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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 5&6

episode 5&6


Donald: yeah it is but what else can i do? but i

am thinking of taking up a part time form.

Joy: Why that?

Donald: So it can be easy for me to pay my

school fees as i work.

Joy: (frowns her face) i don’t think you should

go for part time.

Donald: why say so?

Joy: i don’t know but jamb registration is

closing next week.I can talk to my dad to get

the form for you.

Donald: (Smiles) thanks but nevermind.

Joy: (frowns) don’t turn down my offer.

Donald: How would i pay for my school fees?

Joy: (Sad) that’s true but we would figure

something out

Donald: Thanks for your kind gesture but don’t

worry about me.I’ll sort myself out.

Joy: Are you on facebook or on whatsapp?

Donald: (laughs) i don’t even have a phone

talkless of being on facebook.

Joy: That’s weird (puts her hand in her bag and

brought out a phone) Have this.

Donald: I can’t accept this

Joy: if you don’t i would cry.

Donald: okay i would

Joy: i would open a facebook account for you.

Donald: but what phone would you use?

Joy: i have many phones and besides i haven’t

used this phone and the sim for a long time so

i give it to you.There is 1GB data on the

sim.What nane would you like to use?

Donald: Donald Donald

Joy: (laughs) okay (handed the phone over to

me) input your password.

i quickly used her name for my password

without her knowing and i gave the phone back

to her.

Joy: your facebook account is ready.i’ll send

you friend request so we can get chatting.

Donald: (collected the phone) thanks

Joy: let me go say hi to my uncle see you


Donald: (smiles) thanks

Joy: you are always welcome

I kept on looking at the phone she gave me it

was a Tecno phantomZ.It’s quite a big phone

and judging by it,she is from a rich family.How

i wish i was also rich but i’ll work hard

towards my riches.I kept on thinking until

someone tapped me on the shoulder.

Joy: Dad meet my friend i told you


Mr seyi: Oh Donald!

Donald: good morning sir

Mr seyi: how are you?

Donald: Fine sir

Joy: Get to go Donald,see you on sunday.

Donald: okay bye and thanks for the gift.

Joy: (smiles) don’t mention.

Mr Bankole saw joy and her father off.In few

minutes he was back.

Mr Bankole: Where are the documents i asked

you to print out?

Donald: here is it sir (handed it over to him)

Mr Bankole: I want you to edit a file for me on

the system,i’ll send it to you through a mail.

Donald: okay sir.

He went back to his office and for i heard my

phone rang.I didn’t know how to pick the call

so i asked the secretary to put me through,She

laughed at me at first before she helped me.

Donald: Hello

Joy: hey this is joy.

Donald: (excited) joy! nice hearing from you


Joy: this is my number so you can save it and

i’ve sent you a friend request.

Donald: Okay but you would still have to put

me through on how to use the phone.

Joy: (giggled) okay

Donald: got to work now

Joy: Alright bye,i’ll call you later (Line dead)

I was so happy to hear her voice and besides

she is the only friend i’ve got.Like play like

play,the day was over.I quickly cleared my

desk and saved all the savable i needed to save

on the system.I checked my wristwatch and it

was already 7:15pm,What a stressful day.I

stood up to leavw before Mr Bankole called on


Mr Bankole: i see you are very dilligent at your


Donald: i’m just trying my best sir.

Mr Bankole: Don’t you have plans to further

your education?

Donald: i want to go for part time.

Mr Bankole: What about your parents?

Donald: They don’t care about me and they are


Mr Bankole: What do you mean?

Donald: (in tears) my mum is a prostitute,my

dad is an,area man.Mysisters dropped out of

school to become prostitutes also.I stayed

determined to be the best

Mr Bankole:how much is the fee?

Donald: Around N70,000 including the form.

Mr Bankole: i see you as a son and since i’ve

gotten married for 17years now,i haven’t had

any child.So i’ll sponsor your education but you

would go for full time.When is jamb form


Donald: next week sir

Mr Bankole: you’ll purchase yours tomorrow.

Donald: (happy) thank you sir


Mr Bankole: Don’t thank me son.I would love to

know about your family history but not

today,another time.

Donald: Alright sir

Mr Bankole: (Opened his drawer and brought

out N2,000) have this for your dinner.

Donald: (ashamed) sir i don’t know why you are

this kind towards me.

