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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 7&8


episode 7&8


Mr Bankole: Why are you late?

Donald: i woke up late sir,i’m so sorry.It won’t

happen again.

Mr Bankole: please don’t let it happen again.I

left some papers on your desk,type them.I need

them urgently.

Donald: okay sir.

I quickly set to work and typed as fast i

could.My phone rang again and it was joy

calling.I’m just wondering if she doesn’t have

any other thing to do.I ignored her call but for

a good reason.In few minutes,i was done with

the typing.I printed it out and knocked on Mr

bankole’s door.

Mr Bankole: come in

Donald: (i walked) here are the printed work


Mr Bankole: (collected them from me) sorry for

yelling at you donald.My wife got me so upset.

Donald: sorry about that sir.

Mr Bankole: how much do you call the jamb


Donald: N7,500 sir

Mr Bankole: (counted N8,000 and gave it to me)

go for you registration now.

Donald: (collected the money) thank you sir

Mr Bankole: come back and give me fit backs.

Donald: Alright sir.

I quickly got out of his office to a cyber cafe

in that same complex.I filled all the necessary

details for my jamb registration and paid my

money.I collected my slip and jamb novel,My

exam was due in two weeks time but thank

God I’ve been reading but since i’ve moved into

my new apartment,i haven’t picked up a book

to read.Now it’s the time to do serious

ready,the jamb form has been out a month ago

but because of lack of money,i didn’t purchase

it but i kept reading because i had

hope.Finally,my hope wasn’t lost.Mr Bankole is

a God sent.But i’m just wondering why joy

didn’t purchase her form since all these

days,why two days ago? hmmm i’ll ask her but

that’s later.I quickly went back to work,back to

Mr bankole’s office.

Donald: sir i’ve done the registration and this is

the slip (i handed it over to him)

Mr Bankole: your exam is in two weeks time!

Donald: yes sir

Mr Bankole: you choose Unilag that’s nice and i

have many connections there so you have no


Donald: thank you sir

Mr Bankole: from now on,you’ll be closing by

5pm so you can read to prepare for your


Donald: Thank.you so much sir.

Mr Bankole: you are welcome son.

i went out of his office feeling so happy.My

phone rang again,it’s joy calling.

Donald: hello

Joy: i’m sorry

Donald: i should be the one sorry for ignoring

you.I was just sad because i thought you are

only my friend because of my condition.

Joy: ofcourse not! i like you just the way you


Donald: thanks,i have gist for you.

Joy:Gist me!

Donald:Come onlinw

I quickly logged in and gave her the full

gist.She was so excited to hear the news.I also

found out she also picked the university of

lagos.i felt so happy chatting with her and

judging by her response,she was also happy

chatting with me.I was so engrossed with

chatting with her that i forgot to type a


Mr bankole: Donald i need those papers

now,bring them to my office immediately.

Donald: (rolling my eyes) uhmm sir i uhmmm

mistakenly unplugged the system and i didn’t

save the document before it shut down.

Mr bankole: (furious) Don’t tell me that!

Donald: give me 5minutes sir and i’ll get it to


Mr bankole: you better hurry.

i typed as fast as i could and within 10minutes,i

was done.I quickly ran to his office to get the

file to him but i was so shocked to see Mr

bankole’s lifeless body on the floor. Jesus! i

screamed.The secretary ran in to find out what

was going on.

Secretary: what just happened?

Donald: i came in to give him this papers and

saw him like this.

Secretary: (put her head on mr bankole’s chest)

Aaaah! he’s dead!

Donald: no he can’t be dead (knelt down beside

him) Daddy please get up! you are the only

father i have,who else would take care of me?

who else would support me? (i cried with tears

rolling from my eyes)

Secretary: he is gone,let me call his wife.

She picked up her phone and called his wife.In

some minutes,she arrived at the office with an


Mrs bankole: where is my husband?

Secretary: (in tears) in his office.

The nurses and mrs Bankole ran into his

office.The nurses carried his body on a

stretcher and placed him in the ambulance

down stairs.I could see the pain in Mrs

Bankole’s eyes even if she didn’t shed any

tears.I myself was devastated knowing the fact

that my helper is dead.Where would i start

from? who would help me now? i was so deep

in thoughts until the vibration of my phone

brought me back to life.

Joy: (in tears) is it through that uncle bankole is


Donald: i can’t believe it either..i went in to

deliver some documents to him and saw him

lifeless on the ground.

Joy: what would happen to your education


Donald: i don’t know.i’m lost and so confused.

Joy: i’ll call you back later (line dead)


I had to leave the office because everything

has ended for me.I’ve got to search for another

job to sustain myself.I hate to admit it but i

just wasted money to register for Jamb.I would

have just refused the offer if only i knew my

helper would die,What a pity.As i was about

approaching the last stair that led to the

entrance of the complex,Mrs Bankole stopped


Mrs Bankole: You are Donald right?

Donald: (surprised to see her) yes i am.

Mrs Bankole: (smiled and hugged me) don’t

leave me,you are my only hope.

Donald: (curious) i don’t understand!

