and 5 days

pregnant.Jemimah wept hard over the loss of

the baby,then she fainted.”Shammah!!!!”David

shouted,calling the driver”Sir!!”The man said

rushing in.”Carry her and drive to

stellenbaussus hospital..I’ll be there shortly”.The

man carried Jemimah and drove fast out the


David knew he was done for as jemimah would

tell what happened at the hospital.He would be

arrested and imprisoned as the swiss law

punishes offenders who harrases women

verbally and sexually.He took his briefcase

which contains his passport,driver’s license

etc.He left the house after giving the two

waiters and waitresses orders.He flagged down

a taxi to the airport.He bought the ticket for

the soonest flight coming to Nigeria.His mind

was at rest only when the airplane took to the









To be continued…

[story] Misplaced trust 

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