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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 9&10

When I fell in love episode 9&10

episode 9&10


Joy: (Stood up to him) Donald is not a thing.

Daniel: so now you are supporting him abi?

Bravo! i never knew you were a cheap s–t that

double dates.

Joy: don’t you dare call me a s–t and you are

the only bf i’ve got since secondary school.

Daniel: (laughs) i know you are lying.

Donald: She is telling the truth,she is not my

girlfriend.She’s just my cousin.

Joy: (surprised) cousin! oh yes,but i call him

my friend.

Daniel: Would you quit the lies! infact i’m out of


He walked out with his rest of friends.

Joy: i’m sorry for the way he treated you.

Donald: i get that alot and besides,he is from a

rich background mare looking at his appearance

and the way he talks.But is he really your


Joy: Yes he is

Donald: okay but he has no right to call you a


Joy: (laughs) he has temper issues which we

are both fighting to control.

Donald: You love him!

Joy: lets just forget about the issue and lets go

inside.Have you met my elder brother,john!

Donald: So he is your elder brother?

Joy: Yes he is and he is very rude.

Donald: (shaked his head) i can imagine.

Joy: you have to gist me about aunt lizzy and


Donald: Alright.

I told her everything and she was so happy for

me.A man walked in,and it was the driver that

was asked to pick me up.I said goodbye to joy

and her rude bother,even if he hissed at me.I

don’t know why i felt so hurt knowing joy has

a boyfriend.I mean,i’m heartbroken because joy

deserves the best not that jerk called Daniel.I

am not jealous but i’m hurt. I walked into the

house and saw Mrs Bankole with Joys parent.

Mrs Bankole: (turned to joys parent) This is the

boy i was talking about.

Mr Lanre: I’ve seen him before,he is joys friend

isn’t it?

Donald: yes sir

Mrs lucy: I’ve heared a lot about you and i

hope you still remain the good boy you’ve

always been.

Donald: (smiles) I will,thanks ma.

I left them to continue their discussion as i

went into my room.I saw my phone on the

dressing table which i forgot to take.I picked up

the phone and saw a message which read “It

would be better for you to leave my girlfriend

alone or you would regret it” Nobody needs to

tell me that the massage was from the idiot

called Daniel.Why would i want to date joy for

christ sake! But i decided to cause trouble by

sending “Joy is mine so you should be the one

to back off looser “.He kept sending me nasty

messages and i kept on replying them.It was

already 8pm and mum came to check on me.

Mum: How did your visit with joy go?

Donald: bad

Mum: Why?

Donald: her elder brother called me a gold


Mum: (furious) how dare him! let me call his


Donald: he would just deny it.

Mum: but that’s not fair you know.

Donald: let it be mum.

Mum: Apart from what he said to you,are you


Donald: She has a nasty boyfriend.

Mum: (laughs) jealous!

Donald: Hell no! i’m just angry because he is

sending me nasty messages and he thinks joy

is dating me (brought out my phone and

showed her the messages)

Mum: (laughs) he is jealous and you are also

playing along with his fake suspicions.But you

know joy wouldn’t be happy with you replying


Donald: Why wouldn’t she?

Mum: You just complicated her relationship

which is not good.

Donald: (under my breath) that’s better.

Mum: You said?

Donald: oh that’s bad.

Mum: just tell the guy you are just playing

pranks on him and you aren’t dating her.

Donald: like he would believe me.

Mum: it doesn’t matter

Donald: i’ll try

Mum: how are you preparing for you upcoming

exam? it’s next week right?

Donald: yes,next week tuesday.

Mum: Make sure you read well oo

Donald: I’ll make you proud mum

Mum: That’s my son.What would you like for

dinner so bisi can prepare it!

Donald: Noodles and egg would do.

Mum: Would you mind if there was fried

plantain on it?

Donald: That would be better

Mum: Alright then,it would be ready in few



I quickly ate my dinner,took my plate to the

kitchen to wash.

Bisi: let me wash it for you sir

Donald: Sir ke! my name is Donald,please call

me donald and i’ll wash my plate myself.

Bisi: thank you,if you need me i’ll be in my

room studying.

Donald: you’re writing jamb also?

Bisi: yes,next week monday.

Donald: Mine is next week tuesday.which

university did you chose?

Bisi: Unilag,you nko?

Donald: Same,that means we would be going to

thesame school.

Bisi: Abi ooo

She walked out of the kitchen.I quickly washed

my plate and went back to my room.I Logged

in and sent joy a text because she was

online,She read my message and decided to

ignore it.I called her and she refused to pick.I

sent her an apology text but she still ignored

it.What’s going on? Mum was right! but what

should i do? i decided to sleep wetin man go

do nah? Mum: Wake up! Wake up my son!

Donald: (Opened my eyes and streched my

body) Goodmorning mum.

Mum: (in tears) i am finished.

Donald: (flew out of bed in surprise) What do

you mean by that mum?

Mum: A lady is here claiming she is pregnant

for my husband.

Donald: This is a joke right?

Mum: No it isn’t! she refuses to leave my


Donald: (i flew out of the room to see the lady

in question.Lo and behold,it was my

sister,Teresa) You? So you brought your

prostitution here!

Teresa: So this is were you have been since all

these days abi? Anyway,i have come here for

the share of my babies property.

Donald: How did you meet mr bankole?

Teresa: it is non of your business.

Mum: (furious) So she is your sister!

Donald: She was my sister but not anymore.

Mum: (in tears) i can’t believe he cheated on

me with this cheap s–t.He never gave me a

child,instead he…..oh Bankole why! (She cried

out and rolled on the floor)

Donald: (furious) You can see what you have

caused ehn! i know you are not pregnant,you

are just a greedy fool looking for rich men to

trap.Let me cut your wings,Mr Bankole is dead

and he didn’t will any property to you nor your

fake pregnancy.You are just a prostitute that’s

all you are.If i see you or the rest of your

worthless family here i’ll make sure all of you

rot in jail i swear.

Teresa: So Donald you don get wings abi? Nah

me you dey talk to like that abi? nah later

things be your case.

Donald: You better get out of here before i call

security.You this useless gold digger and tell

that mother of yours that are plans have failed.

Teresa: i will be back.

Mum: (got up from the floor) and you will be


Teresa: Una no fit!

Mum: Is it because i didn’t call the police when

you first entered,Just as my son said,if you

ever step your two reversed legs into this

house again,you and your entire family will

regret it!

Teresa walked out of the house,i went on my

knees to beg her.

Donald: i am so sorry this is happening,i never

imagined this would happen.I know you hate

me now.

Mum: (hugged me) you are not at fault my

son,it’s his fault.The doctor told me yesterday

night that he is not able to father a child

because he has a low sperm count and he

didn’t know how to tell me that was why he

died of hypertention because he kept worrying

about it.So i am so sure your sister was lying

but i was hurt because he cheated on me.

Donald: I’m here for you mum.

Mum: Thanks for defending me.

Donald: it’s my duty.


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