Mrs Bankole: my husband told me a lot about

you before he passed on.I’ve loved you as my

son even without seeing you,don’t leave me

too.Don’t leave your fathers business,help keep

it alive and i promise to fulfil all the promises

he made to you.

Donald: (speechless) uhmmm

Mr Bankole: (in tears) please move in with me.

Donald: (surprised) uhmmmm-uhmm

Mr bankole: My son don’t say no.I see you as

Temidayo.That was the name i planned on

naming my child if i had one but now God has

blessed me with one,which is you.Temidayo

please stay with me.

Donald: (feeling so sorry for her) okay Mrs


Mrs Bankole: (Smiles) call me mum.

Donald: ( swallowed my spit) okay mum.

She gave me a hug and pecked me on my

cheeks.I felt happy because since i was

born,my so called mother has never hugged nor

pecked me.She usually curses me.I’m sure Mrs

Bankole would be the mother i need and i’ll try

my best to make her happy.What a pity that Mr

Bankole died,i have already started seeing him

as my father.Well i am now the heir of his

company,i thought my life would be over but

God made a way by giving me a new

mother,Mrs Bankole.

Donald: let me go home and pack my things


Mrs Bankole: i’ll drive you there.

We got into the car and drove to my house. We

drove into my house and i quickly brought out

my stuffs,including the N7,500 I’ve been

keeping for myself.We drove out after i have

finish packing my load.While on the move,i fell

asleep in the car.A tap on the shoulder woke

me up.

Mrs Bankole: My Son!

Donald: Mum,are we home?

Mrs Bankole: (laughs) yes my son.

Her house was so beautifully big.She has a

dog,it was running towards me and licking my


Mrs Bankole: it seems jerry likes you.

Donald: its name is jerry?

Mrs Bankole: yes.

Donald: (bent down to the dog) hey

Whoa! Whoa! The dog barked.

Mrs Bankole: lets go in.

I followed her into the house.The house was so


Mrs Bankole: let me take you to your room.

I followed her into the room.Men! the room

was enormous.

Mrs Bankole: (sobbing) i use to reserve this

room for my son but you are now my son,so

you’ll stay here.

Donald: thank you ma….uhmmm i mean,thank

you mum.

Mrs Bankole: Let me go and get you something

to eat.

Donald: where are we?

Mrs Bankole: this is V.I my dear.

Donald: (smiling) Is joy living here?

Mrs Bankole: (laughs) she also stays in this

estate but her house is two streets away.

Donald: Can i know her house?

Mrs Bankole: We’ll go after you’ve finished your


Donald: (Happy) Thank you mum (stood up and

gave her a hug)

Mum left to cook me launch.I was so happy

that i’ll go and see joy and i don’t know why.

Donald: (Smiling) The food is delicious!

Mrs Bankole: Thanks my son.

Donald: (Anxious) can we go and see joy now?

Mrs Bankole: (raised an eyebrow) why so

sudden! or is there something you aren’t telling


Donald: mumsi it’s not that i’n hiding anything

from you,Joy is the only person that

understands me and she is also my friend.

Mrs Bankole: Oh i see! Anyway,lets go and say

hi to her.

We both stepped out of the house and drove to

joys house.We pressed on the house bell

button until someone came to open the door,i

guess it’s joy’s brother.

John: (gave Mrs bankole a hug) Aunty welcome!

Mrs Bankole: (Walked into the house) where is

your mum and dad?

John: They were headed to your place to pay

you a visit.May Uncle bankole’s soul rest in

perfect peace. (Sobbing) He was the best uncle

in the whole while world.

Mrs Bankole: (ignored what he said) Where is


John: She’s in the garden with her friends.

Mrs Bankole: Take Donald to see her while i

head back home to see your parents.As for

you Donald,i’ll send the driver to come pick you

up in the evening.

Donald: Alright mum

She left while john stared at me mysteriously.

John: (looked at me from hair to toe) And who

are you?

Donald: I’m joy’s friend.

John: And how are you related to Aunty lizzy?

Donald: She is my mother

John: Mother! Aunty lizzy never had any

children i knew off.

Donald: Why not ask her yourself.

John: that’s rude you know!

Donald: Aren’t you going to take me to see joy?

John: (Sat down on the sofa and picked the Tv

remote) find her yourself.

Donald: i’ll report you to mum

John: (laughs) Gold digger.

I was so hurt with that word that i felt like

hitting him but i just walked out.I got outside

and tried to locate Joy.I heard voices,so i

traced it.

Donald: (sported joy in company of two guys

and a girl) Joy!

Joy: (Surprised to see me) Donald! how did

you know my house?

Daniel: And who is he?

Joy: He is my friend (turned to me) Daniel

meet my friend Donald,And Donald,this is


Daniel: (put his hands on her waist) i’m her


Joy: (feeling uncomfortable) come have your

sit Donald.

Just hearing the word “BOYFRIEND” is making

me mad but i kept my cool and decided to

have my sit.

Joy: Who brought you here?

Donald: Your Aunt.

Joy: Aunty lizzy! where is she? i can imagine

what she is going through now.

Donald: Abi oo

Daniel: Sweetheart lets go to KFC.

Susan: yes we are bored.

Joy: I have a visitor guys.

Daniel: (laughs)So this thing is more important

than me!


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