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Re[story] when I fell in love episode 22

When I fell in love episode 22


Joy: don’t be angry with me nah

Donald: Joy i don’t get it!

Joy: don’t get what?

Donald: i know who i am,i’m a decent boy with

high morals.

Joy: So?

Donald: Just trying to say that you are over

doing this friendship of a thing.

Joy: what do you mean?

Donald: that you should keep your distance

Joy: why?

Donald: i don’t want you to get too close to me

Joy: (furious) how dare you say that?

Donald: look! i don’t want any problems,i just

want to be a good boy and by the way,you are

corrupting me in some ways.

Joy: oh i see! but that kiss was…..

Donald: (interupted) it never happened! joy

please stay,away from me for now.i need to

concentrate on my studies.

Joy: so you mean i’m a distraction?

Donald: yes and yes,joy please,leave me alone!

Joy: (furious) after all what i have done for


Donald: please spare me that c–k and bull

story,i have some studying to do and if i were

you,i’ll do thesame.

I walked out on her feeling weird,i have gotten

myself into many nonsense lately and it’s telling

on me.I just want to be that simple non-

corrupted focused boy i’ve always been.I think

i have to leave this vicinity to another place,joy

and bisi are really choking me up.

Mum arrived home,i ran to greet her and

collected her bag.She seems so very tired,i got

her a glass of chilled water in which she drank.

Mum: Donald my son,how prepared are you for

your exams tomorrow?

Donald: (smiles) i’m prepared mum

Mum: (tapped my shoulder) that’s my son

Donald: mum some things have been bothering

me since.

Mum: Like?

Donald: i need change of environment

Mum: Why?

Donald: i’ve found out that i’m turning into

something else.

Mum: (raised an eyebrow) something else as


Donald: You know i’m a guy and sometimes i

can’t resist it when girls try to seduce me.

Mum: hmmm donald don’t tell me you’ve been

doing things behind my back.

Donald: (scratching my head) it’s not as it

seems,mum i just need to leave this vicinity.

Mum: But you can’t leave me all alone!

Donald: but mum,when i gain admission i’ll be

staying on campus nah

Mum: that’s true but it’s not yet time.

Donald: okay mum

Mum: Don’t be sad son,you know you are the

only one i have.

Donald: (feeling sorry) alright mum

I left her presence to go to my room,i opened

the door and found both bisi and joy waiting

for me.I felt like entering the ground.

Joy: i heard your conversation with mum

Donald: (hissed) So?

Bisi: why would you ever think of leaving this


Donald: Because of you two,witches

Joy: Donald i don’t mean any harm,i just want


Donald: Would you shut up you cheap


Joy: (opened her eyes wide) me!

Donald: if the both of you don’t get out of here

i’ll beat you up.

Bisi: You can’t dare.

Donald: (gave bisi a thunderous slap) Are you

mad! now get out (i stared at joy with my eyes

flashing with anger)

Joy: (came in front of me in tears) Donald,i’ll

never give up on you.

Donald: (pushed her to the floor) i said out!

She and bisi got out of my room and i felt a

little bit safe.I just don’t know what’s so special

in me that they can’t just leave me alone.I

picked up my phone and called silvia,i narrated

all that happened to her.

Silvia: i told you she was up to no good!

Donald: i’m sorry for everything

Silvia: why not tell your mum about all what

they are doing?

Donald: She won’t believe me! she didn’t believe

me last time until i had prove

Silvia: Then create a prove

Donald: but how?

Silvia: just come up with something

Donald: Alright then

Silvia: get to go,my mums calling me,bye! see

you tomorrow on our way to the exam hall

Donald: Bye (line dead)

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