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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 24

When I fell in love episode 24


The doctor came out to tell us joy is in a good

state and she was discharged from the

hospital.She refused to ulter a word since we

left the hospital and i didn’t bother talking to

her.She can kill herself for all i d–n care.We

arrived home and i was already worn out and

hungry again,i went to the kitchen and took out

some slices of bread and begin to eat

them.Bisi came to the kitchen.

Bisi: how is joy now?

Donald: As if you really care about her.

Bisi: Ouch! that hurts.I have a heart you know.

Donald: What are you still doing here? you

should hace been of your way to the village.

Bisi: Yes i’m going to leave but before i go,i

want to tell you something.

Donald: i’m all ears.

Bisi: I’ve been having sex since i was 5years

Donald: What do you mean?

Bisi: My father left my mum for another

woman when i was a baby because i was a

girl and my mum didn’t have money to take

care of me so she sent me to my aunts place

when i was 3years.And i was told my mum

died when i clocked five.Anytime my aunt

steps out of the house,my uncle would always

have sex with me.I never knew what he was

doing then but he always say he wants to give

me banana.I always thought it was banana but

when i saw that it was black banana,i

questioned him.I usually say banana is green

not black but he would always shut me up and

make me watch blue films with him.As i grew

much older,i understand that i have always

been sexually harassed.I told my aunt about it

but she never believed me because my uncle

told her that i always seduce him so she

decided to send me out of the house by giving

out to Mrs Bankole as a housemaid.I always

spy at mr bankole when he always have his

bath without him knowing and all the time i put

somethings into my viginia.That is why i find it

hard to resists men.

Donald: (Surprised) That is cruel! why didn’t you

tell mum about your problem?

Bisi: (in tears) she won’t believe me

Donald: how i wish i am lawyer,i’ll sue that

your uncle for sexual harassment and i’ll make

sure he is burned alive.

Bisi: i just wanted to tell you all these so you

wouldnt look at me as a s–t.

Donald: i’m so sorry for judging you bisi

Bisi: It’s okay.let me go and pack my things.

Donald: You can’t leave! you have to meet with

a psychologist to help you go through this

mental trauma.I’ll tell mum about this.

Bisi: Don’t tell her,she won’t believe me!

Donald: She would don’t worry.Just lets go and

see her

I took bisi to mums room,she didn’t want to

see bisi but when we narrated the incidence to

her,she felt guilty.

Mum: But you should have told me!

Bisi: (In tears) you wouldn’t believe me.

Mum: We should get that uncle of yours


Bisi: (Screams) Don’t! he will kill me!

Mum: What do you mean by that?

Bisi: He told me if he gets arrested then he’ll kill

me and then we can’t win the case since there

has been no proof.

Mum: That’s true but we can still sue him,what

he did was unfair.

Donald: Bisi is still affected by the impact of

molestation,we have to take her to see a

psychologist or else she would get worse.

Mum: Well,i am a psycologist by profession.

Donald: (Surprised) i never knew

Mum: (laughs) you never asked

Donald: That’s true but what will we do now?

Mum: You go to bed,i’ll take care of bisi and


Donald: oh joy! where is she?

Mum: In her room,sleeping,i guess.

Donald: Alright,goodnight mum (looked at bisi)

goodnight bisi.

Bisi: goodnight.

I stepped out of mums room and went to check

on joy who was crying in one corner.

Donald: What’s wrong?

Joy: Go away

Donald: (feeling guilty) please talk to me

Joy: So you can laugh at me right?

Donald: i promise,i won’t.Tell me what’s wrong.

Joy: I’m one month pregnant.

Donald: (Surprised) What! how do you know?

why didn’t the doctor tell us?

Joy: i begged him not to.

Donald: but how come?

Joy: i was raped!

Donald: By who?

Joy: (in tears) by my brother and his friends

Donald: What do you mean?

Joy: There was a time my parents left my bro

and i all alone in the house,he threw a party

and they were all high so they all took turns on

me.My bro told me not to tell anybody,i texted

him saying i’m pregnant but he told ne to

terminate it and i shouldn’t tell anyone.Donald

that rape trauma is the reason why i always

harass you and say hurtful words to you when

you don’t give me attention because i know

you are a good guy different from the rest and

i don’t want to lose you to Silvia.Please dont

tell aunt about this,i’ll go do the abortion after

my exams tomorrow.

Donald: don’t

Joy: i can’t have this baby,it’s a shameful thing.

Donald: (Scratching his head) uhmmm i’ll take

responsibility for it atleast i’m 19 and you are


Joy: Please donald i don’t want you to take

responsibility for my baby when we both know

the story and besides how would you face my

mum and your mum?

Donald: i can’t let you abort it!

Joy: i’ll be fine

Donald: i think we should tell mum about this.

Joy: please don’t

sori for the late update dis one is ready pls

bear with me


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