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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 25

When I fell in love episode 25


Donald: But why?

Joy: uhmm the thing is that

Donald: That what?

Joy: i wasn’t raped by my brother or his


Donald: so why lying?

Joy: i’m not lying about my pregnancy and i

actually didn’t text my brother

Donald: So?

Joy: Daniel owns the child,we had a little party

and i don’t know what happened after and now

he is denying the pregnancy.

Donald: But why did you tell such a lie? and i

am so sure you aren’t pregnant.

Joy: That’s true

Donald: Joy! what’s wrong with you?

Joy: (laughs) do you know that you deserve to

die with me?

Donald: What do you mean?

Joy: (in tears) i’ve got HIV

Donald: (moved back) Another lie abi?

Joy: this time it’s true

Donald: (laughs) i’ve got other things to do than

believe your lies,your lie is glowing clear,who is

the doctor that even tested you for HIV huh?

Joy: nobody

Donald: so how do you know?

Joy: Daniel just told me he was sick and his

parent took him to the hospital and he is said

to be HIV positive so automatically i am too

because daniel and i have done some stuffs


Donald: i don’t believe you and i can never

believe a person like you.Seriously you need

confirm deliverance,if i knew you were like

this,i would have never said hi to you talkless

of making friends with you.So tell me oh,why

do i deserve to die with you?

Joy: because you refuse to be mine

Donald: i can see you are mad,they should

better take you to yaba left before you enter


Joy: (laughs) i’m mad over you donald and

since i’m HIV positive and i’ll die soon,you have

to die with me (she held my cloth as she


Donald: Joy what’s wrong with you huh?

Joy: (laughs) i want to fly like an elephant.

Donald: (Scared) what is all these?

Joy: (laugh and cry at thesame time) i have HIV

donald,i have HIV! (looked into my eyes as

tears dropped down) I just want to die!

Donald: (removed her hand from my cloth) let

me call for help

I went to mums room and called her attention

towards joy.We saw joy about to jump from

the balcony,i pulled her back as she fell on the


Joy: This is the second time you are stopping

my death!

Mum: What demon has possessed you huh?

Joy: (laughs) you better shut up you this barren

woman who doesn’t have a child of her own.

Mum: (slaps her) how dare you call me that!

Joy: is it not true ni,you better mind your

business and let me die (she burst into tears)

Donald: mum joy isn’t okay at the moment,she

believes she has HIV since her boyfriend has.

Joy: I dont believe,i just know!

Mum: you can’t be so sure until a doctor tests

you and besides,when you were taking to the

hospital,the doctor never mentioned you had


Joy: (laughs and cry) leave me alone! (she held

her head)

Donald: What do we do now?

Mum: look son,i’ve been in lot of trouble

because of Joy.We’ll just try to stabilise her

until her parents comes to pick her up


Donald: That would be good but how do we

stabilise her?

Mum: i have a sleeping pill in my bag go and

get it for me with a glass of water.

I did as i was instructed,i brought the drug and

a glass of water.

Mum: you’ll be the one to persuade her into

taking the drugs.

Donald: Alright mum

I went close to her,”Everything would be okay”

i gave her a hug.

Joy: (smiles) are you sure?

Donald: (smiled back) yes i am

She collected the drug from me and gulped it

down with the glass of water.

Donald: I’ll take you to your room so you can


She nodded her head as i carried her to her

room.I placed her on the bed,she gripped my


Joy: (tears fell from her eyes) i’m sorry for..for

everything.All i ever wanted was for people to

give me attention and be there for me but even

non of my families care about me…I… (She fell


I felt so sorry for her cause i never tried to

understand the reasons behind her actions,i’ve

always been judging her.I’ve always knew joy

had a good side but her hell attitude never

brought that side out.I checked the time at it

was already 3am in the morning.I had only few

hours to sleep before exam I went to check on

mum who was in tears,i knew why she was


Donald: joy never meant what she said to you.

Mum: i can’t believe what joy is turning into

and it’s all her parents fault.They never had

time for her that is why she is like this.

Donald: She is not fit to write the exams

Mum: I’ll have to persuade her into writing it

then later we would go to the hospital


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