Mr Bankole: like i said,i see you as a son i

never had and besides,you are a very

ambitious and dilligent young boy.

Donald: Thank you sir for everything.

Mr Bankole: Don’t mention

Donald: Goodnight sir

Mr Bankole: Take care.

I walked out of his office with a smile on my

face.I picked up my bag and kept the money in

my pocket.I checked my wristwatch and it was

already 8pm.I waved the secretary goodnight

and headed for home.I branched at an aboki

stall beside my house and ate Indomie and fried

egg.I payed him and headed to my room,i got

in and switched on the light.I took a sachet of

pure water and drank.Suddenly,my phone

started ringing.I smiled when i saw the


Donald: hello joy.

Joy: hey Donald,just called to know if you’ve

gotten home.

Donald: yes i have and thanks for caring.What

about you?

Joy: I’m still at the church,my dad is talking to

some church members.

Donald: oh!

Joy: So who picked the call for you (laughs)

Donald: Are you making jest of me?

Joy: ofcourse not! i’m just surprised that you

don’t know how to operate an android phone

but you know how to operate a computer.It’s


Donald: you think so?

Joy: yeah or you have something convincing to

tell me?

Donald: well it’s not my fault,the only phone i

know how to operate is nokia torch light.

Joy: (laughs) you mean toona sobe!

Donald: yes! i never held an android phone in

my hands and my friends back then at school

all use nokia torch light and per adventure you

see someone with an android phone,it’s either

a stolen one.This is ajegunle my dear,we

struggle hard to survive.I was only lucky to

know how to operate a computer you know,my

friends usually use their system for yahoo

business but as a sharp guy i talked my friends

into teaching me how to use it in a good way

in which they did.The laptops they own were

stolen ones and when i found out,i kept my

distance from them so i won’t be robbed in as

a bad guy.But don’t worry,you don’t need to

teach me how to use an android phone,i’ll learn

it on my own.Thanks

Joy: i didn’t mean to upset you.

Donald: (sad) it’s okay

Joy: can you come online and lets chat?

Donald: i’m kinda tired right now

Joy: okay then,goodnight and i’m sorryI hated

the fact that she made jest of me but it’s not

her fault so i don’t blame her.I picked up the

phone and scanned through all the contents and

info on it.I located the torch lite and how to

switch on and off my data.I saw so many

features and i googled their usefulness.I even

opened a gmail account,i downloaded whatsapp

and instagram.I was so much enjoying the

phone until i was alerted by the phone that i

was already in 10%.I remembered that i had a

blackberry charger and decided to test it if it

would work for it.Luckily,it did and i was happy

because i know how to operate the phone i

guess! i set the date and time on the phone,i

took a few selfie even though i’ve never taken

a picture on a phone before.Men! i’m

handsome.I decided to upload my the picture

on facebook.As soon as i logged in,i saw her

message which read “i’m sorry if i made you

feel bad about what i said” i replied her saying

“it’s okay”.I searched for my friends on

facebook and sent friend request to them.The

boy is becoming expert at this phone thing

oo,so abdroid phone is not a hard thing.Chai

poverty is a serious disease oo.I checked the

time on my phone and saw it was already

11pm.Jezz! i didn’t even notice sef,i was so

interested in the phone stuff.I left the phone

charging and slept off.

The tone of my phone woke me up.I looked at

the screen,it was already 7am.Why is joy

calling me by this time? i decided to ignore her

call but she kept on calling and i kept on

ignoring.I quickly went to have my bath and got

ready for work.I picked up my phone,locked

the door and left for work.I branched at a buka

and ate breakfast.Rice,

beans and meat.While busy eating,She called

again.I decided to pick up.

Joy: Why are you ignoring my calls? Are you

still upset with me?

Donald: no i’m not,see i’ll call you back later.I’m

late for work

Joy: but i….. (i hung up)

I know you would be asking why i behaved that

way towards her.It’s not that i’m ungrateful or

something,it’s just that i don’t want her to be

friends with me because of my condition.I

didn’t like how she made jest of me,it still

hurts.I know it’s not her fault,she doesn’t know

how it feels to be poor.I paid for my meal and

checked my wristwatch,it was already

8:10am.Oh jezz! she made me 10minutes late.I

decided to ride on a bike to work.I arrived at

work and saw Mr bankole crossing his hands

and tapping his feet in anger.

Donald: (i quickly apologised) i’m so sorry for

coming late.

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