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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 23

When I fell in love episode 23


Soon dinner was ready,i went to the dinning

table to eat.I tried my best to ignore the faces

of those witches.Mum was looking at my


Mum: it seems you are not happy

Donald: yes i am not

Mum: is it because of what you told me


Donald: yes!

Mum: it’s there something you aren’t telling


Bisi and joy stared at each other.

Donald: i just can’t stand bisi and joy

Mum: What do you mean?

Donald: (stared at the both of them) they are

trying to force themselves on me.

Mum: in what way?

Donald: they are seducing me

Joy: that’s a lie

Mum: Joy! would you shut up

Joy: but aunt…..

Mum: i’m so disappointed in you joy how could

you? lets just say bisi but you? why? i know

you once told me that you like donald but

trying to force yourself on him is very bad!

Joy: (burst into tears) nobody cares for me!

everyone just abandoned me,Donald is the only

one who understands me that is why i am

doing all i can to have him.Ever since my

parents travelled,they necer called to say hi and

they call themselves pastor and pastor

mrs.They don’t know how their kids are

faring,even my elder brother never cared for

me.Aunt,i prefare you as a mother because

you care for me and donald always cares

about me until i humiliated him thats the reason

why he hates me.Aunt i really love donald,i do!

Mum: But that is not an excuse my dear,donald

in question doesn’t like you.

Joy: i know he loves me

Donald: (angry) joy! you should be facing your

studies instead of thinking of getting ways to

be with me.

Mum: that’s true joy,you should focus on your


Bisi: ma i want to go and weewee

Mum: (slaps bisi) useless prostitute! today you

are going back to the village,you can’t come

and kill me before my time.

Joy: if Donald doesn’t date me then i won’t go

to school talkless of writing jamb tomorrow

Donald: What!

Mum: Are you okay?

Joy: i have made my decision (she walked out

on us)

Mum was dumbfounded.

Mum: she can’t be serious

Donald: mum just leave her,

Mum: i have to phone her parents

Donald: that’s better,i’m going to my room (i

stared at bisi) i just hope i don’t get to see you

in this house tomorrow morning

Mum: ofcourse you wouldn’t see her here,i’ll

call het people to come pick her up.

I walked pass joys room,i saw blood flowing

from under her door.I try to force myself in

but the door refused to open. Mum! Mum!

Mum! i yelled for help.Mum Came as fast as

possible.She tries to open the door but she

couldn’t get through Joy! Joy! she kept yelling

but no response.

Mum: The spare key to the room is inside my

cupboard,go and get it quick!

I ran as fast as i can,i checked all the cupboard

and i finally found the key.I went and handed it

over to mum,she opened the door and found

joy on the floor with her wrist goshing out with

massive flow of blood.

Mum: Jesus!

Donald: (placed my head on her chest) her

heart is still breathing lets take her to the


Mum and i carried joy into the car,the driver

drove us to the estate’s hospital which was a

30minutes journey.Finally we arrived at the

hospital,joy was wheeled into the ward while

mum was busy speaking with joys parent….

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